Nintendo were scared of an indie Metroid 2 remake, but we have an official remake now...Yay?

The Metroid 2 remake from Nintendo is looking great. But there was another Metroid 2 remake before this one. And they shut it down.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory344d ago

No they were working on it. They weren't scared.

Just like the shutdown Pokemon Prism when Sun and Moon was coming.

These ungraceful fans using their IP when they have games in development for those series or games coming soon.

FallenAngel1984344d ago

So this is just another Metroid 2 remake

AnotherProGamer343d ago

looks like it has completely new mechanics that weren't in Metroid 2 or any other Metroid game Ive seen

T1125P343d ago

AM2R I have it, plus it's so easy to get if you want it. The power of the torrent XD To bad no talented programmer can take the game fix any bugs then re uploaded it to a torrent site. They can call it AM2R_fixed :D AM2R is not going to even make a dent in Nintendo losing any sales even if they did not send a take down. I for one am def. buying the new Metroid on 3DS.

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