Sony's excuse for blocking PlayStation and Xbox cross-platform play is hostile and stupid

Microsoft first revealed it would allow Xbox gamers to play against PS4 and PC players at E3 last year, and Sony’s initial reaction seemed like it would be open to the idea.

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GtR35olution161d ago

Sony shouldn't help Microsoft to take potential customers away from them or send any messages to consumers to buy an Xbox

Neonridr161d ago

yeah, instead rule with an iron fist and not give gamers the option to play with more people should they want to.

I'm surprised Sony is so open with allowing PSVR users to play with Rift and Vive owners, but then again maybe they feel obligated to since the install base of VR is so darn low.

GtR35olution161d ago

With some people's silly logic Sony should be showing adverts for Xbox in the psn store. Last gen so y wanted to do cross platform play but Microsoft didn't want it with the Xbox. Last gen Microsoft had loads of third party exclusive deals but now they complain about it because Sony has a lot for PlayStation. Why would the most successful console maker decide to do cross platform play with one of the worse console maker that they are grinding into dust and there isn't anything that benefits Sony long term. Nintendo will be doing it and using xbl, lol. Do you know the messaging there for new fans? Sony should continue doing what they are doing to be successful because they have the best gaming console in history now

nX161d ago

If Microsoft wouldn't make you create a damn XBL account to play I would agree that Sony made the wrong decision here... but they want you signed in while playing so I fully support Sony in this case.

Neonridr161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

@nX - That's Minecraft, not Rocket League. And since MS owns Minecraft, that's their decision there.

@GtR - geez, please stop. Your sad devotion to Sony is gut wrenching. Open your eyes. It's anti-consumer to not let people decide if they want to do something or not and just decide for them. How is that for the players?

naruga161d ago

stupid article for the many that are out lately ...keep going

nX161d ago

Well it's not Sony's problem if Microsoft decides to waste 2,5 billion dollar on a completely overhyped IP and now tries to come up with ways to profit from it. Even for the actual players of this mediocre kids game this is not the big loss you guys make it out to be.

Neonridr161d ago

@nX - a completely overhyped IP that averages around 55 million users per month. Yeah.. apparently a lot of people enjoy wasting their time on this "kids" game I guess..

ZeroX9876161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Rocket league doesn't need an Xbox live account to play cross platform.
Minecraft is a different story since it's owned by Microsoft, so I'm not surprised on that one.
Tekken dev also tried to make it happen without success. I can't tell why he couldn't, but judging from the recent interview with Psyonix on the matter, everyone is on board except Sony.

Let's hope that us PS4 owners can make them change their mind on this one and make this happen. more players means a bigger range of skill-based matchmaking for beginners and pro players as well!

freshslicepizza161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

It is hostile just like some of their fans here.






Is this really the image Sony wants for itself and a generalized view of its fans they so desperately want to protect?

GTgamer161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Are you that dense? With cross play people won't need to choose a console hence ruining Sony sales and Sony is ahead so it doesn't benefit them at all.
I seriously don't understand how you Ll fail to grasp this then again you guys are not the majority of the gaming community so this doesn't effect Sony one bit but please keep the articles coming.

S2Killinit161d ago

Thats exactely why MS is so pushy right now. MS themselves turned down this idea when Sony asked them in the last generation. Now the shoe is on the other foot.

Its wise for Playstation to keep the benefit of their install base and not share it with MS.

_-EDMIX-_161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

"yeah, instead rule with an iron fist and not give gamers the option to play with more people"

Sony allows cross play with SFV, War Thunder, Warframe and many other games....

Edit. "geez, please stop. Your sad devotion" smh. Can you legit stop with the personal attacks. Make your point and move on.

GtR's point is valid. They are asking PS owners to basically sign in on another network, that might legally go against what they have set up, they have security protocols set up etc.

You don't even have a real point, you just keep bashing anyone that makes logical points against you.

Sony, MS and Nintendo have their own policy. MS doesn't allow stuff like free to play or MMO's without gold, Nintendo doesn't even allow you to have Youtube videos of their content....

I'd argue any of those points are "anti-consumer" by your logic. Do you not get that what you are saying imply's ALL companies are "anti-consumer"?

trooper_161d ago

Rule with an iron fist?!

What is this, Street Fighter?

