Is PSX Now More Important to Sony Than E3?

Push Square: "Here’s a question worth pondering: is Sony’s own PlayStation Experience now more important to the platform holder than E3? Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida said yesterday that the company held back PlayStation 4 exclusive announcements during its press conference this week, and that we’d learn more about them later in the year. It doesn’t take a genius to determine the venue, does it?"

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naruga282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

why not ...Nintnedo completely ditches E3 with one small video instead of paying huge amount of money to be hosted by Los Angeles Exhibiton centres not a bad strategy ....Sony probably thinks the same with PSx --presenting games where they r paying less..i would do the same

ChronoJoe281d ago

I don't think the sheer cost of the stage is likely to be a big factor. Nintendo still often pay for the stage for competitions and things like that.

I think part of it is just expectation management. Since Nintendo's directs are shorter, and with less build up, people go into them with less expectation - and in turn, the snappy presentation style with maybe 5-10 trailers is always well received, even when actually have less to show than their competitors.

yellowgerbil282d ago

Well EA made their own thing outside of E3 didn't they? Square and Konami are no longer doing press conferences and Nintendo stopped years ago...
With that said I would prefer it get bigger, not die out, the spectacle is special and it really wasn't there this year.

PhoenixUp282d ago

Both conferences seem important to Sony, as well as TGS

Silly Mammo281d ago

I can see Bloodborne 2 announced at TGS and Sucker Punch IP at PSX.

CP_Company281d ago

all shows are later this year,it is normal that they showed what is coming this year and early next year.they did not showed to much in conference,but they showed a lot of games pre-show and there is plenty of games that they showed and are coming.
they just keep some games for other show,because maybe they are coming Fall 2018 or early 2019?
when you going to shows,you want to be surprised,so they keep some game to do that in other shows.

UCForce281d ago

Well, I do think E3 is still important but it's doesn't have huge impact like the old E3.

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The story is too old to be commented.