Mark Cerny has seen some Death Stranding gameplay: It’s in the best sense possible a Kojima game

In a conversation between Sid Shuman and PlayStation 4 lead architect Mark Cerny about the PlayStation 4 Pro and its benefits, Cerny briefly talked about the Decima Engine and Kojima Productions’ game Death Stranding.

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Cy462d ago

In the worse sense possible (that it's announced way too early and in development forever) it's a Kojima game too.

Nyxus462d ago

A little too early to say that it has been 'in development forever'. It was announced just a year ago, by the way.

FarEastOrient462d ago

Agreed! Forever = Duke Nukem; long time = Final Fantasy XV, Last Guardian, Breath of the Wild

PaleMoonDeath462d ago

Word, if anything.. the progress is staggering, very pleased, hoping for a PSX tease.

spicelicka462d ago

What was the point of announcing is last year if it was absent from E3 this year. People hyped up that E3 like it was the second coming.

PurpHerbison462d ago

@FarEastOrient, you forgot Tekken7 and Persona 5.

rainslacker461d ago (Edited 461d ago )

Maybe they announced it given the situation with Kojima and Konami at the time, and they wanted to let people know they supported Kojima? People were wondering what would come of him, and some thought maybe he'd go towards the more basic indie route like many devs who leave major studios, and we end up not hearing from them again, or those games are nowhere close to what people have come to expect from their major studio output.

Given the timing, I think most people were aware that it'd be a while before the game released.

In any case, what is too early? Why in recent years have gamers become upset that games are announced 2-3 years out? I understand if it was 5-10 years, but I don't think most of these games get announced with that kind of time frame expectation.

"Too early" is only a byproduct of the console wars, and IMO, we as gamers, like game announcements. We like knowing what to look forward to. While we also get excited for announcements that will release soon, like say FO4, for the most part, we just want to know what's coming.

For the vast majority, our curiosity is stronger than our inpatiance, and the vast majority don't care that a game is announced 2-3 years early.

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Gatsu462d ago

He's not the only one that announces games very early...

_-EDMIX-_462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

"too early" ???

He was let go by Konami, he needed his team to find a home to build his next game. Why would he NOT SHOW CONTENT TO GET FUNDING?

He can't afford to NOT SHOW his concept, he needs Sony to see the excitement and have the fans show they indeed want this. Sony made that deal with Kojima clearly because of that megaton trailer as its showing he has something and its worth investing in.

Too early?

Well you are not flipping the bill for this game, you are not funding it, you are not publishing it, this isn't your team.

If its "too early" for you. Stop watching E3, stop watching anything, it might be "too early" for you =)

Gatsu462d ago

Damn I wanna see gameplay too <3...

subtenko462d ago

Mark Cerny isnt the type of dude to measure a games hype, lol but ok. I wann hear what Shu thinks of it

feraldrgn462d ago

He probably means the little attention to detail that Kojima games have, at least that's what I take from it.

PaleMoonDeath462d ago

I'd settle for a two second gif, ANYTHING! No other creator has me excited for a release, just about everything this man works on has become a gold mine of memories for me, PSX? Do itttttt.

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