The drama over Sony's decision is absolutely hilarious.

showtimefolks161d ago


You mean how Microsoft acted and behaved last gen when Sony was open to cross play and had games cross play with pc?

Oh that's right why remember the past facts. Xbox brand in in distant 3rs after Playstation and Nintendo so now Ms wants to try extra hard abs be Faber friendly

Rude-ro161d ago

Microsoft has been crying about where to play with online for a year now. They got mad last year with windows gaming having no players and filling out rosters...,
I think this is just furthering their cause.
They want their cake and to eat it to.
If they would have continued building things that attracted customers then they would not be begging people to open up their install base under their name.
This whole topic is ridiculous

morganfell161d ago

Why do certain people on this site even care about PS games. They certainly do not care about PlayStation making smart moves. They should be applauding what they see as a bad move.

So why do they suddenly care?

They don't. Not about PlayStation.

Don't let them fool you.

They see Sony cutting off a lifeline that MS desperately needs. That is the true nature of their sudden softhearted warmth and love for the poor isolated PS gamers. They see Sony as nothing more than Xbox life support.

ALMGNOON161d ago

lol if you buy an xbox while you "friends" are playing on ps4 then you are a fking retard

freshslicepizza161d ago

Sony fans just want to continue to use Microsoft as their arch nemesis while ignoring the wishes of developers like the ones who created Rocket League. Nintendo just made fools out of Sony for being anti-consumer.

How can Sony say it's a good idea to have crossplay with the PC and then have part of its userbase contradict itself and say they don't need Nintendo or Microsoft? What exactly are you supporting with this move by Sony?

Death160d ago

Allowing Playstation gamers the choice to access all of the content for a game they already bought doesn't take away from Sony's sales in any way. Blocking content might impact future sales though since most people don't want this type of censorship.

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_-EDMIX-_161d ago

Sony shouldn't be opening up their network infrastructure for such a thing if they feel its against their security policy's

Neonridr161d ago

if that's the reason, then fine. But they have supported cross play in the past with PC on certain titles (FFXIV for example). And the PSVR supports cross play with the Rift and Vive. So why isn't there concern there when it comes to their network infrastructure?

kickerz161d ago Show
_-EDMIX-_161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

@Neo- " But they have supported cross play in the past with PC"

But those methods are not going against their network infrastructure

Sony also supported mods on PS3, but they supported them a certain way. Seriously, stop making BLANKET statements. ie "the supported cross play" Umm...they also supported it being done a specific way.

"So why isn't there concern there when it comes to their network infrastructure?" Likely because it doesn't put them in security risk with their network

Its not saying Sony doesn't support it conceptually, its saying Sony doesn't support HOW its being done.

Look at Skyrim and Fallout 4.

Its not saying Sony hates mods, its saying they don't support the way Bethesda was trying doing it, ie as to why Fallout 4 and Skyrim have mods now. They worked with Valve for Portal 2 and Epic with UT3, they needed to have it done a certain way, that doesn't mean they are ok with mods IN EVERY FORM!

its a stupid assumption and you seem to want to point the narrative towards them not liking the concept ,when them supporting it for years shows otherwise. Stop cherry picking and leaving out facts to support a narrative or agenda. It sounds bias and way too personal, as suppose to just looking at facts. I mean, by your logic ,MS hates free to plays and MMO's based on them not allowing it without gold ie no FFXIV.

or Nintendo hates their fans, they don't allow them to upload on youtube. So yes, lets just ignore why and just say they hate fans and have NO reason they why they have their policy's

I mean....are you as slow as to think that Nintendo and MS would allow cross play with anyone with ANY METHOD regardless of security risk?

Neonridr161d ago

you certainly like to flip the script a lot.. but but but.. Nintendo this..

Nintendo is the most kid friendly company of the three, yet they have zero issues about online play with others. Hell Nintendo even mentions on their website that they aren't responsible for what happens when you go online, and that they can't be held responsible. Yet Sony apparently is protecting the youth of the world. What so cross play with PC wouldn't jeopardize their network? No way to hack in that way? Or are we saying that all PC gamers are polite while MS and Switch owners would corrupt the poor sensitive Sony players?

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gangsta_red161d ago

I really doubt anyone playing the same game on different consoles with each other would convince them to purchase that other console. That really makes zero sense.

