TGS 08: 11 new titles coming to the PS3

according to the recent famitsu listing, Sony has at least 11 unannounced titles up its sleeve at the Tokyo game show 2009.

9 out these titles are published by SCEJ, 1 by Konami and 1 by IREM.

3 unannounced PSP games, all published by SCEJ has also been listed at famitsu's website

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krackchap3699d ago

team olympICO's game better be there

Jamie Foxx3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

they need to get japan back on side and i think they may just do that at TGS by the sounds of it..... team ico game should own TGS alone

3699d ago
Why o why3699d ago



Cant wait to see what sony are cooking for TGS. Im sure some will be psn titles but even that is a good thing.

dro3699d ago

i want a next gen Onimusha game...

SixTwoTwo3699d ago

9 titles is pretty impressive. I guess Sony Japan finally decided to wake up and smell the coffee. I wonder if these are all first party games, or if Sony worked out some publishing deals with a japanese developer or too. And does this mean we will finally see a Cellius game?

gaffyh3699d ago

OMG 11 unannounced titles!!!!, I'm sooo hyped for TGS now, cos we officialy know that there will be 11 new games announced (unlike at Leipzig, when they said there would be 12 announcements).

btw, anyone know what game Irem have made in the past? I haven't heard of them before.

juuken3699d ago

Wow mesh...because you've seen the future and you know they're crap games!

I'm smelling jealousy from you as well.

Anyway, I agree with dro.


AznSniper3699d ago


Irem is developing Steambot Chronicles 2 for PS3. It was announced at TGS last year.

Palodios3699d ago

Suikoden 6 was supposedly announced a few years ago on Magic Box, but then it all went quiet. 108 characters, 1080p hi-def, traditional six-person turn based battles, you know, a massive rpg that wouldn't fit on a dvd. Considering how many rpg series and developers have been going to the 360, S6 would be pretty huge.

gambare3699d ago

Sony Booth Will Have 14 Unannounced Titles Playable At TGS

Here we go, the list of PS3 and PSP that will be playable at TGS. Let's look at the PSP titles first, including third party titles:

Sengoku BASARA: Battle Heroes
Shin Sangoku Musou: MULTI RAID
Musou OROCHI: Maou Sairin
Clank & Ratchet: Maru Hi Mission Ignition!
Sarugetchu Pipo-Saru Senki
Patapon 2 Donchaka
BLEACH ~Soul Carnival~
Mainichi Issho Portable
Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaikida or2
LocoRoco 2
THE [email protected] SP
Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs. Gundam
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2

There will be three unannounced titles from Sony Computer Entertainment. PS3 titles after the jump

zypher3699d ago

i'm sure Team ICO's next project and WKC will definitely be in that nine. maybe even Dark Cloud 3. i'm curious as to what the Konami game will be. nothing could be better than either Suikoden 6 or ZOE 3.

any word on if Squenix will announce Kingdom Hearts 3 at TGS?

Beast_Master3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

I would only expect about 4 to 5 Blu Ray releases and the rest will be PSN titles. I am considering that this is because it is all annoucements from just Sony Japan studios, which have only released Siren Blood curse and Ectochrome so far. My guess is ICO game, White Knight Story, Legend of Dragoon 2, Level 5 game, Konomi game, a partnership with Square for Kingdom Hearts 3 and Savage Moon PSN + Patatpon 2 and Loco Roco 2 on PSP, then the grand finally will be Liverpools super secret game. I am still down a few titles but I think if they have listen to there customers that the other games will bring the RPG pain to the 360 lineup.

Konomi owns 4 big franchises (Metal Gear, Contra, Castlevainia and Silent Hill, and dance dance revolution god please no) and I would not be shocked if they are annoucing just a PSP game which would be either Castlevania, Contra or Metal Gear maybe like a Raven saga for PSP. Would cream my shorts for a Castlevainia or Metal Gear Blu-ray annouced game I think a Contra game (would be to hard to pull off on PS3 though) These are just my guesses.

gaffyh3699d ago

@AznSniper - how can it be that if the game is meant to be unnanounced?

Homicide3699d ago

If Team Ico shows their game, Sony has won TGS.

gaffyh3699d ago

@Homicide - If Team ICO shows their game, Sony has won at life.

JD_Shadow3698d ago

Wild Arms 6
PS3 Exclusive FF13 DLC
Kingdom Hearts 3 (pretty much expected to get confirmed)
The "BBC game"
Star Ocean 4 becoming multiplatform (to make the 360 fanboys squirm)

meepmoopmeep3698d ago

Give me a teaser from Team ICO and i'll be uber stoked!

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darkwing3699d ago

yup LBP has won the war for Sony, congrats!!

zimbo0073699d ago

is definitely TEKKEN 6

However i am banking on a FF7 remake

Johnny Cullen3699d ago

Tekken is a Namco title dude, not a Konami one XD

pwnsause3699d ago

konami title huh?

I think its a DDR game or a new Kojima Productions game. THat will be sick.

lodossrage3699d ago

a Suikoden game

(I hope)

MiloGarret3699d ago

Zone of the enders 3 would be AWESOME!

Weed3699d ago

I'm praying its ZOE3. I been wanting that one for a while.

The_Firestarter3699d ago

I completely agree! I hope and pray so badly it's ZOE3. I've been waiting so long for the return of Jehuty.

Sevir043698d ago

they said unannounced, So right off back i think of Gradius 6, which would be awesome as a PSN/Bluray release since gradius 5 was awesome, then i also think of Suikoden 6 thats a block buster RPG that was on PS2 that Level 5 made... ^^ and then there is Zone of Enders 3 form Kojima, which could be PS3 exclusive, and then there is Coded Arms Assualt, that game was said to be canned but it would be cool to see whats up with it.

oh and tekken 6 is by namco buddy, get those facts straight.

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Johnny Cullen3699d ago


shine13963699d ago

What is that supposed to be?
a work of art?

ps. I love the fact that people are agreeing and disagreeing with the very fine points that you made.

Rock Bottom3699d ago

FFVII ruined what was supposedly a fine peace of art.