Game Shark: Damnation Preview

Game Shark writes: "When a wealthy industrialist named Prescott decides to put an end to the American Civil War that has raged on for nearly four decades, you'd think Hamilton Rourke, the star of Codemaster's upcoming alternate history shooter Damnation would be pleased. Of course, the prospect of Prescott's well-funded private militia razing the American heartland in an effort to wipe out both the Union and Confederacy to establish a new regime might have something to do with Rourke's resistance. Partaking in a rebellious movement casually known as the Peacemakers, Rourke endeavors to stop Prescott's machinations."

Why You Should Care: Great premises and equally stunning visuals; vertical element to combat thanks to the introduction of acrobatic gameplay

Why You Should Worry: Enemies not terribly intelligent; squad members able to take out enemies too efficiently; platforming sequences need tightening up

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