And even with that logic don't you think it could go both ways and be potentially be worse for MS and having Xbox users buy a PS4?

Teflon02161d ago

You missed the point. You have to be on Xbox Live to play Minecraft for Nintendo Switch. Why Would sony advertise Xbox Live when that's the main competition. It's like Netflix advertising HULU. It's rare to see companies work together and when they do it's compromise in certain situations. Example, FUNimation and Crunchyroll where the main competitors of the anime streaming subscriptions. The started working together and what they did. FUNimation stopped streaming Subtitled shows for almost everything but special occasions like Dragon Ball Super, Attack On Titan and One Piece. But do immediate dubs for the whole catelog they get. In return Crunchyroll does sub streams of FUNimation streams and FUNimation dubs the Crunchyroll shows and handles the homevideo releases for them. It's a win win for everyone. More on Crunchyroll for subs and more for Dubs on FUNimation. ALso more shows get blu-ray releases and dubs now. In this case though, no benefit is in it for Sony. The Minecraft players will still play minecraft etc. No reason to promote xbox live. Sony doesn't mind cross play since FFXIV was on PS3/PS4 and PC but not xbox because of that exact reason ironically

gangsta_red161d ago


You lost me, and I seriously doubt whatever point you were making was definitely not the point GtR35olution was making. If Sony was worried about sending customers away then why cross play with PC?

moegooner88161d ago

MS probably wants more Xbox Live users to brag about the number in the next quarterly report insead of giving actual sales data lol

Timesplitter14161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

please remove your tinfoil hat right now

fiveby9161d ago

MS has nothing to lose at this point. They are in a weak position install base wise and with attach rate for games. I have a hard time trusting MS. They often over promise and under deliver.

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KionicWarlord222161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Over here at PSN we like to make sure our doors are locked when were sleeping.

Protecting kids...and stuff.

BlackTar187161d ago

who doesn't lock their doors when their sleeping? What are you even saying?

Neonridr161d ago

I don't lock my doors a lot of nights. I live in Canada though, so..

whitesoxfalife1976161d ago

he just wanted to type his comment so it looks cool thas all......notice his edit

whitesoxfalife1976161d ago

@neon shit dont them dam bears and whatever else be opening up doors and shit. I saw one news report a bear walked in played the piano went to her kitchen.

My sister even told me that the wild life in alaska were brutal during her time there in the Airforce

JackBNimble161d ago

Alaska is not in Canada 🍁

Almost sounds like you think we live in the sticks or something, we have pretty dam big cities up here in Canada too... lol

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freshslicepizza161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Doors locked with duct tape , credit card information on the window ledge for prying eyes.

arkard161d ago

Keep bringing up something that happened a generation ago but getting pissed when people bring up that Microsoft didn't want to work with Sony last generation. Microsoft is really getting desperate trying to appear like the good guy.

RDF161d ago

No credit card info was stolen, not one. Yet,you should lookup MS China and how their XBL was hacked compromising all their credit card numbers. Plus not a word from MS, go figure. >.>

Shadyceaser161d ago

Yea ... But your wallet may get stolen.😀

zerocarnage161d ago

yeah cus Sony's doors never got bashed in at the rear with that hack rite? Sony has been the worst out of the three for security that is fact.

XMessiah23x160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

LOL, to bad they did not protect their customers Info as much when they got hacked.

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Apocalypse Shadow161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

If Microsoft were 30 million ahead, you would not see all this "let's be friends" talk.

If cross play required Xbox fans to create and log into PSN, Microsoft would say "no."

If Sony owned the game, Microsoft would definitely not push its base to go out and buy the competitors game.

Sony has cross play with PC that is not considered a direct competitor besides having a 60 million PS4 owner base. Sony don't need Microsoft or Nintendo.

If everyone had to log into a neutral network away from competition, then I could see cross play happening across the board with third party games.

There's more going on behind the scenes than just a small group of PlayStation gamers and a loud group of Xbox gamers begging for it when they were silent last gen about it when Sony wanted to do it.

ZeroX9876161d ago

Rocket league is exactly this! third party servers are handling the matchmakings. This article ain't just for Minecraft, but for all cross platform games out there.

AcidDvl161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

But that cross play already exists, like you just mentioned!!

We're not here talking about something that already exits, but rather something that MS is proposing... Which requires PSN users to register to Xbox Live.

