Xbox One X Is A Game Changer For All Xbox Gamers

Microsoft may have just done something that may change gaming forever. And nobody is really talking about it but it’s a huge deal for Xbox gamers.

An end to console generations.

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PhoenixUp316d ago

Not for the people who already have one or the ones not opting for a premium option

Obscure_Observer316d ago

I´m gonna upgrade my OG One to X. Gonna stick with my OG PS4 for now till Sony decides to push devs to give Pro propper support.

4Sh0w315d ago (Edited 315d ago )


YES, Im glad somebody around here reads and responds to the topic they are commenting on.

-Keeping all your games going forward, hmmm seems like night n day from the whole DRM used games mess. Microsoft is defintely making some great consumer 1st decisions now, including BC. Now if they ramp up those 1st party games, I'll have no complaints.

threefootwang315d ago

@ 4Sh0w

Well said, I think some quality 1st party games are coming 2018 at the earliest. Lots to hold you over in the meantime though.

I don't doubt MS's ability to deliver either. No matter how many people will disagree, Xbox under Phil Spencer has changed significantly. He promised a powerful new Xbox, delivered on said product, now said 1st party is a priority. I see no reason why not to believe him.

IraqCombatVet315d ago

The article is talking about how games follow you throughout the generations/upgrades.

So for instance if you own the Xbox One and don't get the Xbox One X, when the next Microsoft console comes out you have the choice of:

A) Buying a discounted Xbox One X
B) Getting the new console

No matter which choice you select, your Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games will work with those consoles. And you can still play with Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners. The Xbox One X actually can do LAN party setup with the OG Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

That's what Microsoft means when they say the end of generations. No more having to buy a new console and none of your games carry over. It's sort of like PC gaming.

Z501315d ago

C) Keep your Xbox One

Bigpappy315d ago

Someone actually disagrees lol. Guess who ever is trying to be funny. Or maybe have a disorder

naruga315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

Not for the PS4 owners though and there is the problem ... for them

JackBNimble315d ago

I believe that will change with the ps5.

naruga315d ago

@Jack ...hehe ofcourse

FITgamer315d ago

I'm willing to bet at least 60% of XB1X launch sales will be from people who already own a XB1. So I don't agree with the first portion of your comment.

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CocoaBrother316d ago

As a current Xbox One owner, I do not see the incentive to buy this at launch. If I owned a 4K HDR TV then maybe but right now, since all games work on original Xbox Ones as well, I have no reason to, same with the PS4 Pro.

Lennoxb63315d ago

I won't have a 4k tv until early next year and I'm still getting one. It's not just a resolution bump you know.

Eonjay315d ago

And that's the thing. For most of us, Sony and Microsoft aren't asking us to pay $400 Or $500 but rather that plus the cost of a new TV for the extra pixels... to play the same games. Let's say in 6 years... are supposed to upgrade to 8k to play the same games with more pixels?

Bigpappy315d ago

That's a perfectly sane and logical reason. I, on the other hand, can't freaking wait. I already have a 4K TV and love for my game to run as smooth and shiny as can be. I am not willing to convert over to a 4K gaming PC. I can't see myself ever going back to PC gaming. So X1X and I are perfect for each other. Phil was thinking of me when he okayed this project.

HeyNowChillax315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

I'm also looking for the best looking versions consoles has to offer that's why I own a pro now, wasn't disappointed. Though I will say PC gaming on a 32" 1440p on high ultra is pretty damn impressive. 4k is overkill with the current games only a select few will have setups for IMO.

CocoaBrother315d ago

I hope you enjoy the new console. Hopefully if we remember, I hope you can tell me about it when you play it so I can see what you think.
If I had the money to get the systems and TV, I definitely would; however, money is tight so I can't make the purchases. I'm glad the base PS4 and Xbox One will still play the games I want.

Bigpappy315d ago

That's cool. Gladly share my experience with you. There are many people in your position and what you are doing is the mature and responsible way to handle priorities. I have been there. You are definitely doing the right thing. X1X will be there and the price will fall and there will be more and better software. Then you'll get one and it will the prefect time for you to get one

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Wallstreet37315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

Sorry pro already sailed that boat stop with the hyperbolic bs. Games on x are still bottlenecked by a weak jaguar and oh many games will still be checkerboard 4k like pro:) If you want go to the Microsoft websites and look up their definition of true 4k lol yup includes checkerboarding. Pro to Xbox x is absolutely no incentive to do so.

Go play some psvr games the only vr solution on consoles, now that's new on consoles and a game changer. BTW Star Trek Bridge crew is awesome :)

sk8ofmnd315d ago

Agree with this article... Things could go from bad to stagnate with xb1x. Sony already stated the pro only sells 1/5 of the base console. How many of these things will fly off the shelf? Im guessing 1/10th of the # of switches.

spaceg0st315d ago

it really isn't, and at the $500 price point, it's not going to sell well.

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