Bungie Says There Are No Specific XB1X Enhancements Planned for Destiny 2; "Same Experience"

Bungie confirmed at E3 2017 that currently, there are no plans for Xbox One X specific Destiny 2 enhancements over PlayStation 4 Pro since the developer plans to provide the same experience across all platforms (with the exception of PC, where the frame rate is uncapped).

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Nitrowolf2312d ago

Ugh thats disappointing. It seems its not just the X but the pro as well, are all targeting the same that base xbox One and base ps4 will offer.

Neonridr312d ago

framerate wise yes, but the resolution on the X and Pro will be much better than the base versions.

EatCrow312d ago

And the other obvious thing is consistent frame rate.
My guess is when the screen gets really busy if the pro drops a few frames the XboX will not.

TheCommentator312d ago

Not exactly a great use of all the power of the mid gens.


Well with 9gb RAM for games, the X1X version BETTER have high/ultra PC texture settings at least! Bungie is getting lazy or Sony is making sure X1X does not have an upper hand... as it should!

Ju311d ago

Not sure where the Pro has troubles of dropping frames. Actually. Unless it's a crappie implementation, eg. Prey

Skull521311d ago

Kind of hilarious. "Same experience" then provides extra content for PlayStation and uncapped frame rate for PC. You're a joke now Bungie, but that was expected since your talent all stayed on with 343 Industries.

I did like this though, I've always said let PC and console players play together just implement this mechanic. If those keyboard/mouse elitists are so confident in there superior control interface they shouldn't have any problem with it.
"Bakken also stated that on PC, Destiny 2 will have aim assist if you are using a gamepad but it won’t have it when playing with mouse and keyboard."

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xfiles2099312d ago

We really are not ready for 4k to be the norm on consoles. I just read Forza 7 will require 100GB on X1X it will get worse

ILostMyMind312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

This is for 4K textures. You can have 4K resolution with 1080p textures.

GottaBjimmyb312d ago

Remember when PS4 was being "held back" by the xbox one, everyone was pissing themselves, now tjat sony is the one doing it, it's all fine and dandy

sd11311d ago

Imagine Gears of War 4 then. That would be greater than 100GB for sure on the X.

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ILostMyMind312d ago

Just resolution and stable frame rate.

XanderZane311d ago

They should have settings in the game like they do on the PC. Gamers should be able to modify the game so it looks or runs better. You can turn features on and off. It's really stupid not to have these options on the higher powered game consoles.

SUPERMOORE1025311d ago

You know there is a such thing as getting a pc right if you want this freedom?

XanderZane311d ago

Don't need a PC. I have a PS4 & XB1 that will play most of the PC games I'm interested in. Path of Exile is coming next.

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KionicWarlord222312d ago

If this wasn't a clear sign of shadiness I don't know what is.

Not even improved visuals but we got enhancements coming from the Ark dev.

You can't make this stuff up. I bet they could change the framerates too.

But there's no parity they say.

Games not even enhanced.

Imp0ssibl3312d ago

These Sony 2 marketing deals are looking more and more shady.

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S2Killinit312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

Or maybe Its the sort of thing that happens naturally when a console doesnt have the instal base for the developer to want to spend extra resources on it?

butchertroll312d ago

Can you explain AC Origins marketing deal with Microsoft and why Bungie chose a parity?

cellfluid311d ago

Explain the marketing deal with crackdown and its 30fps?? For a cell shading game lol

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travestyj312d ago

The same goes for Assassins Creed Origins and they have a marketing deal with Microsoft. Developers don't want to waste resources improving a game for a platform no one owns.

aconnellan312d ago

Funny how everyone cried about parity when the Xbox One's lower specs 'forced' AC Unity to be the same frame rate and res on it as the PS4, with no specific PS4 enhancements.

Now that it's happening with the 1 X and the Pro, it's suddenly ok?

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frostypants312d ago

@aconnellan, the PS4 doesn't have that relative install base problem.

sk8ofmnd312d ago

Very true, I dont know the numbers exactly, but if sonys install base is a 60-1 ratio ps4 vs pro instal base, you arent going to support the minority and screw over the majority... Youd have to be an idiot and fired for doing so... Business wise it would pitch forks and torches outside your offices 😂

Bruh311d ago


No one knows how the Pro version looks, just because its not native 4K does not mean the game isn't being utilized. It could very well be worse on the Pro

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Liqu1d312d ago

They can't be bothered giving special treatment to a system with a low install, just like AC Origins. But keep screeching about paid parity like I expected and ignore reality.

KionicWarlord222312d ago

I didnt say anything about paid parity. Just knock it off.

Its clear bungie is doing something shady here. Why would they say the games the same and xbox doesn't get improved visuals?

Thats just nuts anyway you slice it. Thats not something anyone should champion.

Liqu1d312d ago

"If this wasn't a clear sign of shadiness I don't know what is"

"Its clear bungie is doing something shady here. Why would they say the games the same and xbox doesn't get improved visuals?"

You're implying they have a shady deal that is holding back the X when they have already said they don't. Just knock it off.

KionicWarlord222312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

Nope I didn't say that.

There showing signs again of not treating the Xbox side the same as ps4.

There's a article of them saying that ps4 pro will run 4k and there not sure if Xbox one x will.

O_O Just crazy stuff

Dragonscale311d ago

@kionic, once again the install base on scorpio wont be large enough to merit enhancements. Also no way bungie is gonna give ms any special treatment. There's no law says devs have enhance for scorpio. Shady my a55.