Which puts all the cards on MS's hand.

Which is plain ridiculous for Sony to accept.

No Way161d ago

I don't understand what you mean. What does the install base have to do with anything? Honestly, it only affects 3rd party games, anyway. Exclusives don't matter here. It would just open up more gaming possibilities on games such as Call of Duty or Battlefield/front.

It's not like they couldn't work together to build an online infrastructure, or combine them, in a way that would allow the players to log into their own service and still cross-play. Paragon on the PS4 allows you to play with PC players.

Apocalypse Shadow161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Has nothing to do with exclusives.

Sony already does cross play with PC. And they already have a large community at 60 million. No one says cross play isn't a good idea. But what we are saying is that it benefits Microsoft and Nintendo more than it benefits Sony.

Look at this list, run down the pages and tell me where PlayStation gamers are highly requesting this feature to happen

Not even in the top 10 or 20.I wonder if it's somewhere at the bottom of popularity PS4 fans want?

Edit: not even in the top 50 popular requests that I have seen so far

freshslicepizza161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

In other words Sony would rather remove it completely regardless of what anyone thinks if it has any potential at all to help the other guys. This is called evolution folks. Competition at its finest.

Sony mocks Microsoft on how to play games so they remove the always online before the system ships. Microsoft and other developers say wouldn't it be great to expand crossplay beyond just the PC? Sony answers with a big up yours. What a consumer friendly company trying to push gaming forward but no, console wars is what they resonate right from the top.

No Way161d ago

Apocalypse, just because it's not requested doesn't mean anything. I'd assume most people don't even think it's a possibility. Not only that, but I'm sure there are many games where people think "man this game is dead, I can't get into any rooms!" This would help that scenario, because there would be another source of gamers playing the same game. It might not be requested, but it would certainly benefit all gamers if they allow cross-platform gaming.

freshslicepizza161d ago

"Look at this list, run down the pages and tell me where PlayStation gamers are highly requesting this feature to happen "

What is that suppoosed to mean, that Sony won't listen to request for PSN ID changes and PS2 support on the PS4 that people have been asking for years? Good job showing how much Sony listens.

The official forum is also very heavily moderated,

Topic removed.

Don't worry, you can sign up here. 2,000 signatures already

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zerocarnage161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

You do not know that at all, at the time I don't think for crossplay was rite back then, I wouldn't of enjoyed it at all to be honest. Gaming has advanced so much since then in every department and the fact console has never been so close to pc as it has ever been bringing more n more games across, shows that now is the rite time.

Like I've said i could care about sales, who's in what position I never did care about all that, just what I enjoy playing, so to me with all the great games out now and on the way out it's definitely the rite time for crossplay to go ahead.

With monster hunter world announced for consoles 2k18, I'd certainly enjoy gaming with playstation users as much as I do users of my own console. Games like black desert online, elite dangerous, anthem, even games out now like the division,ghost recon, fifa, battlefield, once they adopt cross play which is only a matter of time I'd certainly get all competitive again. I'd create some clans on games and do this whole console war between PlayStation and xbox like alot of us have always wanted be it for fun or serious.

Wallstreet37161d ago

Playstation guy here but yes dumb and stupid, especially since they were one of the first to open up cross play between consoles and pc in the past. You do most things better but this right here is a big smfh.

ZeroX9876161d ago

Crossplatform with PC was available with shadowrun on the 360 if I'm right (correct me if I'm wrong!)

crossplay between consoles, THATS a brand new thing! I totally understand why minecraft is a no go because of the xbox live login requirement, but for all the third party out there which are handling the matchmaking themselves, why not?

Wallstreet37161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

I already went through this month's ago and won't bother getting the info again but Sony has been doing it for longer or just as long.

Cross play between vita and ps3 was also done a few times as well.

Microsoft doing first cross console play whoopty do great. I care about cross play period as a whole bcus it opens up the player pool whether via pc or consoles.

My point is it should be allowed.

Tetsujin161d ago


"crossplay between consoles, THATS a brand new thing! "

Really? What's Final Fantasy 11 then? That was Xbox 360, PS2, AND PC.

Christopher161d ago

Hostile is hyperbolic to say the least.

161d ago Replies(3)
Ashlen161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Chris gimme a break man you have failed plenty of articles for exactly what was listed, in the past. "no new information".