Minecraft on Switch use Xbox Live when cross-play update drops

This information comes from a PressFire interview with Mojang CEO Jonas Märtensson… We’re tying everything together with Xbox Live. So you log in with Xbox Live … Even on Switch? Yes. (Laughs) That’s pretty unique as well!

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TheColbertinator283d ago

Interesting. Very interesting 😏

Septic283d ago

It is. Xbox and Nintendo community coming together! THIS is for the gamers! 🤗

kevinsheeks283d ago

This will come back to bite sony in a big way . . .if they let nintendo and ms get too comfy i can see that future announcement with ms and nin saying all multiplat games will be cross play .. and everybody looking at sony like 🙄

nX283d ago

Well mainly, this is for Microsofts data collection tools and MAU statistics. No wonder Sony bailed out.

Septic283d ago

^^ Look at the excuses people employ lol. Despite Jim Ryan's flaky excuses. So it wasn't about the children?

And what about Rocket League?? But no, bury your head in the sand on that one

_-EDMIX-_283d ago

@Kev- Nintendo doesn't own Minecraft, so I don't see Sony not allowing that on PS4, hurting them.

Why would Nintendo NOT put their games on a PS system when PS is likely what got them into portable only and out of the home console market?

How many Japanese games are even really coming to XB?
LMFAO! Get out of here with that BS bud.

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christocolus283d ago

The defence force is strong in here. Do people complain when they log into EA Origin on Xbox and ps4 to play Plants vs Zombies? MC is a Microsoft game and to play in a shared world you need to log into MS online gaming service (xbox live). Is it that hard to understand? The PS4 will be left with the inferior version of MC once the new update drops and going into nextgen MS will surely start publishing the game on PS consoles.

Tres21283d ago

@ Shin
Its 4 gamer for example i have a buddy who mostly games on PS so when a game comes out he will have 2 buy 2 versions and an extra system to game with me so instead of using that money to buy more games he uses it for that if cross play was used more then he could get 1 version or instead of buying two Xbox's to play multiplayer with my daughter i could have used that money to get a ps4 and we could use cross play that way.

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freshslicepizza282d ago

"What is this obsession with cross-platform play recently?? How does it benefits a gamer? That is serious question."

Minecraft is a perfect example, now Sony is refusing dedicated servers and other possible upgrades. How about a game like Titanfall 2 or other titles that may not have a huge fanbase on the PS4? C ollecting gamers from various platforms will make finding matches that much easier. What about a game like For Honor where they have fun challenges based on the platform to see who is the best?

I just don;t get this attitude from you guys acting like you don't care when you haven't even tried it. It could be fun rivalry. Why does Sony support crossplay on the PC if none of you guys care?

"However, now I also see why Sony is not agreeing to it. That indirect compulsion to own the same system creates a snowball effect and fuels sales of a system. If consumers dont have to buy the same system then sales will slow down."

We are not talking about games only available on other platforms, we are talking about existing games and multiplat titles. How does this move help Sony or its users in any way? All it is doing is sheltering themselves and acting like they don't want to play with anyone else unless its the PC. Most people are already buying mulktiplat on the PS4 more than the other consoles, why would allowing crossplay change that?

You guys keep scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for excuses to support their move and if that all fails you just shrug your shoulders and say who cares.

282d ago
jrshankill282d ago

The comments here show that some fanboys will say absolutely anything to defend Sony.


xwabbit282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Septic MS gave W10 for free to millions of people and it wasn't because they loved people, it was to basically monitor everything they do LOL.

tinynuggins282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

@Shin-Zantetsuken, I'll give you an example of how it's going to be for me and my family but this only applies to us. We live on a street with a bunch of kids and they are always over at our house in droves playing Minecraft while they try and recreate our entire neighborhood. Now with cross play, the idea would be that everyone can be working on this project at any time with one of the kids on switch, 2 on ipad, and 3 on xbox. Only two kids getting the shaft on this one and that's because they chose a system that doesn't support cross play. Just kind of sucks for those two kids. Not the end of the world but still, it doesn't feel good to be left.

Eonjay282d ago

Can we not forget who develops Minecraft...

