Gears of War 2: Act I Reviewed

Gameplayer has played through the entire first Act of Gears of War 2 and reviewed the experience in this article. It offers a detailed explanation of how it plays and what gamers can expect as well as critiquing Unreal Engine 2.0. It also features a link through to an exclusive interview with Cliffy B.

"Despite the promise of bigger and better things in the opening cut-scene, when the gameplay starts proper you may get a sudden sting of despair. Gears of War 2's opening gameplay moment finds you in a small little room like many you visited in the original. The same characters, the same grey walls, the same weapons… you would be forgiven for thinking that there has been no evolution at all. That it is merely an expansion pack to the original. But your thoughts will soon change."

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SlappingOysters3667d ago

Lets hope the rest of the game can stay the course and pull off what we all want... and that those flaws don't beome too nigling.

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jtucker783667d ago

The game sounds amazing! Can't wait for Gears 2!

kevnb3666d ago

4 comments in a row deleted.

Bon Scott3666d ago

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power of Green 3666d ago

Just wanted people to know *SlappingOysters* is a PS3 fan and he submitted this review and commented in here first to expose what PS3 fans need to hear.

SlappingOysters3666d ago

I don't get it...

I don't really care if you think I am a fan of one or the other (I happily have and play both), just not sure what the link between a Gears 2 article and PS3 is?

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SlappingOysters3667d ago

The less complicated the action in a game the more addictive and fun it is. Which is why 2D arcade games are still ace fun.

I think Gears plugs into this. It might be 'on rails' but it is never not fun

Fishy Fingers3667d ago

"hardcore" action games usually run on a linear path, doesnt do the replay value any favours but means you get a kick ass experience on your first few play throughs.

nice_cuppa3667d ago


Blademask3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Its the ON RAILS part in the trailer. Its described as rails by EPic and specifically CLiffyB.

So please, go somewhere else with your nonsense. I stand by what I said. As if im making something up. ITs on rails, you cant go to the backdrop or interact. Its epic man! Like UT2k4.

MiloGarret3667d ago

Ok, so next time I see a LBP article I'm going to post at the very top: "it looks like a kids game" and whatch my bubbles dissappear and contemplate the responses of 1000 angry fans claiming it is HARDcore. What? It does look like a kids game, still doesn't change the fact that iot would be trolling. Whatever, enjoy ur sad little life man.

Blademask3667d ago

lol, call Little Big PLanet kiddie all you want. Its your world. But the outside world disagrees, on the cover of wired.

Uhm so yeah, whats the problem with rail shooting again?

MiloGarret3667d ago

Wow, that was easy, thank you for proving my point.

Skadoosh3667d ago

HAHA yeah Blademask likes to make himself look like a fool. :)

Glad to be a gamer3667d ago

Looks like you made new friends blademask. :) Keep up the good work buddy.

Oh and im getting a Ps3 this october for lbp, Naruto UNS and few of the older plat games i have yet to play(mgs4,Hs,rac,unchartered,e tc.)

But guess What ill be getting this day one along with Banjo and kazzoie,fable 2 and fall out 3(exc dlc) for my 360.

Its good to be a gamer Blade mask you should try it.

Enjoy your trolling Buddy if it makes ya feel good..... its just so SAD(weeps for Blade mask) : (

Man_of_the_year3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Well in MGS4 when on the motorcycle you were on rails and is one of the best parts of the game and nobody even you seemed to complain about being on rails for some small portion in the game really has nothing to do with how good or bad the game is...its just a portion of the game. Don't let a small rail scene impare your judgement on how Big a game can be.

That would just be either plain ignorance or pick Bladmask as either 1 would apply to your comment

thewhoopimen3667d ago

Good point, but you also just brought up a huge contention topic. I wonder if Epic would be able to top that MGS4 rail sequence. That was beyond amazing what Kojima did in that sequence.

Blademask3667d ago

and then everyone goes ape. Yeah, the LOL might have made it look bad. But the game has rail shooting, thats all i've ever said.

and im looking forward to that rail shooting


Man_of_the_year3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Well judging by the only clip that was available to me i would have to say no. The MGS rail scene was more..."personal" i guess you could say...i don't want to give a way any spoilers but the size of the scene that took place was much smaller in scale than the size in the scene with Gears2...Gears shows a lot going on with you and the rest of the squad it's just plain adrenalin, nothing to really attach the player too other than the glory of ripping apart some locust...while MGS4's scene was well...again without giving anything away...more "personal" allowing the player to actually feel the emotions that were going on at the time of when the scene was taking place...

Know what i mean...

jtucker783667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Forget about it Blademask.
I just said this game looks amazing in an earlier post and that I was looking forward to it and I got 3 disagrees and only 1 agree.
Maybe the FBois don't think it looks amazing or maybe they think I'm not looking forward to it ... who knows, either way the haters are out in force today.

I'm a Sony owner but credit where its due this looks brilliant. I might be picking up a 360 later this year for this and Fable 2.

travelguy2k3666d ago

I think that´s how the saying goes.

I mean, it does at first glance look like a kids game, do "Conkers" games, and i definitely would no classify those as kids games.

Nintendo Rep3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

Difference is between Conker and Littlebigplanet is Conker has partial nudity, blood and gore, strong language, and use of alcohol/drugs. Littlebigplanet has completely editable environment. What similarities they have are without Nintendo and Mario, both wouldn't be here.

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jkhan3667d ago

5-6 hours campaign, I thought they said it would be bigger this time around. Wasn't there suppose to be more than 5 acts?

MiloGarret3667d ago

I certainly hope so... GeoW1 was way too short, it would be very dissapointing if the second one was the same. I recall reading somewhere that GeoW2 campaign would be approx 11 hours, but it might just have been bullcrap.

SlappingOysters3667d ago

They said it took and hour to do the first act, so if there was five acts like the original then 5 to 6 hours on normal.

poss 11 on hard.

There is also the possibility there could be more acts as it says if

lowcarb3667d ago

They didn't say how long it was or even play the whole game so what are you talking about. For all we know the game is 2 hours or maybe 20 so why don't we wait for the final product before we start saying crap that doesn't make sense.

GarandShooter3667d ago

'I think the fact that you only get to see like three quarters of the first act when there is five acts tells you that there is still quite a lot that remains to be seen.'

This quote is from the Cliffy B interview in Dpad. Extrapolating one act equals one hour so five acts equals five hours is fair, and probably in the ballpark. Designers have game flow to think about, so you're nor going to see four forty minute acts and one twenty hour act. Have some carbs man, your low blood glucose level is making you freak out.

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Tacki3667d ago

Well, they sound really excited and the article was a good read in that it provided alot of info on what the first act is like. One thing that jumped out at me though was this...

"It is instead an evolution of the middleware comparable to the way sport games like Madden and Pro Evolution Soccer move forward each year."

I'm not knocking the game, but what I am saying is that Gameplayer may not have put that in the best way. I don't know about Pro Evo... but Madden hasn't been going anywhere the past few years.

Anyways, I can't wait for the game. It's the multiplayer I'm most after since I never had the opportunity to play the first game online... but the campaign sounds like it could be pretty solid as well. Man, November still seems too far off. At least there's lots of games to play before then I suppose. Though that's like domestic violence on my wallet.