Destiny 2: 4K resolution confirmed only on PS4 Pro, no promise for Xbox One X

The community manager Deej has said that no promise has yet been made for the 4K resolution on Xbox One X.

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chrisx340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Any 1 who wants to enjoy 4k console gaming should just get a Ps4 pro. You get to enjoy the great PS exclusives and multiplats like destiny 2 in 4K

Relientk77340d ago

The best Destiny 2 experience is surely on Playstation

sonarus339d ago

Lmao this is hilarious if true. Man I wonder how Microsoft and Bungie got along while they still owned them. Post Microsoft bungie gives Microsoft no love at all.

Septic339d ago

This makes no sense. Why wouldnt the more powerful console get 4K but a weaker one would?

339d ago
naruga339d ago

however if u think that MS will do the same with (imo) far superior Anthem ...then probably PS-Xbox owners will be even ....i dont like Destiny but from what i saw i will like definately Anthem..... so lucky them i say

Kribwalker339d ago

MS still owns an unknown equity in bungie. It was announced during the split that ms would retain equity and the right of first refusal on all future bungie games. This reeks of activison/Sony parity clauses

donthate339d ago

I wonder how people will feel it when the shoe is on the other foot, when MS gets tired of Sony shenanigans and starts paying to devalue your platform. I hope we don't end up there, but Sony is already super anti-consumer, and people keep cheering it on.

Rippcity339d ago

Think what you meant to say was "The best Destiny 2 experience is surely on PC". Cause let's be honest here, PS4 Pro and XOX will never ever be able to compete PC performance. And K&M will always be better to play FPS games with. Every time hands down.

Dragonscale339d ago

@septic, no one is obliged to support scorpio, thats up to the devs. Obviously theres no love lost between bungie and ms. Apart from xbox games theres no guarantee anyone else will support it unless ms moneyhat them.

TheCommentator339d ago

Only a moron would believe that the Pro would somehow have a technical advantage of any type over the 1X. There's no way the best version could ever be on Pro if the power of each system is fully utilized, so if the 1X isn't the best console version then Sony paid for it with their marketing deal (which is the rumor Sony denies).

xwabbit339d ago

Ill be playing it on PC since I have a some of the best hardware, might as well enjoy the perks.

Mr Pumblechook339d ago

What a clickbait article written to incite anger to Sony! Bungie can't talk about other platforms because of the marketing agreement with Sony, but definitely 4K is coming to X1X.

fatbastard11339d ago

Really?So native 4k/60 fps max settings on PC is inferior?

Harambee339d ago

Yes, i agree but I'll be playing on xbox...

mkis007339d ago


"There's no way the best version could ever be on Pro if the power of each system is fully utilized".

Well the same was true of XB1 vs Ps4 , but the xbox one sometimes came out on top in certain things. So maybe it is up to the dev which version they put more into?

S2Killinit339d ago

Not to mention the bigger pool of players. Almost everyone i know that plays Destiny, plays it on PS4.

spicelicka339d ago

And all other games are best on XB1X.

bouzebbal339d ago

Well done xbox,well done

darthv72339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

The best Destiny 2 experience on Playstation is surely on Playstation Pro.

there... fixed it for you.

@skull (below), some of the bungie peeps stuck around and formed 343. Others went elsewhere but there are some originals still left at Bungie. The funny part about them is they didnt want to keep making Halo games for MS so they left and now make Halo-esq games for Activision.

Skull521339d ago

All old Bungie talent is over at 343i, they are a mediocre at best studio any more, Destiny was terrible. Sony made a bad gamble with this Destiny exclusivity crap.

dcbronco339d ago

Mkis007 there is a difference between the two current lead consoles and their base models. One & 4 were a new generation. The Pro and X are refinements on those. Sony added a few tweaks and added about 150% more GPU with new architecture and a CPU clock bump. Microsoft added around 500% more GPU with a new architecture plus some add-ons' from an unreleased architecture. Then they completely re-engineered the CPU. Notice they aren't even listed as Jaguar anymore. Someone on Beyond 3d said they were re-engineered Puma+ cores I think. So it's a huge difference. Plus bandwidth held the original Xbox One back on frame rate and resolution. Pro has good bandwidth for the most part. But Scorpio just has so much more.

