Midnight Comes and Goes, Still No Xbox Live

SnagWire: We're always looking for a good story (no matter what the time may be) and low and behold there's one bubbling up at least on the Xbox Live support forums which at present time–12:23 AM PT, 24 minutes after Xbox Live's promised return from maintenance–are blowing up with complaints form users complaining of the dud that's resulted in their 'Happy New Year!' countdown that took place today.

One post claiming to have first hand info from the notorious Major Nelson himself read:

"This just in: the LIVE maintenance is taking longer thank expected. I'll have an update at 0200 PT. The post has been updated. This is from Major Nelson himself."

The Major has yet to post on his blog; so for now it appears only time will tell how long the maintenance overtime will last.


Update: Major Nelson has updated his latest post with the following:

” Edit: The LIVE maintenance is taking longer than expected. I’ll have an update at 0200 PT.”

We’ll continue to follow the situation until there’s more info or it’s resolved.

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pp3702d ago

Thats cool i don't mind waiting afterall its for the (New Dashboard) that we will be getting

Dyingduck3702d ago

I bet he doesn't even know his own name (hence the abbreviation) let alone today's date.