Microsoft tries to put fear of God into scareware vendors

Microsoft and Washington State are teaming up again, this time with an eye on software providers who market unnecessary repair/maintenance products. Such programs, known colloquially as "scareware," cost users significant amounts of money, and provide unnecessary "protection."

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KazumaKiryu3698d ago

As much as I despise microsoft, I actually applaud them for what there doing here, well done.

BrunoM3698d ago

next microsoft is gona sue it self and win over the rrod ....

(stupid but funny on my 3rd 360 right now)

... but i kinda like the sound of that true there is 2 many dumb [email protected] trying to make money out of people that dont know they stuff..

TheROsingleB3698d ago

About friggn' time.
I'm pretty glad Microsoft is actually stepping up and trying to do something about companies like this. No one should have the kind of trouble with a PC that software like that creates and (to the gullible - aka Grandma and Grandpa who do not know enough about a computer to know better) has you PAY for a service that is totally pointless to pay for in the first place!

Xelai3698d ago

Microsoft doing something nice, as they many times do, and nobody cares or points it out, as it usually happens.

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