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Christopher283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

Okay, Jim's statements were dumb, but if Microsoft required access to PSN accounts to use on their service, I can see why Sony would not do this. The difference with PC is they use their own servers and account systems, like ubiplay and origin. But XBL crosses a whole other line. These guys are direct competitors there's a difference when one requires this data from the other. This is when being diplomatic does turn to business

Christopher282d ago

I still don't get Rocket League, though. They use third party servers. But, I would completely understand giving access to PSN user data is something wouldn't want to do with MS specifically, however anti consumer it is.

freshslicepizza282d ago

It could be like EA games where the publishers (Microsoft in this case) handles the server load and data does get collected but ask yourself this, why would Sony allow EA to be an outside party to all this data then if they are so worried? Besides like you said before Minecraft was even going this route other developers have tried and Sony ignored those requests too. So its more than this scenrio with Minecraft and Microsoft being the IP holder.

At the end of the day the only truth that Jim Ryan said was it was to appease stakeholders.

rainslacker282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

There were always going to be stipulations on how this was going to be handled among multiple platforms, and who was going to control everything. With this game, the answer is obvious, because MS owns Minecraft, so they would obviously want live to handle it. But you do bring up other platforms like ubiplay or origin...which themselves aren't social outlets like XBL is.

I can't imagine in any way Sony would want to allow any kind of direct interaction with XBL through their own account system like this. Even if any actual interpersonal interactivity was blocked, I can understand why Sony wouldn't agree to requiring an outside account for it's closest competitor.

Even beyond the data collection, which likely they wouldn't have access to PS data through this method outside the game as Sony would block that in a heart beat, it means that MS can indeed know which users are PS users, and now has a direct line to market competiting products directly to those customers.

If you think about it, this is actually a much worse scenario than what some people assumed would happen as they assumed that the users themselves would somehow sway from one to the other. But in this case, MS and Sony are in direct competition, and you don't give your closest competition leads to potentially steal customers.

I know people like to hate me on this topic since I try to stay in the middle, and do obviously seem like I'm over defending Sony, but if those so adamantly against Sony on this can't see the actual problems that Sony would have with this setup, then there is no way to reason with them otherwise. This, to me, seems like it's beyond common sense.

PC is different because the accounts and the stores are two separate things. Mass Effect 3 required an EA Origin account to play online. But there is no openness to the store, so EA couldn't market their own service for PS3, so it wasn't an issue.

PhoenixUp283d ago

The only way to get quality online on Switch

gangsta_red283d ago

I have not heard any complaints about the actual online play for Switch.

BadElf283d ago

I played MK8 for a week or two...then had to stop. Havent touched the Switch since. Was getting disconnected too often. The servers were awful. Then the whole not being able to invite friends to a game? Without having a shitty Iphone app?

BishopPeace283d ago

You might have bad internet. It worked perfectly fine for me.

mcstorm283d ago

Badelf are you using WiFi or network cable for your switch? When mine is on its dock I had issues with videos buffering when on the WiFi but I got a usb to Lan cable and not had one issue with video or Mario kart 8 when in the dock. WiFi works fine when using it in portable mode to.

gangsta_red283d ago

Everyone that i know who has a switch says their MK8 plays perfectly fine. And I have not seen any articles thay have said differently.

Features or options is a different story.

jagermaster619283d ago

I have played​ many hours of mk8 online on the switch and I have had a couple connection issues here and there but nothing like some people are saying. For the most part the online has been very good for me and I am only using WiFi.

_-EDMIX-_283d ago

"I have not heard any complaints about the actual online play for Switch."

You haven't read enough then bud.

gangsta_red283d ago


"You haven't read enough then bud."

You read differently? Any thing from experience or from actual people who own a Switch?

Kribwalker283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

First edmix replied above with a comment that's barely comprehensible and then he replies here with another salty response. What's got you down edmix? You are not your usual well spoken essay writing self.

