Jasper-equipped Xbox 360s arrive, manufacturing date, lot and team details revealed

According to the Xbox 360 DVD Drive Database, it appears Xbox 360s outfitted with the much-anticipated Jasper chipset have finally started showing up in stores and at online retailers.

The key things to look for when buying a new Xbox 360 with the Jasper chipset is a manufacturing date (MFR) as early as 2008-08-06, Lot 8031 and up, and Team CSON. (You may have to bribe your local GameSpot salesperson to poke his or her finger through the serial number window of 360 box to inspect the manufacturing date.)

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PS360PCROCKS3731d ago

Darn...i'm 8026...that sucks.

Anton Chigurh3731d ago

that means

no more RROD JOKES ???

power of Black3731d ago

How many times do they have to redesign the 360?

xD xD xD xD

Skadoosh3731d ago

The ps3 has been out one year less than the 360 and has a s*it load of redesigns. So what's your point?

TheMART3731d ago

How many times is the PS2 redesigned?

How long did the DVD laser problems occur (hint for years and years and Sony denied it all)

BrunoM3731d ago

"For those unfamiliar with why Jasper’s such a big deal, the chipset features 65nm (nanometers) GPU and CPU chips that require less power and are expected to offer cooler, quieter operation - and consequently fewer RRoD (Red Ring of Death) failures."

ok i got a dy one 360 .. (im on my 3rd one ) but only cus i got waranty on it or i would never pay for it again .. like the ps3 more thats all no fan buy just like it more is more well how can i say it alive ...

But back to the point all sounds good damn my x360 sounds like a damn f16 taking off .. and sucks power like a H0e ... i just foind it so damn funny the
"and consequently fewer RRoD (Red Ring of Death) failures."

Denges3731d ago

Microsft would like to thank the 20 million beta testers out there who made this possible.

paul-p19883731d ago

LMFAO!!! but yeh, i wonder if this will stop the RRoD...i wont hold my breath (seeing as the other revisions that apparently stopped it are still getting it).

Im not too fussed though, got me a PS3 at launch and love it :)

PirateThom3731d ago

The Falcon boards were supposed to eliminate the RRoD... never happened.

While heat is an issue, the internal design of the 360 is a mess. Concave case? That just reduces airflow. Everything in the 360 is in the wrong place, so they can reduce the size of the CPU and GPU, but the thing really needs a huge overhaul if they want to go the slim route, because if they stick with their current plan, RRoD will be an even bigger problem.

BrunoM3731d ago


hahahaha hahah .. ok i fell kinda stupid i got one on day one lol.. but o well it hapens .. really happy with the ps3 and its FW updates os far ...

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