Valve: Graphics Have Started to Top-Out

Graphics are about as good as they're going to get (or need to), Valve's Doug Lombardi has told CVG, during a recent catch up.

Discussing PC gaming and where it's going Lombardi offered, "One thing we're already seeing now and something that's important for the future is multi-core processing.

"CPU manufacturers don't have big sexy campaigns with a character that represents a new processor like we see on the GPU side so it's sort of gone under the radar. But for us it's a great opportunity to put more things on screen, to pull off more complicated AI routines, to have better physics simulations and whatever."

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Asurastrike3728d ago

I find this interesting coming from Valve. They make great games, but they are a bit behind in the graphics department at this point. The Source engine is 4 years old already.

Fishy Fingers3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Agreed, upon it's release the source engine was great but it's seriously showing it's age now, and what advances have Valve made, adding HDR a few years ago. Even recent games like Left 4 Dead seem to have assets straight out of CS:S.

The latest upgrades have been made by 3rd parties, there are mods out there that make the source engine look much better than where Valve settled.

I believe they're currently at work on Half Life 3 and a new engine, but is this Dougs way of saying not to expect much? I hope not.

Tapewurm3728d ago

There was a time when people thought that games would never look any better than what the old Atari would do. His statement makes me feel that their company is pretty much topped out. Add his buddy Gabe to the mix and you have a couple of outdated,uninspired guys pushing outdated,uninspired games on people. I liked the half-life series a lot...a few years ago and Portal is OK to me (not the innovation it is getting credit for).... these guys are constantly sticking their collective feet in their mouths. I wish they would just go away. Bring on the new. (and I certainly do not mean "Newell"....what a couple of short-sighted individuals) Topped out my azz :)

omni_atlas3728d ago

Obviously Doug hasn't seen Gran Turismo or Heavy Rain, bringing real-life realism to video games.

The graphics can get better; Valve has been a master of gameplay the last couple years, I give them credit for that -- also looking forward to Left 4 Dead from them.

mikeslemonade3728d ago

As long as graphics aren't identical to real life developers will constantly continue to make graphics better.

marinelife93728d ago

I disagree. I think graphics help the immersion factor of the gamer into the games that are trying to imitate realism. Gran Turismo is a great example.

Tetris on the other hand doesn't matter because it's a puzzle game that isn't trying to imitate reality.

marinelife93728d ago

LOL Gabe Newell as the face of Valve even though the comments were made by Doug. I like it!

Xelai3728d ago

Yep, but he is right in thatsomeday we will reach that limit in which real life graphics are available, and that limit is much nearer than what we think, perhaps in the following decade.

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Why o why3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

out of touch or both. Living off past successes and expecting us to stick with them. Its almost like they feel we cant see what other devs are doing out there.

@ rushbd

it wasnt Gape talking this time but his picture draws hits. Nobody knows what Doug looks like

SlippyMadFrog3728d ago

Anything Valve touches is great like Counter-Strike, Half-Life, Team Fortress, Portal, ect.
PS3 fans are biased against Valve because they don't make games for PS3. It's childish imo.

Nintendo Rep3728d ago

Don't even get me started on what Valve has done for Nintendo.... oh wait they didn't do jackshit for Nintendo.

BabyStomper50003728d ago

That doesn't mean they know what they're talking about. I mean these guys contradict their selves every other month.

FantasyStar3728d ago

I agree with you that Valve has been kind of slacking off lately, but history is on their side. Practically every game Valve has made a name for itself, maybe not sales wise, but definitely earning big-ups in the gaming world. Name a game that Valve made that hasn't been a success.

nycredude3728d ago

Counterstrike was a mod of halflife created by the modding community that Valve purchased. Get your facts straight.

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rushbd3728d ago

he gives the fat people a bad image. people are going to think all fat persons are idiot like him. which isnt true by the way .

he's talking about multi-core processing now . that's ironic. cause he was the one who opposed this multi-core programming. Thus he didnt like ps3/

Valve is really getting a bad image by this douche-bag.

I really dont think graphics are topped out yet. I think he's talking like the Royal Academy in previous century. They said that what's there to discover is already discovered. there's little left to invent in physics.

but now we know that we still know nothing.

TheIneffableBob3728d ago

Read the article.

Newell wasn't talking. Lombardi was.

Xelai3728d ago

People should try to understand what they say before saying it, and no, it not the Valve guy. Valve have never been against multi core processing, in fact the PC, their specialty is multi core, what they were against is that pseudo multi something the Cell is, because it is not a sigle core processor nor a multi core one, something different, and they believed there was no need to introduce yet another architecture, different to existing ones, to the market.

xg-ei8ht3728d ago

He still cannot render a big mac in 3d, and he's moaning about graphics?

Graphics have in nowway topped out.

Graphics will never top out.

Look at trees and foilage in games, some shaders still don't look correct even in crysis warhead. Shadows are not perfect. Models are not even close to looking like the real render.

Theres along way to go.

A.i,physics, have come along way. And of course will get better and better over time.

I'm ready for it:)

Rute3728d ago

The real question is that do we really need 100% realistic graphics? As Lombardi said, "We've got really great-looking games but what we want are more intelligent, more visceral games"

Everyone would prefer a perfect looking game over a semi-perfect one, but the more resources are used on graphical improvement, the less resources are used to improve the content of the game. That's not healthy in the long run.