Xbox update will let male avatars wear dresses as clothes go gender-neutral

Microsoft's Xbox is overhauling its Avatar system to make all clothing gender-neutral.

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PhoenixUp280d ago

Can I make a Conker avatar?

Skull521279d ago

Damn it Microsoft, you shouldn't have given into this lunacy.

_-EDMIX-_279d ago

who cares.

If someone makes this junk, I say all power to them. I think its cool that MS is actually having it as a user option as opposed to just assuming only guys will wear certain things and only girls will wear certain things.

I think its cool to not have it restricted. Look at it like this, it is the user's avatar, what good would it do for users and for MS to restrict them?

EatCrow279d ago

Agreed. Shame. Where's my autistic or schizophrenic or Alzheimers avatars?

Actually it would do a lot of good restricting. Do you have any idea about what goes on in the brain during adolescence? You do not mess with that. Children need to grow up normally and on their own. Obviously if you keep telling a boy that he's a girl he'll grow up thinking he's a girl. Derp.

The appropriate documented and researched treatment for gender dysphoria is to leave them alone while they continue to develop.

Skull521278d ago

Well said. For anyone who believes climate change is a settled argument, so is sex. It is science. XX, XY. You have no say in it unfortunately. Live your life as you see fit but don't try and re-educate us, you're the ones who are delusional.

EcoSos3280d ago

"Gender-neutral"...* facepalm*

Summons75279d ago

Uh oh, the snowflakes are coming out to show how much something that shouldn't and doesn't affect them bothers their own sexuality lol

EcoSos3279d ago

Yeah tell that to Canada it does affect them if you don't call a snowflake their retarded pronoun your going to federal court...LOL

JEECE279d ago

I love how it's become a race to see who can call the other side "snowflakes" first. There needs to be some clarification on what that word means (i.e. does it mean people who can't accept objective facts, like their own race or sex, or does it mean people who get unnecessarily bothered by the first group?).

_-EDMIX-_279d ago



Anyone crying over this needs to get, your crying over something you don't even need to partake in. Its an option for those who want to.

EatCrow279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

Oh it affects them you ignorant person. Your hitler mindset is problematic.

You're saying someone could go to Australia and start killing people there for instance and because it doesn't directly affect us we shouldn't do or say anything against it.

This shit isn't helping the problem. It's a mental sickness. They need to be treated appropriately and this kind of thing is the exact opposite of the recommended treatment.

Research and facts don't care about your opinions and political stance.

Kids in adolescence are the most vulnerable... If you don't think this will affect their development there is no word to describe that level of ignorance.

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EcoSos3279d ago

Yeah I know about that law the worst thing about that law is it will only target Christians because of M-103 the real homophobes wont be affected.

AnubisG279d ago

Canada is insane for enabling the mentally ill this way.

Bobafret279d ago

That was a terrifying and depressing read.

Tetsujin279d ago

I identify myself as a toaster - check your privilege.

Seriously what's next, suing a questionnaire because they ask YOU to ID your gender, and someone gets upset because the list doesn't have what they want to be referred as?

With Xbox, I can only see this being another target for SJW and trolls.

_-EDMIX-_279d ago

I'm very much ok with that law.

I see no reason why a child must be subjected to physical or mental abuse

EatCrow279d ago (Edited 279d ago )


You sir. Are a monster. Children's are developing and outside influence can negatively impact them. Who do you think controls what is taught in schools?

Daddy government can take your children away now and you're fine with that.

No longer can parents educate and teach their kids... It's up to the government. Your children belong to the government. Good job promoting that world.

Physical and mental abuse is being a boy in elementary and being told you can be a girl. That confuses the shit out of that kid. That's the real abuse. And you're part of that abuse. Or being taught by the government to masturbaste at a young age like an animal. At a young age it is awful for a kid to be exposed to that kind of thing. Completely destroys their sexuality...its akin to molestation. But I'm sure you're fine with that too.
I'm not making it up either. Parents got their kids taken away because they told their elementary school kids not to masturbate. When the school found out why they weren't following along. Goodbye kids.

_-EDMIX-_279d ago

@Eat- yea...I'm 99% sure no one knows what your talking about.

You sound like your 1 Fox news report away from strapping on a vest.

Its not that big of deal bud.

dcbronco278d ago

Somebody needs to do something about "Christians". Always sticking their noses in other peoples business. Like everyone believes in their beliefs. Here's an idiotic example of their special brand of stupid. In some US states a woman can't have a vibrator. She is not allowed to pleasure herself. That makes it more likely she doesn't have to settle for Scooter and god says she belongs to him. Besides to religious conservatives a woman doesn't have rights anyway. Except the ones a man gives her. Oh, and in some states (they may have moved into modern times recently) a woman can't refuse her husband sex. No I have a headache. And he's allowed to rape her if need be. Cause the magic book says so.

Oschino1907278d ago


Citations please, because I call BS on everything you said.

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