Xbox Live Status Update

MajorNelson updated his Twitter with the following:

"This just in: the LIVE maintenance is taking longer thank expected. I'll have an update at 0200 PT."


"No, you're not crazy. LIVE is having a few issues right now. I am working on getting an update"

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artral163731d ago

waiting and waiting still up and waiting hopefully it be fix before i go to sleep im ready play some nba live 08/battlefield bad company/gears of war

sak5003731d ago

Bro u know you can play these games offline as well. If you've finished BC and gears in single player than try some other games

peowpeow3731d ago

Now i almost knew for sure this was going to happen
Anyways i will be going to watch Dark Knight
Is it a good movie?

marionz3731d ago

soooo thats about 2am nz time aye? man this is takeing ages, any ideas if the maintanance will bring any new features before the new dash update comes?

JustinSaneV23731d ago

"When the service returns, you will not have any new features and you will not have the new Xbox experience update. That will happen later this Fall."

marionz3731d ago

dark knight was ok, a bit overhyped though, i hate heath but he still played a good joker, found myself waiting for the movie to finish near the end, a bit too long for my likeing, also whats with that actor who plays batman, i hate the way he speaks, as bruce its that [email protected] lisp, as batman its the stupid deep throught voice, kinda annoying.

overall its decent but overhyped and too drawn out.

AAACE53731d ago

Show some respect! Heath Ledger passed away! If you felt that way, you could at least have said you didn't like him as an actor or something less harsh!

The movie was OK, by the way. I think it got more credit than it deserved because hollywood are out of good ideas, so any movie that shows some promise will garner great attention and draw fans in!

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artral163731d ago

still waiting i hope i can stay up until 2

Fade_Walker3731d ago

Just as it's up today, I would like to get my Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway achievement for playing the game a week straight...but I need to at least be signed to live to do it.

sak5003731d ago

For God's sake, go watch tv so many good shows on monday..Prison break, Heroes, Terminator: Sarah conner's chronicles, How I met your mother, Two and a half men. I'm playing Grid after a long time in offline mode as we have a very long weekend off from work. So no worries about XBLIVE we can do other things as well.

AAACE53731d ago

You got the right idea. There are so many other things to do while waiting and that's a start!

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