On topic, my switch plays great online, even in the splatoon 2 test fire shortly after launch

Sono421282d ago

LOL even gameXplain (huge Nintendo fanboys on youtube) Say MK8D has serious online issues.. they however do say things are better on ARMS online.. but they better be.. at most I believe it's 4 player online? But you know if GameXplain even says the online has serious issues.. then it's true. So no don't try to tell me it's flawless, you live in your own little bubble.

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PhoenixUp283d ago

You must be in a bubble cuz NS's online is still lacking

wonderfulmonkeyman282d ago

Lacking in features, yeah, but not completely crap like some are claiming.

ABizzel1283d ago

And that's probably the reason Sony didn't want to do it. It goes through XBL which is fine in theory but doesn't that mean you have to have an XBL subscription even if you're playing on another platform.

They need to come out with more details regarding this, because if that's the case then it's more understandable because Sony not any other company would want anything to do with advertising their direct competitors service.

It's a step in the right direction for the future of cross platform play, but it's only going to happen on 3rd party servers and when all companies agree that the feature meets their platforms online agreements which is going to be the real problem.

That being said Sony you have to get on board with things like Rocket League if they are using their own servers.

TheUndertaker85283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

You absolutely do not need a Xbox Live subscription to do this. A non-paid account works just fine as evidenced by the existing iOS and Android versions.

Using that argument would also make one wonder why hosting competing services in the form of Netflix, Hulu, and other providers that offer Sony direct competition in other aspects is ok and not detrimental to Sony but yet somehow this is.

Sony doesn't monitor that content, it requires a separate paid subscription, and offers Sony no form of incentive outside of it's the mainstream thing to do.

Grap283d ago Show
rainslacker282d ago


And you don't see the issue with MS requiring a XBL account, paid or otherwise, to use the game on a competing platform? If you were running a business, would you want your customers making accounts with your closest competitor? Would you want your closest competitor to have access to any information that could potentially be gleaned through the use of interacting in this way? Even if that information is extremely limited, it can still be used for analysis, and potentially marketing.

Given MS hellbent way of trying to get people to sign up and use XBL, it makes a lot more sense why they're open to cross play now. Minecraft is a Trojan Horse to collect data.

TheUndertaker85282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Not even one but here's the issue.


Individuals can see the system for themselves right now if they wish. Simply download Minecraft on Windows 10, Android, or iOS. Once the menu comes up there's a box to click to CHOOSE to sign into Xbox Live. Doing so allows crossplay with other platforms even currently along with Achievement support that is linked to Xbox Live. You don't sign in you don't get that same support.

Then to answer the question yes I would if there were advantages for my customers as well which there are. The opportunity to increase players for that title along with push the fact that I am consumer friendly shaping my own image.

Further I would as the disadvantage to opting out is less updates & content available to my platform versus competitors of all sorts then potentially a much slower update process overall.

Individuals like yourself need to stop creating a false case. There's tangible proof right now of how exactly the system will work.

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iofhua282d ago

Sadly true, because Nintendo Online is paying for a non-service. No lobbies. No voice chat (unless you use your cell phone, which is absurd - your phone isn't part of Nintendo's service. It's your phone)

What are you paying for? You're paying Nintendo literally to do nothing.

I'm getting a Switch for the great library of Nintendo exclusives. Not for the online. Not for the third party games.

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tyasia0283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

And that explains why Sony isn't joining.

Why would Sony want to let Microsoft use their own 60 million user base against them when they give there usage reports ect.

It was never as simple as just lets connect our networks as people were led to believe.

You can't cast people down when you don't know the details.

Does anyone think Microsoft would join Sony if every Xbox owner had to get a PSN account.

LAWSON72283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

Rocket League is different due to dedicated servers and you cannot host a game or lobby to invite others on other platforms. This renders crossplay to only be relevant if the game had a low player base, which is not the case on PS4 however it could be on Switch.

You can only play against other platforms and the only function that works between platforms is the quick chat function. There is no chat, typed messages, parties, etc. The PS4 loses nothing by not having crossplay,.besides the cool gimmick of being able to say 'wow I am playing with people on PC'

If you actually could host parties and invite others it would have to use a similar setup as this. Which Psyonix has clarified previously.

akbennyewu283d ago

He isn't going to, it ruins his point.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

My point exactly.
So it has nothing to do with Xbox Live login.

