IncGamers: MMO Weekly 30/09/08

In our weekly look at the world of MMO gaming, Jeff Hollis talks Warhammer, Mythic vs Mac and the strange world of Jack Thompson.

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Leord3725d ago

I just got my collector's edition WAR box. It is AWESOME! I haven't gotten to install it yet, the PC needs a format =P

Elly3725d ago

I hadn't realised WAR wasn't made for MAC, that seems a bit limiting considering WoW does. I like their efforts against gold sellers and other annoyances. Unless they do anything about demand (buyers) they won't stop the suppliers though.

Maticus3725d ago

Players can use a third party program to play WAR on a Mac, although it limits performance somewhat.

AndyA3725d ago

No more frivolous Jack Thompson lawsuits. The gaming world will never be the same.

thetamer3724d ago

I'm going to miss Jackass Twatson