Beyond Good & Evil 2 will allow you to create your own character

Michel Ancel, creator of the series, has detailed that the players will be able to design their own characters in the time to enter in this new adventure that acts like prequel of the game.

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Kurisu519d ago

Am I the only person that thought the original Beyond Good & Evil was just "OK"?

nitus10519d ago

IMHO the game was as you say "OK" and there were better or at least just as good games around at the time. I did find the last battle to be quite interesting and the ending was definitely an "ending" with a WTF moment (you had to watch the full ending) as to what could happen next but the main story ended.

phoenixwing519d ago

Will be awesome that it has a character creator

TheOttomatic91519d ago

Punished "Venom" Jade's dad or mom?