WipEout HD: Furiously Fast Futuristic Fun

Gamesareevil writes : When WipEout first hit the PlayStation platform back in 1995, it was a visual marvel that combined speed and technical racing skill with weapons and the ability to use armaments to either eliminate your competition or to propel your anti-gravity craft to victory. 13 years, several sequels, and two console generations later, WipEout HD follows the same formula, complete with an impressive audio/visual presentation, challenging track design, and an arguably punishing difficulty curve. The real questions here are whether the game is not only worth playing repeatedly in order to improve enough to unlock everything that the title has to offer, and also whether the game is worth its $20 price tag…and this review will definitively answer those questions.

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dro3730d ago

this is a must have game for every ps3 owner.

killyourfm3730d ago

Absolutely agree - and regardless of whether or not you're a racing fan. It's a testament to it's horsepower, and a perfectly balanced game. Definitely worth $20 if not more.

thereapersson3730d ago

This game is a great achievement in console graphics technology, and what better way to impress people with this than through a downloadable title?

Wipeout HD FTMFW!

Resistance--------Ge3730d ago

Best.Download.Game.Ever!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!