The Xbox One X is Right to Prioritize Power, Even if it's at the Expense of Affordability

Much has been made of a lack of new exclusives for Xbox, but clawing back the hardcore first is essential for long-term success.

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Bigpappy344d ago

That's exactly what I wanted. A very powerful console and the best, fair price. Too expensive would just mean that some will have to wait until it become affordable to them. Everyone wouldn't be able to get one early anyway. I think is will sell out early because many fans are going to upgrade early and there is no way they can produce enough by early November.

ABizzel1343d ago

I honestly think they should have just pulled a Switch and waited another year and launched their new console starting the next gen early.

If they had simply waited they could have used a much better CPU for easier 60fps gameplay, and upgraded the GPU to a 8 TFLOP Vega equivalent and launched for $499. The extra year could have also went into making sure backwards compatibility was there Day 1 at launch, used that time to have some New IP's ready for launch and 2019, have the majority of their services and apps, used a Windows 8 kernel for the OS, and kicked off next-gen with a bang.

It would have also given them price advantage the entire generation which is important for them as well to succeed.

I think the XBO X is a solid piece of hardware, but company wise they were better off dropping the XBOs down to $199 and pushing through 2017 and 2018.

Tussin187343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

We shall see this holiday when it's $500 price tag is next to Pro's $400 possibly cheaper price. And it's going to be Black Friday. We may get some deals on the Pro as well as the OG PS4(OG deals are a given). MS may be in trouble.

MS will for sure sell a on of S's though. It may me under $ never know...