7 Xbox Exclusives that PS4 Players Need

PS4 players normally have lots of exclusives, but the tables have turned in favor of Xbox.

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AspiringProGenji375d ago

Why would PS4 players "need" xbox exclusives when they got more?

uptownsoul375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

Wow...The author of the article fell for Microsoft's "Console Launch Exclusive" phrase...Hook, line & sinker.

Player Unknown's Battleground, Ashen & The Darwin Project were are shown as "Console Launch Exclusives" which is fancy for "TIMED exclusives". But I see that this author fell for the PR spin

ninsigma375d ago

I looked up darwin project. MS have said they're publishing it so I'd say that one isn't coming to ps4. Haven't heard of Ashen going ps4 either. Battlegrounds yes though donuts weird it's on the list.

naruga375d ago

Sea of Thieves ?? hahahah we laugh all together

Saijahn375d ago

PUBG's trailer says Xbox Exclusive, they have to clear up that confusion. It's a game that could really benefit from cross-platform play though, but we know Sony isn't having it at all.

uptownsoul374d ago

@ninsigma - "I looked up darwin project. MS have said they're publishing it so I'd say that one isn't coming to ps4."...The same exact thing was said about Rise of the Tomb Raider. So lets not be to presumptuous.

@Saijahn - "It's a game that could really benefit from cross-platform play though, but we know Sony isn't having it at all."...I'm sure the game will get along just fine with or without cross-platform play (as most multiplayer games have done for over a decade).

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trooper_374d ago

I don't need any of them on that list.

374d ago
mark_parch374d ago

I was playing sea of thieves just last night and trust me it's epic fun. that game is going to be a huge success trust me. if your a ps4 gamer and own a good pc I highly recommend signing up for the alpha

leahcim374d ago

well I only "need" Ori and the Will of the Wisps but thank god is for PC too, so no problem for me. ;)


In the case of them being better, but, thats DEFINETLY not the case!

Brohan374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

How can Sony playstation fans be loyal to a company that doesn't think about them.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen374d ago

You actually believe the Microsoft gives a damn about you? None of these corporations do. You must be really naive.

itBourne374d ago

Its rather unfortunate for both sides, that people are so excited and tout Sea Of Thieves... when if released on the PlayStation 4, it would sort of be one of those "B tier" games lost in the shuffle. Similar too Gravity Rush, Mod Nation Racers, Ni No Kuni 2, the list goes for miles... which is unfortunate because most of those "B tier" games are freaking amazing and often overlooked by the mass market casual consumer. And unfortunate that Xbox gamers are so starved they treat Cup Head "which looks good" like its a god sent from the skies.

Gardenia374d ago

What I need is God of War, Spiderman and Shadow of the Colossus

...oh and also FFXII The Zodiac Age

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chrisx375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

Sea of thieves? Ashen? Cuphead? Lmao. Thanks for the laugh tho. I can tell u most of these games listed are not up to the standard of games Ps4 gamers are enjoying.

MrRumpo375d ago

I won't argue that PS4 games have a lot more polish and storytelling chops, but the idea that Sea of Thieves and Cuphead wouldn't be amazing additions to the PS4 is silly.

Majin-vegeta375d ago

Cuphead is one I'm jealous of and Sea of thieves looks like junk compared to ubis Skull&Bones which looks way better

Overload375d ago

Cuphead looks great, SOT doesn't.

ninsigma375d ago

Yes to cuphead (actually I think it would make a great switch game too) but not sea of thieves. Really bad looking game.

Razzer375d ago

Saying "the tables have turned" is even more silly.

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ninsigma375d ago

Do you have a link for that?? Haven't heard anything about it and tried googling but came up with nada. Not calling you a liar, just genuinely interested.

SirBradders374d ago

That's the only interesting game from that list Imo. I'm getting g a celshaded soulsy vibe from it.

Sevir374d ago

I'd play cuphead.... sea of thieves no!
Ashen is releasing on other platforms later

GamesMaster1982375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

I wouldnt mind Capcom bringing Dead Rising 3 over to PS4 as i thought it was the best zombie game ive played. But not 4 as that was trash.

MrRumpo375d ago

I think that Sea of Thieves and Cuphead would do very well from that list. And yeah, Dead Rising 3 wouldn't be a bad thing either.

FallenAngel1984375d ago

I'd borrow my cousin's Xbox One just to play Rare Replay

SCW1982375d ago

I bought it and honestly my Rose Tinted glasses made me very sad when I realized that aside from Banjo most of these games do not hold up.

FallenAngel1984375d ago

Yeah but where else can I play the N64 version of Conker' for a cheap price? The other games are added bonuses, especially the Banjo games

FallenAngel1984374d ago

Yeah but I don't have a PC to play games on

SCW1982375d ago

Hmmm Journalists getting confused with the term "Console Launch Exclusive." That wasn't the plan all along LOL.

Godmars290375d ago

More like a Journalist being a "Journalist".

MrRumpo375d ago

Updated and included a link to the story you posted. Thanks.

Overload375d ago

You got some more corrections to make, like Ashen.

moegooner88375d ago

Ashen is a " console launch exclusive ". Do the math.

Overload375d ago

Ashen is coming to PS4, it now said "console launch exclusive", before it said "Xbox/Win 10 exclusive" last E3.

MrRumpo375d ago

I've looked for confirmation of this but haven't found it. If I can find something I'll certainly make the correction.