UK Xbox 360 October Release Schedule - We're All Doomed! - Many would argue this generation has brought year after year of fantastic titles and it looks like fall '08 will continue the trend. We've picked out the UK releases alone for the Xbox 360 with a superb selection of titles being released every week.

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chaosatom3726d ago

is there going to be a demo for Pro Evolution Soccer

CBosh43726d ago

I'm think i'm going with FIFA this year, the demo was awesome. I've been with pro evo for 3 years now but from what ive seen of both games it looks like FIFA takes the cake this year.

thekingofMA3726d ago

i'm interested in getting my first soccer/football game this year.

i have a bunch of buddies who play a lot so i feel like i should learn...

what do you guys recommend? FIFA, or Pro Evo? in all likelihood i will get FIFA as that's what they play, but i'm open for suggestions anyways

Harry1903726d ago

and multi console owners. Unfortunately, it seems that according to Eurogamer, Rise of the Argonauts has been delayed till November.

GameOn3726d ago

Fable 2 and Fallout 3 for me.
Not particularly interested in the rest.

Final_Rpg3726d ago

WTH is the point in listing Multiplatform, may as well make it a multiplatform list since the majority of the games on that list are for both consoles...

PS3n3603726d ago

Not everyone cares if a title is exclusive or not, they just want to know what games are coming out for their console. Why exclude multi-plats? Honestly this fanboy riot in here is clouding everyone's brains.

Perjoss3726d ago

@ 4.1

bubble 4 u

all this fanboy crap is getting real old real fast. People need to start being fanboys of gaming itself.

Bnet3433726d ago

Bubbles for PS3n360, good post and I agree that PS3 + 360 is the way to go. You get the best from both worlds.

GamerscoreWhores3726d ago

How the fishing one is anything to make a fuss about lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.