Don't Expect the Destiny 2 Beta to be as Open as the Destiny Beta

Bungie have stated that they're playing their cards "a little closer to the vest this time" with the Beta for the upcoming Destiny 2. This was made apparent via the latest Fireteam Chat with Bungie and IGN.

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Thunder_G0d_Bane339d ago

Who cares, its not like a beta is really needed at this point.

Everyone who likes Destiny 1 will like number 2. Its Destiny 1.5 and i don't mean it as an insult but if Destiny 1 release was 2014 and 2 is 2017 you certainly cant expect a huge leap forward.

From the PS4 version I'm going with PC for that lovely 144fps I'll be playing it at.

CloudStrife900338d ago

Oh yeah? Well I'll have you know that I'll be enjoying it at .... 30fps, so there! xD

I didn't see a massive step forward, or at least I haven't done so far. Some new game mechanics and functions yes, but the core seems pretty much the same. So long as they work harder on exploration, I'm set.

Relientk77339d ago

The beta for Destiny 1 was like 1/4 of the entire game

Just saying...

Love how Bungie mislead everyone thinking the game was gonna be absolutely massive... And it's 4 planets

FullmetalRoyale339d ago

Yeah the beta got me the last time. I'm not biting.

CloudStrife900338d ago

I think nearly everyone was surprised by how much they gave away at the beta. I remember one Ogre blocking my path, couldn't kill it due to unmarked level, so I sparrowed past it. I pretty much explored most of the moon and earth in the beta. Hopefully they dial that down as suggested.

Cryptcuzz339d ago

I can respect that.
Just get the beta out, let players experience a small portion of the social area, the crucible and a small area of the open world. Report bugs, gain statistics on server loads, net codes, and all that, in hopes of having a solid game come release.

CloudStrife900338d ago

Exactly. I'm hopeful, as a big fan of the first game. Seriously concerned regarding their recent statements regarding the lore and the story though.