4 Ways Sony's E3 2017 Conference Was Better Than Microsoft's

Stronger again.

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xoTaeyura464d ago

If I could have the power of Microsoft's hardware with Sony's exclusives the world would be a better place.

SCW1982464d ago

Amazing art direction trumps raw power every time.

xoTaeyura464d ago

Soooooooooo true. Exactly why I'm still not about to get the Xbox One X lol Regardless of power Sony has some GORGEOUS exclusives with some really interesting art styles

itBourne463d ago

If your that worried about power you would of owned a PC a long time ago...

gokuss122002463d ago

Hmmmm "true 4k" og XBOX games, or *in my Shawn Layden voice* "true exclusive[s]" like Spiderman.

After listening to kindafunny talk about how dynamic Spiderman and DaysGone really are, and watching the footage several more time: I've concluded that Spiderman single-handedly won E3 (IMHO).

ZombieKiller463d ago (Edited 463d ago )

Yeah Spider-Man Days Gone and God of War are most anticipated IMO. I agree gokuss, Spiderman will be insanely awesome

ZombieKiller463d ago

1. Days Gone
2. Spider-Man
3. God of War
4. Shadow of the Colossus HD remaster/Call of Duty WWII/Battlefront II/Destiny 2...(pick one)

I liked Microsoft's show but Anthem seemed to be the only game that looked interesting to me in their lineup so it would be a 4K Xbox...with nothing really interesting to play. I believe it's all about the games and honestly, Sony KILLED it in the games category. Like they do every year.

MegamanXXX463d ago (Edited 463d ago )

At first I thought Anthem was an Xbox one/Windows 10 exclusive

ZombieKiller463d ago

I agree, I was hoping it wasn't exclusive because it looks amazing. I'd love to play with my PSN friends than XBL ones. Of course approach with caution because....EA

WickedLester463d ago

It was better in one very simple way. It had more games that I want to play than MS' conference did.

_-EDMIX-_463d ago

Well for starters they actually had games that can only be found on PS4