Destiny 2 won’t have private matches at launch

Crucible, the multiplayer mode that allows combat between players, will be present in Destiny 2 again. The bad news is that it will not allow, at least during the launch, these combats to be private.

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Nitrowolf2340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Man what is bungie doing. Between this and the confirmation that they are going to ignore storylines from the base game like The Exo Stranger, Speaker, and even the queen, seems that they are once again just throwing stuff together to find what works.

I understand that private matches were added in a unplanned final dlc, but even still you have all this time from now and thrn to add a feature that the community has been requesting since day one of destiny.

They know this, which is why it was added later, yet they say they listen to their community but clearly this was never planned for 2.