Director explains importance of the axe in God of War

The director of the game, Cory Barlog, has explained the importance of separating the character from his emblematic tools of destruction.

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PhoenixUp313d ago

The axe represents Kratos' new lease on life

313d ago
Inzo313d ago

Im hoping that the blades of chaos make an appearance at some point in the game.

SolidGear3312d ago

I'm guessing the axe might be replacing them for this era of Kratos

gutteranthems312d ago

Agreed. Unlikely they would refer much back to Ares

medman312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

I don't know man...I'm seeing Kratos with heavily bandaged forearms from where the blades left their mark in the trailers, so.....he might be through with them? They might be through with him?

CyrusLemont313d ago

A little OT but I don't see many movies or video games capture the overwhelming enormity of monsters, but when Jormungundr rose out of the water and his voice shook the earth in that preview I got chills. It gives such an awesome sense of terrifying dread and that's why I love the GOW, no other titles really do that.

I also love how brutally tactile and responsive the combat is in this one as well, looks so satisfying to slash and rip monsters in half, so much detail into the gore and violence, which is something else you don't see games do a lot. I'd like to see more explosive blood/gore and body specific violence in games. It's a really underutilized and ignored part of the medium, yet I think it would be a huge improvement on the immersion part.

Zabatsu313d ago

Completely agree man, it is so underrated! I'm so looking forward to its release.

CyrusLemont313d ago

I forgot to add that they've somehow picked the most epic music composition to suit the sequences, that deep monk chanting stuff is just awesome.

SolidGear3312d ago

Can't wait to use the axe to chop off that sea serpent's head :3

Fist4achin312d ago

I'd like to axe you a question Kratos says to a serpent.