Diablo III: New Death Mechanic and Town Portal

Just a bit of Diablo III news revealed by Blizzard's community manager for Diablo III, Bashiok, has let us in on the death mechanic they are using now and how it replaces the system in Diablo II.

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JohnnyMann4203724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

I know I will like Diablo III, but some things are bugging me lately.

Diablo I & II was a dungeon crawler RPG. Kind of like a hardcore Gauntet or whatever with lots of RPG elements.

I am just curious if at the end of the day this will feel like an RPG or a beat em up.

Potions are gone and now there are Checkpoints?

I can see where playing by yourself in the old Diablo's, death would have been tedious...but generally (non solo) you have a party member use a town portal to get you back into the action.

It will be a fun game, but what kind of game is it? A beat-em-up? I thought Diablo was a Role Playing Game with action elements, not the other way around.

Oh well, that is why they are the developers and I am just the gamer.

One thing I have to ask though is this.

Don't you think you may be trying to appease the casual gamer a little too much?

Daver3724d ago

i agree there some things bugging me too, i hope it turns out to be good diablo 3 and starcraft 2 are the only games i want on pc

Charlie26883724d ago

I think the minute they said that potions has been replaced with magically healing orbs that come out of nowhere you knew for sure that the game was moving out of the RPG land to the Action game land :S

mega BIG time3724d ago

Too early to tell but a checkpoint system seems exploitable.. With that being said, all this D3 news is getting me AMPED!

JohnnyMann4203724d ago

Diablo I and II's Town Portal scrolls were even more exploitable then since you could technically warp someone who just died directly to your location, right?

mega BIG time3724d ago

Ah yes, but in those games if you entered your own TP the portal would close.. You could now seemingly draw an attacker back to the checkpoint and hack away eliminating any real challenge. I just hope this doesn't turn out like Bioshock's 'vita chambers' as someone said, catering to the casual gamer.

Zyrusticae3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

Diablo? An RPG?

The only 'roleplaying' the game has ever had has been the stats and skills, and that's it. You've never actually created or roleplayed a personality for your characters, and indeed, never actually made any meaningful choices in either game. It's just kill, kill, kill, and loot, loot, loot. Where's the RP in that?

Diablo has always been a loot game first and foremost. The action has been secondary and, frankly, poorly implemented. The series has always been boring to watch and, without the loot, variety of environments (and monsters), and stupid number of skills, boring to play. When it comes right down to it, it's all about the clicking.

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