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raWfodog312d ago

With regard to framerates, of course they could improve the framerates but Bungie is making the choice to keep framerate at 30fps across all consoles. There is parity but its coming from the developer themselves as Mike Ybarra and Shannon Loftis (both MS employees) have already suggested. This seems reasonable and understandable when it comes to multiplayer across consoles so no one has higher framerate advantages over lower framerate gamers. If anything, its really the base PS4 and base XB1 that is capping the fps at 30 on Destiny 2, not marketing deals.

Single-player is really where the power of X1X and PS4P would/should shine as developers would not have to worry about disparity. I suspect that is where we will see the best-looking and best-performing games.

Aenea312d ago

Oh wow, the damage control is in full overdrive!

*grabs popcorn*

frostypants312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

You're not gonna get 4K *and* 60fps in many games on the One X. If a given game at 1080p/30fps is pushing the PS4 or One to their limit, then by back-of-napkin calculations 4K/60fps for that same game would require a system roughly 8 times more powerful (4 times the resolution * 2 times the frames). The One X is only 4 times more powerful. Too many people are either grossly overestimating what the One X should be able to do, or grossly underestimating the massive demands of 4K.

TruM0607311d ago

I guess this is how Sony will combat the power of X1X pay to have parity. When we already know thanks to ark dev that X1X craps all over the pro.

Aenea311d ago

Pretty amazing tho that Sony is able to pay for this gnarly stuff even tho MS has a gazillion times more money...

Makes one wonder........

mkis007311d ago

I know its crazy! Even Microsoft themselves must be accepting Sony's money seeing how Crackdown 3 is 30fps! Or maybe Sony's come up with a new one; the double marketing deal, for AC: Origins where they are using checkerboard rendering to get 4k. So dastardly!!

Game engines not being created equal? No not possible the Xbox is totally capable of chewing through that with its awesome power.

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Neonridr312d ago

You can't have the game running at 2 different framerates on the same platforms. I mean think about it. For crucible you would need dedicated servers for X1, PS4, X1X, Pro users. You can't have 30fps and 60fps on the same servers, would be totally unfair.

They limit it to 30fps and say the hell with it.

InTheZoneAC312d ago

There is absolutely no reason for 4v4 crucible to be running at 30fps on any console. Bungie is lazy and they used last gen as an excuse but that is no longer holding them back. They need a better optimized engine for this game, not running old tech from 3 years ago.

starsi360312d ago

Devs should target 60fps first, then work backwards.

Then, no matter if you're on an OG X1 or PS4, a pro or an X, you all get the same silky smooth gameplay and your hardware then determines how pretty it is.

In my opinion. 😛

dms5223312d ago

I guess I don't understand this argument when PC gamers have all been running different fps and resolutions for decades while playing PvP games. Can anyone explain why this current console situation is different?

Neonridr312d ago

consoles are uniform across the board. Everyone has the same hardware. PC's are all different. You can't expect everyone to have the same framerates unless you limited the game settings to certain values to ensure people were getting only 30fps or 60fps.

j15reed312d ago

Exactly there is no excuse for this all PC games run at different FPS unless locked. You can fool Sony fans because they just wanted to bash Xbox anyway but common sense people know whats happening.

Gh05t312d ago

Its the only reason they have to defend Bungie when all Bungie has to do is unlock the FPS of the OX and let it run at whatever it can.

InTheZoneAC311d ago

Neon you missed the question.

Why isn't destiny PvP locked at a 30fps minimum for PC if they lock it on consoles? PC's have to meet requirements as well, but to say higher end users are unlocked, it contradicts their reasoning

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Gh05t312d ago

Yes you can, PC does it all the time.

You people are making it sound like its unheard of... Its COMMONPLACE on the PC side of things.

Neonridr312d ago

PC's aren't uniform hardware. How could you possibly limit everyone's vastly different PC architectures to a specific framerate? You'd have to lock settings across the board. Bye bye customization or in game settings.

Gh05t311d ago


"How could you possibly limit everyone's vastly different PC architectures to a specific framerate?"

Please tell me you are joking? You have NEVER heard of capping a frame rate in a PC game?

Little hint, as common as letting games run uncapped, is also a vast amount of games that run capped because they were specifically designed that way and can even be a part of the games timing code.

Neonridr311d ago

@Gh05t - no, I know it's possible, but I haven't heard of any MP PC game doing that. So Bungie would have to be setting some sort of precedent to do it.

bluefox755312d ago

The CPU is the reason it can't do 60.

Mulando311d ago

well this works on PC, but I know what you mean.

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PistolsAtDawn312d ago

How do you simultaneously say that X1X isn't being held back by a marketing deal and then move directly will not have it's extra power taken advantage of? Clearly one of these is a lie

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ninsigma312d ago

Why does one of them have to be a lie?? Both can be true at the same time. Scorpio is being held back but not by a deal made with Sony, rather the devs just aren't doing it.

Aenea312d ago

Haha, care to explain your logic? I need a good laugh...

Rude-ro312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

If there was a deal, then would not destiny have been given perks via PS4 while the Xbox one was lacking in power? they didn't, they made it even across the board.
Why change it now?

mkis007311d ago

Maybe its too late in development for them to want to build another version. Maybe their engine isn't capanle of a quick fix.

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