E3 2017: Nintendo sales soar Post-E3 Spotlight

On Amazon’s top 20 best seller list for video games, there are 10 games on the list. 8 of those games are made by Nintendo.

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cleft5125d ago

Nintendo did a fantastic job at E3. They did the most important thing they could have done. They showed they had games coming this year that people want and that going forward they have big titles that people have wanted for years.

Gemmol125d ago

This topic won't get a lot of comments but shows proof Nintendo won e3, everyone excited about its future and what it is currently getting.......i wish Nintendo luck on making more systems

Nu125d ago

Although they struggled with WiiU Nintendo deserves a break. Switch seems to be changing bad fortune. 🍪

sd11125d ago

They definitely won E3 as they showcased multiple games that are high quality while also releasing this year.

Veneno125d ago

They had a good but not great show. Mario Odyssey looks like a classic in the making but nothing else looks interesting. Kirby and Yoshi look like yawn baby games. Metroid and console Pokémon are great announcements but showed nothing so they are at least 3 years out.

And I don't understand why some are jizzing over Mario + Rabbids. While I do love it when there are Nintendo crossovers with 3rd party games those Rabbids are some of the most obnoxious, uninspired characters I've ever seen.

sd11125d ago

The thing you missed is that they had a variety of games releasing this year. Mario could easily get rated higher than zelda. Splatoon 2 will be fun. Plus Xenoblade games are always great. Rabbids actually looks fun, but I will not buy it until i see the full game. I dislike warriors games, but they have their fans. Pokken is an okay fighting game, not the best , but certainly good.

Erik7357125d ago

Don't let foxtrot see this

ZeekQuattro125d ago

Don't worry. Someone while eventually upload something derogatory about Nintendo and he will be over it like flies to shit. lol

phoenixwing125d ago

I want to see gameplay of the switch pokemon game as well as a more darker tone pokemon.

Veneno125d ago

You want to see Pikachu get decapitated or something?

TheColbertinator125d ago

To Victory Nintendo. Once again you save us from the blandness of the other two hooligans.

Thatguy-310125d ago

Yea let's forget how a lot of the titles that are new to preorder sky rocket on that list. You can look now and only Mario is in the top 20

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