Call of Duty: World at War Kill Streaks revealed

Following the release of the complete list of Call of Duty: World at War perks and confirmation that the online multiplayer beta will be exclusive to Xbox 360 and PC, we have one more COD5 announcement for you - details of the new "kill streak" commands.

For those of you unfamiliar with this function (which cropped up in COD4: Modern Warfare) kill streaks are awarded when you reach a specific number of kills without dying, and take the form of a special ability which you can utilize against your opponent. In Call of Duty: World at War, Treyarch will be offering something similar giving players special commands for killing multiple enemies.

Here is the complete list:

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Fishy Fingers3704d ago

Artillery doesn't surprise me, I actually expected that one. But Unleash the Dogs sounds excellent. Should s*** a few people up being hounded by a bunch of vicious mutts :)

prunchess3703d ago

When them dogs come a running, I'll go a climbing!

Fishy Fingers3703d ago

Yeah I believe you can climb trees. Excellent tactic Punchess, I'm totally pinching it :)

Rofflecopter3703d ago

the artillery sounds a lot better than the airstrike too.. i hated how inaccurate those damn things were.

Max Power3703d ago

i hear ya on that, i wish that i could control the angle of attack with the air strike, nothing like playing district and getting an airstrike but its useless because it goes the wrong direction and hits all buildings.

xhairs93703d ago

Attack dogs are going to be awesome. I have missed attack dogs since the old MOH:AA Mod server days. The best feature in any game - the attack dogs.

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Zip3704d ago

haha yeah, I can already imange myself running for my life ;D

SixZeroFour3703d ago

shouldnt you just be able to shoot the dogs, as heartless as that sounds

Itrguy0013703d ago

lol so pretty much everything from CoD4 huh? well ill be runnin like hell if some one gets those dogs released heh.

kalistyles3703d ago

the idea of the attack dogs but I think if you shoot them they should die and not respawn. Its like in COD4 if you shoot down the chopper it doesn't come back. But it still seems like a cool idea.

prunchess3703d ago

I hope little change like this don't ruin the top notch gameplay COD4 has.

One thing I do hope they sort out is the online side of the game - the host disconnected issue and incorrect stats are a major pain in COD4.

Fishy Fingers3703d ago

hmmm.. If they do down the host/matchmaking route of COD4 then your right, they should definitely include host migration.

TheMART3703d ago

So.... Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway sucks also?

Strange logic there.

SnakeShady3703d ago

we have enough with WWII

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The story is too old to be commented.