339d ago
jrshankill339d ago

Anyone who thinks bungle isn't nerfing the XbX version is delusional

Professor_K339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

I AGREE;Getting ripped off by a shitty game filled with Microtransactions and DRM has always been the true Playstation Experience

that being said, ive already learned form past experience to know that Destiny is a shit game, a total underwhelment from the prestigious bungie and any true xbox fan will avoid buying this game. HALO IS STILL KING BABYYYYEEEEEE. Also i doubt this is the final statement something shdy is going on, the XBX is more powerfull than the pspro

Sevir339d ago

It will be 4k... they just aren't talking about it. The lead platform is PS4 Pro

UnHoly_One338d ago

People are blowing this way out of proportion.

He isn't able to confirm it. That does not mean the same thing as saying it isn't happening.

Sony, the tyrant of the gaming industry, has Bungie completely by the balls and they probably aren't even allowed to say the word Xbox.

It'll be fine guys.

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Erik7357339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

You mean pc? Sure that's not checkerboard upscaling 4k and not native? How about 30fps which sucks as well?

Nyxus339d ago

You must've hated Breath of the Wild.

2pacalypsenow339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

"Framrates, resoltuion,etc.....a true gamer sees past it. " - Erik7357

Zelda runs at 30fps with frame drops so it must suck as well?

freshslicepizza339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

Yes it does suck but when you have no other option then that's all you are given. How does Zelda come into play here when one game has an option to play at higher frame rates and the other doesn't?

Thankfully Sony doesn't rule the industry and gamers still have some options out there.

I also laugh at how Bungie can get the game at 4K while Sonys in house studios can't for the majority of their games.

2pacalypsenow339d ago

"Yes it does suck but when you have no other option then that's all you are given"

So it only sucks when you have no other options? So tell me how does 30fps change the experience, just by knowing I cant get 60fps anywhere else? Does it magically make 30fps as good as 60fps?

Because i'm pretty sure Erik7357 made sure everyone knew how much of a masterpiece a 30fps game was, and now hes bagging 30fps...

339d ago
Ol_Boy339d ago


Lmao you got exposed.

sizeofyou338d ago

Is that True 4K, Native 4K, Dynamic 4K, checkerboard 4K, faux 4K, magic 4K, upscaled 4K, descaled 4K or downscaled 8K??
S'ppose it don't matter...PS4P or XBX. Both use all the above. OK...most of the above..!

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Letthewookiewin339d ago

The Xbox X beast is already falling apart. With all the games already during checkerboarding and in 30fps this system has missed the mark in a very pathetic manner. MS still has a sinking ship on its hands.

leeeroythe3rd339d ago

Falling apart is the release of drive club... the amount of pr trolls sony has is amazing. Penis envy is likely your issue

Ron_Danger339d ago

Something tells me you aren't a member of MENSA...

DevilishSix339d ago

It is thinking like yours and people like you that does a terrible disservice to the gaming industry.

Stogz339d ago

@leeeroythe3rd falling apart is also the release of Halo MCC, in fact is that game still broken? Quit pretending only one side does this.

DarkKaine339d ago

Tell me one console that had the most optimized games right after launch.
Don't worry, I'll wait.

Not even sure why I'm defending this system coz there's nothing appealing to me in the first place but give it some time.

Sirk7x338d ago

All that power is useless if developers don't find it viable to sink the time and money into utilizing it.

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XStation4pio_Pro339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

I have one. I'm buying the one x. The pro isn't powerful enough for 4K and one x will run enhanced games better than pro and all other games performance increased too with no boost mode needed. And it has uhd bluray and Dolby atmos. Hell the one x still probably isn't powerful enough to run everything 4K and it's substantially more powerful than the pro.
This whole bungie deal is suspect to me. Sony has content rights and ad rights and now suddenly it might not run at max resolution on the most powerful console? That's super fishy. The one x could easily outclass the PS4 pro in terms of performance so this is business and it's bullshit.

Sunny_D339d ago

"The pro isn't powerful enough for 4k"

Except the Xbox one X is doing the exact same thing as the PS4 Pro, most of its games are checkerboard and lower than 60 FPS. The only 4K games are a select few and mostly indie titles just like the pro.😂

showtimefolks339d ago


Last year Ms had a marketing deal for BF1 so EA wouldn't confirm anything on how the game would look or play on pro till very close to launch

Xbox one 900p
Ps4 1080p
Pro 4k
X 4k

All with 30 FPS

People need to chill

leeeroythe3rd339d ago

Except it doesnt offer true 4k output nor will it. You go right ahead and enjoy it... i am more likely to stop supporting bungie products. First one was blah anyhow

Ron_Danger339d ago

PS4 uses checkerboard rendering.
XBox One X uses sparse rendering.

