E3 2017: Dying Light Will Get 10 Free DLCs, Story Content, Enemies and More

Pure PlayStation: A few days ago we got a heads up from Techland that it was going to be going all-in on Dying Light this E3 and that we should expect some pretty big news. Techland has delivered.

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_-EDMIX-_344d ago

I mean, more content for free is nice, but are those guys actually going to make Dying Light 2?

I'm hoping that the other part of their team is actually working on that.

TwistedMetal344d ago

free stuff is cool but I want a sequel. WHy dont they want my money? Im like I will literally pay them 60 bucks for a sequel and they are just like nah keep the money lol.

SolidGear3344d ago

I'm sure they're working on Dying Light 2 or Hellraid.

SolidGear3344d ago

This is what I'm playing right now. Awesome!

gangsta_red344d ago

This is great news but I wish they would make a part 2 for this game.

Sadly I have long since gotten rid of this game.

mafiahajeri344d ago

This was such an under rated game just pure fun.

XbladeTeddy344d ago

Underrated? It sold over 5 million...

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The story is too old to be commented.