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What better game to showcase the power of Xbox One X than a new Forza?

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Septic277d ago

"As far as we're concerned, there's really no other racer that can compare right now."


Bigpappy277d ago

X1X is what will end up being the thing to expand or constrict M$ fanbase. It is way more important than any amount of exclusives they can release. Having said that, Forza7 is proof of concept and is amazingly beautiful. The Pro, as far as I know, Doesn't even have a flagship title like Horizon or GT running Native 4K let alone 60fps.

N4realGMRZ276d ago

wow a troll in every thread......

timotim276d ago

Really hyped to see what they do with the SP career mode. Hoping that it takes on more of a NBA2K stat stats, rivalries, the game remembering who won said championships the previous year/season...this is where the genre must go.