Pro tip: they're the same thing.

XanderZane339d ago

They haven't announce whether it will or won't. Nothing has been comfirmed yet. It's obviously not a problem to do, as the Xbox One X is a beast. Running Destiny 2 in native 4K @ 30fps shouldn't be a problem on XBox One X. Their developers are going to be chewed to bits buy fans of Destiny if the game isn't parity on the game consoles.


I have a Pro Already, But This is NOT right! No way a more powerful console on every front should not be guaranteed to run the same resolution as the pro version... just sayin

Gunstar75339d ago

Your grown-up attitude is not welcome here.
Be gone Satan, be gone!!!!!

XanderZane339d ago

Gamers will boycott the game if they do this shit. The game will run at 30fps on all game consoles. It won't even be Native 4K on the PS4 Pro. If it's not 4K on the XBox One X, I'm pretty sure gamers will tell Bungie & Activision how they feel about that with their wallets. The PC version will be the best version to get in the end, but I won't buy the game at all, if they f*** this game up.

Ron_Danger339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

The vocal minimum of Xbox Fanboys will boycott it. It won't have any effect on PS4 copies sold, and PC sales will be whatever they'll be.

XanderZane339d ago

Activision & Bungie will get EAT ALIVE with negative press over and over and over again. Trust me on this. It won't matter what happens on the PS4. I think the only reason they are saying this shit is because it's probably in their contract with Sony to not talk about the XBox One X version and it's features. When it launches however, it will have the same resolution and features as the PS4 Pro, I'm sure.

Dragonscale339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

@xand, do you really think PS gamers give a crap how the game runs on scorpio. It'll sell well on PlayStation regardless like the last one. Tbh most xbone owners will be playing it on the og xbone. The scorpio userbase won't be large enough to merit any upgrades tbh. Also this will happen a lot seeing how PS4 is the lead platform this gen. Get used to it.

jlove4life339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

I doubt it last i checked 60 is bigger than 20 so if a few xbox fans moan wont tilt the balance of PlayStation larger install base if that was the case other ps exclusive games wouldnt exist from 3rd party im not saying its right but xbox 360 held back ps3 games a whole generation its life get over it

XanderZane339d ago

It won't matter what PS gamers think or how well it sells on PS4. XBox fans will revolt and journalist will chew Activision/Bungie up in the press. So I'm pretty sure the game will be exactly the same as the PS Pro when all is said and done. We'll see what happens when it releases.

cd1338d ago

Revolting Xbox fans...scary [yawn].

337d ago
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MegamanXXX339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

PS4 is a true beast 😊 I'm tempted on getting a gtx 1080 so I can get Destiny for free and upgrade my gpu. Maybe I should wait for gtx 1180 or whatever it will be called

LexHazard79339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

Lol...Im confident that Nov 7th Destiny 2 will be 4K on the X.

343_Guilty_Spark339d ago

I don't need you to tell me what I should do with my money. Now what console you get, that's between you and your parents.

cd1338d ago

I buy my own consoles though?

XanderZane338d ago

lol!! Only console my mother bought be was an Atari 2600. How long ago was that? Been buying all my game consoles since then. Kids...

rakentaja339d ago

Every game on Pro they mention "4K support" uses checkerboard tehnique, no native .. 1440p or similar upscaled to 4K.

Only UI and simpler arcade games are capable of native 4K.

337d ago
fr0sty339d ago

If this happens, it would pretty much confirm the parity clause rumors, I doubt Sony will shoot themselves in the foot like that, but we'll see. It could just be that Bungie can't talk about 4K on XBO:X as part of the agreement.

Aceman18339d ago

Honestly i love seeing the ppl who constantly troll on here lose their sh*t like it will ruin their lives if the game doesn't run in the magically 4k hahaha.

This is some classic sh*t hahaha

Relientk77339d ago

I'm getting some good laughs from these comments

DarthZoolu339d ago

I don't like those exclusives, to much narrative based linear gameplay. I play Elite Dangerous the Most and can't wait to play it on XoneX and I'm gonna skip Destiny this time around.

kickerz339d ago

Its not confirmed on xbox1x cause its not out yet . Plain and simple. It will easily run 4k on xbox .

XanderZane338d ago

They can only announce the specs for the XBox One S, because it's the only game console on the market. They have to wait for the X1X to launch before they can announce all the specs for that version. I'm sure it will be the same as PS4 Pro.

339d ago
XanderZane338d ago

Just like I said. It will be the same or maybe native 4K. We'll see.