Sony just don't want to have their usersbase play with other users in the same game that should have the same servers across all platform.

_-EDMIX-_283d ago

Dedicated servers.

I don't think you know what your talking about..

"Sony just don't want to have their usersbase play with other users"

Yet they do with SFV, War Thunder, Warframe and many other MMO games.

If they didn't want that, they would have never done that with all those games in the first place. You don't know what you are talking about and your assuming with very little information.

They have another reason why they don't want this.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory283d ago

Well duh Crossplay with PC require no effort.
Nintendo did it with Indie games on Wii U.

We are talking about Crossplay between Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

jznrpg283d ago

No need to go on to PSN, basic knowledge

DeathtoOtakuDJ282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

You've been constantly disparaging PS, so I'm surprised you are so "concerned" with cross play with PS users. You are just jumping on the band wagon to do whatever you can to stoke the flames, Otaku.

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gangsta_red283d ago

Explain why the Tekken dev also says it's up to Sony.

"Why would Sony want to let Microsoft use their own 60 million user base against them when they give there usage reports ect." some sort of crazy real time strategy game similar to a Zerg rush right?

"Does anyone think Microsoft would join Sony if every Xbox owner had to get a PSN account."

With the evidence now, yes.

LAWSON72283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

What evidence says MS would be on board with that? You just pull that out of your ass because it certainly has never happened. i certainly know just saying 'yeah we made it possible to do cross plat on Xbox' is not supporting evidence. If anything the only reason they got onboard was the potential of what is happening now, which is getting people on the Xbox Live service.

There is one thing MS takes very seriously and that is Xbox Live as a service, I highly doubt they would be on board with such a thing.

gangsta_red283d ago

Evidence...? Seem MS is more willing to do a lot more with crossplay than Sony is willing to do aren't they?

I guess we'll never know because Sony is too concerned about the children.

....oh and stakeholders.

_-EDMIX-_283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

Dude, give it a rest.

MS doesn't allow certain things on their network ie why FFXIV isn't on XONE,

Sony doesn't allow certain things on their network.

PS4 has SFV, War Thunder, Warframe etc cross play with PC

Clearly it might have to do with HOW its being done with this title.

FFXIV NOT being on XONE doesn't mean MS HATES MMOs.

Minecraft not having Cross play on PS4 doesn't mean Sony HATES CROSS PLAY.

You can't be this dumb.

gangsta_red283d ago


"PS4 has SFV, War Thunder, Warframe etc cross play with PC"

Now name the games that PS4 has that are crossplay with actual consoles, Xbox One and Switch, in case you need help. You know what the actual discussion for the past couple of days has been about. The article where Jim Ryan actually says they won't allow it.

"FFXIV NOT being on XONE doesn't mean MS HATES MMOs.

What are you talking about now?

"Minecraft not having Cross play on PS4 doesn't mean Sony HATES CROSS PLAY."

WHAT!?! @_o
Seriously, what the hell are you talking about? Exactly when did I ever say Sony hates cross play??

LMAO! Bud, time to take your emotions out of this and stay on topic. Take your time when you read and get the information straight before leaving a comment.

rainslacker282d ago

I think the thing to take away from this is that there may actually be concerns that is preventing Sony from doing this.

While obviously this particular topic here wouldn't be an issue with every game, these kinds of concerns would extend beyond just this one topic. Ryan implied that moderation of other console networks was outside their control with the "for the kids" argument. I'm sure there are more as well, some of them security of network concerns, others potentially business related issues.

Ryan did state that cross play would be on a case by case basis, and said they aren't opposed to it. They have games that are cross play with PC, and they probablly allow that because they have some control as they provide the API, and stipulate the compliance rules for it happening. But with console cross play, what compliance is acceptable on other consoles may not line up with Sony's own compliance standards. If they can't work these out with the other "stake holders"(console makers, devs, pubs), then I wouldn't expect them to allow cross play with a game, much less as an API level feature available to any developer.

What I see is that what Sony requires to make this a reality just doesn't line up with what other console makers want or allow.

