Is Anthem's E3 reveal the real deal on Xbox One X?

As a 'one more thing' closing zinger for the Microsoft E3 2017 media briefing, the reveal of BioWare's Anthem is hard to beat.

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KionicWarlord222522d ago

Great looking game here. Lots of high quality effects and visceral weather.

3-4-5521d ago

One of my most wanted to play games now. Looked amazing and it's the game that made me want an XB1X even though I have a XB1 already.

Mario Odyssey still excited me more than this, but this game looks awesome.

Bigpappy522d ago

I hope so. That was game of E3 2017 for me. Looks great and the action looks badass. The world seems alive. Looks like an improved Fallout 4 spinoff. It seems to give alot of options on how to get the drop on enemies. Rely excited to see how this unfolds.

fenome521d ago

It was my favorite new IP reveal at this E3. I'm cautiously really looking forward to this, I hope they can deliver on what they've shown.

At the end of the demo it said it was pre alpha, and that just looked way too polished for something in the pre alpha development stages. Really looking forward to seeing more on this one.

Seraphim521d ago

was there really any other new IPs announced? Mario+Rabbids, Metroid 4 which wasn't even shown & Anthem. Rest were pretty much all seen or announced previously. Though I probably am forgetting several titles or new IPs that were announced. Not to take away from Anthem though, it did look phenomenal and can't wait to play it along with Spiderman, GoW, and a TON of other games in 2018. I just hope Bioware can avoid some of the pitfalls Bungie have had w/ Destiny and pitfalls Ubi have had w/ The Division, etc. While great games they lacked updates, fresh content in a timely manner and the DLC was too little, too late in some cases. Or in Destinys' case, great but not enough fresh content to last long enough witch each annual DLC/Expansion.

I think checkerboarding is completely fine. I have the Pro and games look and run great in 4k. Obviously next gen once we start seeing Native it'll probably be even better but for the time being checkerboarding upscale looks fantastic and works great for producing 4k imagery. At the same time, having the power on X I would definitely be disappointed if I were exclusively a XB gamer. At the same time, developers aren't likely to utilize the power of any console unless they're making an exclusive. We've seen this is the past and unfortunately, I think at best, more developers are going to keep X and Pro games relatively the same. Though only time will truly tell if that holds true. I'm sure some MS$ would be incentive enough to see some developers really utilize the power of X

fenome521d ago (Edited 521d ago )


That's true, there weren't really any other notable new IP reveals at this E3 for me either. I was really hoping Sony was going to show their hand at this one, but they're still keeping their cards close to their chest. PSX is probably gonna be a good one this year!

I don't even have my Pro yet. I was saving up for a 4K setup so I could get the Pro and my TV at the same time but then the transmission went out in my car so there went $! Games look fine on the big screen I have now with the regular PS4 though, so it is what it is. I'm still planning on getting my setup by the end of the year.

Krangs_Uncle522d ago (Edited 522d ago )

Checkerboard rendering and 30fps - possibly not what some were hoping for here. Same with multi platform titles such Destiny 2 and Assassins Creed for whatever reason.

The truth is that the X will only really shine through first party development, who are willing to give the title the extra elbow grease that the X could provide.. At this point it is only natural to not use resources on a weaker install base.. First party development however, is the department where the MS are severely lacking.

KionicWarlord222522d ago

I think what we saw here will not be possible on the ps4 pro.

The assets according to digital foundry said were like a high end pc.

I think what happen was that they use checkboarding across all versions of the game but the Xbox One X version will be the one that looks drastically different then the other versions.

Neonridr522d ago

at the same time, we still don't have a release window (2018 is a good guess). Plenty of time for optimization. Who knows, maybe native 4K could be reached.

TheCommentator521d ago

Are you kidding?

Look at the amount of detail packed into the world. Lighting, particles, physics, and other atmospheric details were insane. If MS can pull off images like that with checkerboarding I'm fine with that. Anthem makes Horizon look like graphical garbage. Good to know Bioware is back on it's game.

Oh yeah, Anthem will be checkerboarded on Pro too, at a lower resolution and with less effects, so what's our point other than to troll with the, "3rd parties will just port Pro versions and not use the X1's power" bit? You're just as sad as the people who agree with you.

Tussin187521d ago

Wow, you took it a little to far man with the Horizon comparison? Have you seen the Pro version to make such a statement?

You diehards are really taking this system to heart. What I find funny, is that people are talking more about a multiplatform game from MS conference than anything they showed.

All I've been hearing is people talking about X's power but no one is talking about the games MS showed (1st party). Strange....

TheCommentator521d ago

No, I didn't, Horizon looks bad compared to Anthem, and Anthem is 3rd party, hence the comment rebutting 3rd party parity using... 3Rd party software. 😱

Here you go though, since you asked for it:

FM7 is only using 70% of the GPU and still makes GT Sport look bad, not to mention GT's lack of features and cars from past games. Gears 4 is Native 4K with tons of added detail vs. Uncharted with a simple bump to 1440p.

Happy now that I used 1st party???

TRU3_GAM3R522d ago

It was the most impressive game

Thunder_G0d_Bane521d ago

We have to wait until beta when people can actually play the game. Don't believe the hype. always remain cautious of e3 reveals, they tend to end up not being actual gameplay.

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