Meet Nintendo's Newest Piece Of Hardware

Luke Plunkett of Kotaku writes:

"Spotted by GAF user Shiggy on OAMI (the pan-European trademark registry), this is an official Nintendo...pedometer. If they ever make it, no doubt it'll be for use with Wii Fit - or maybe even Wii Fit 2 - since with no external display, it looks it'd be transmitting the data to the Wii."

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Nintendo Rep3668d ago

Great news for Wii Fit owners out there.

BrotherNick3668d ago

Indeedy, better than that pikachu tamagotchi thing a while back. They should put a watch on your arm that checks your heart rate while playing.

kesvalk3667d ago

i don't think they will release it... okay i am starting to worry about it...

STOP the peripheral flood!!!

mfwahwah3667d ago

It's like they're making peripherals for real life now instead of just video games.

condorstrike3667d ago

Soon enough the'll change their name to Nintendo Pharmaceuticals ....
and start selling Wiiagra with every purchase of Wiifit.

I love BigN but they really gotta stop it with the peripherals and concentrate on releasing games.

chanmasta3667d ago

... man! I read the title and got all hyped up then found out what it was.

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