So, like I've said for a year, these companies need to work together to make it happen. If they can't, or one is too stalwart making demands, or having too strict of requirements for the implementation, then it's not going to happen, or take an exceptionally long time to happen.

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slate91283d ago

"You can't cast people down when you don't know the details."

Aren't you doing that exact same thing? Lol. You just pulled that whole comment out of no where...

Manic2014283d ago

Wow....... That's reaching.

In the case of Minecraft it could be part of the deal that MS and Ninty broke for Switch owners to use XBL Servers to allow Crossplay. Sony can easily compromise and use their own but instead just gave a BullSh*t defence of protecting the kids.

I still don't get their reasoning on not allowing EA access for PS gamers.

_-EDMIX-_283d ago

All 3 companies have their own set of things they are ok with and not ok with.

I still don't get MS reasoning on not allowing FFXIV....

timotim283d ago

No actually it doesn't explain it. They said the Switch version only uses Xbox Live, that doesn't mean the PC version or mobile versions will. This most like has to do with Nintendo not being advanced enough with their online infrastructure. It doesn't mean Sony couldn't use PSN which already has all the features needed.

TheUndertaker85283d ago

The PC and mobile versions already allow Xbox Live login

Septic283d ago

"You can't cast people down when you don't know the details. "

Then proceeds to make stuff up...

Amazing. And he's got 16 agrees! 😂😂😂

mcstorm283d ago

Is it me or do people defend Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo no matter how big or small the issue is. At the end of the day for me ide love to see all 3 have cross platform games online so we have a pool of millions of users rather than thousands of users and people can then grab the console they want for the exclusives on each platform. At the end of the day it will also help the lesser selling games to as more people would be online.

Kiwi66283d ago

Any proof that thats what they'd actually do or are you just assuming they would because if they did wouldn't that be illegal or something and lets say they did then wouldn't they have to also include all the other platforms involved if we use your logic

rainslacker282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

I've been saying considerations like this would be why Sony likely wasn't making any headway here. This is a security concern that I've spoken of. Not one of network security per say, but one of Sony protecting it's own business interests....which is just as important as network security.

Some 100% disagreed and assumed that there should be absolutely nothing hindering the adoption, but realistically, there were always going to be stipulations, and while this XBL requirement may not be for every game, something like this could be one reason why Sony hasn't been so proactive in making it a thing.

There was never going to be an easy way to handle these kinds of things when it comes to competing platforms.

I'm not going to sit here and blame MS because I understand their reasons for doing this, and it does make sense with this game and certainly may not be the problem when it comes to general implementation, I'm also going to say that MS probably has just as much culpability in holding things up as Sony does.

This is a specific example of the things I've been saying may be issues holding it up. I know some won't believe it, or twist it to be meaningless, or point towards other games, but this is only one such thing that may be a concern. Another was hinted at by Ryan by using the "for the kids" argument, which was him saying Sony has no control over what happens on other networks, so moderation was an issue.....and of course, people wouldn't accept that as plausible. Downvotes galore, as people went back to pointing fingers and tripling down on their adamant accusations directed at Sony.

When it comes down to it, it seems Sony has no problem with cross play when they can dictate how it runs on their system. They can do this with PC, because they provide the API's to make it happen. But with other platforms, they need to work with those platform holders to make those API's in a way that is acceptable to everyone.

It doesn't matter what Nintendo does here, because Sony isn't Nintendo. I'm surprised Nintendo is willing to allow it's users to make XBL accounts for minecraft. But Sony has it's own concerns, and it seems no one is willing to address the validity of those concerns other than to assume that Sony has none and is just being petty.

282d ago
jrshankill282d ago

So it has nothing to do with Sony's excuse of protecting the kiddies and stakeholder's having a fit??

Make your minds up ffs.

tyasia0282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

If your replying to me this is exactly what i have said all along. That Sony is not interested in having it's users play on Microsoft servers. Sony may have had other PR things to say but at the end of the day I am quite certain what I have said is correct.

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deafdani283d ago

What a time to be alive!

uth11283d ago

It uses xbox live on my gear VR too