Why Monster Hunter World’s shift to PS4 and Xbox One is essential for the survival of the series

When Monster Hunter World was properly announced, and upon learning that it would be available not just for PS4 but Xbox One and PC as well, anticipation turned to ecstasy. A current generation Monster Hunter game on a full-blooded home console (and not a slightly behind the curve Nintendo platform) has been a dream of hunter fans for years.

After the original and its sequel launched on PlayStation 2 back in 2004, Monster Hunter languished on the PlayStation Portable, 3DS, and Wii/Wii U for more than a decade. While many of these iterations were excellent games, they always felt like they were straining at the leash. You could see the seams and limitations of the hardware, and the gaps set the imagination on fire, thinking of what would be possible with this potent formula on a modern console.

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naruga342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

this bad boy finally returns home ....i would love them even more if Capcom decided to release a Monster Hunter collection including at least the the last 3 entries (MH 3-4-4g-x) HD on a blue ray collection (Do it, do it my retarded Capcom )......However I have a feeling that Monster Hunter 5 canon entry will be Switch exclusive, (i hope not though)

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory342d ago

MH5 being portable for Japan yeah it going to be Switch game.

Seeing how this game wasn't announced in Japan first and more western focus.

There is no way MH Team is going to drop Japan Portable audience.

Neonridr341d ago

nope, Switch owners get a version of double cross for now, while that team will then no doubt follow it up with another true handheld version.

_-EDMIX-_341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Well...its happening.

"Capcom has come out and said to Dengeki that this is all but basically Monster Hunter 5"

That rumor we had on Monster Hunter 5 coming to PS4.....well this game is actually it.

I mean, seriously bud. They are making a current gen Monster Hunter game, very demanding, on 3 platforms with the total largest install base for this type of game and you really thought it would just be some side game?

This is the teams MH5 buddy, I have no clue why you legit thought that they were not going to have their main team go HAM on this version.

The version that cost the most.
Selling to the largest install base

and you thought they were going to have what? Half the team working on a portable MH?

I'm sure they might have MH in the works, but I don't see that happening while this game is going on

_-EDMIX-_341d ago

@Neo- "while that team will then no doubt follow it up with another true handheld version"


Monster Hunter for Switch is a port from the 3DS version, teams that port don't "make" games. Their job is to transfer games from 1 platform to the other, they don't again MAKE games.

Its very likely the Switch version was done by a port team as Capcom actually has lots of them, but they don't "make" games, they simply port.

The fact that its not even coming to the west might even question if Capcom has any plans for MH on Nintendo systems any more or if they want it to be a AAA CONSOLE series.

Consider Capcom has even stated they are not bringing Resident Evil to the Switch, so its sounding like Capcom is moving some series to only be console games and not portable games.

DashMad340d ago

Eh what if it sold less than usual monster hunter title on 3DS isn't that decline instead of the franchise growing ?? just wacth it turn out bellow expectation just like MHtri on Wii, MHP3rd HD version on PS3 and MH3U. they will desperate to create another handheld series.

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_-EDMIX-_341d ago

LOL! "do it my retarded Capcom"

We all know the things Capcom should do.....yet we all know its Capcom, they might do the wrong thing lol

I mean, who knows, could happen.

rjason12340d ago

Lol Edmix, why do you always post false negative info about Nintendo? "Capcom has stated they are not bringing resident evil to Switch" that's a bold faced lie, they recently said they are working to get the RE engine up and running on the Switch so they can easily port RE games.

_-EDMIX-_340d ago

@rja-? RE Engine, doesn't mean RE, simply means their engine. We don't know what game they are making with it, but based on even your post, its not Resident Evil.

"I'm looking forward to the possibilities of the system itself, but we have no plans at the moment regarding Resident Evil on Switch."

These latest comments, however, appear to suggest a change in direction for the company"

That is in your post. Did you read it? smh. Sorry but you should have read it, I thought you knew they made that statement. More then once btw.

"that's a bold faced lie"

Yet your own post...

"we have no plans at the moment regarding Resident Evil on Switch"

They have had this direction since 2013. Wii U didn't see Revelations 2, RE 2002 or Zero Remake, Switch isn't even seeing Revelations 1 port that is coming to PS4 and XONE, that doesn't need the new RE Engine to work as the PS4 and XONE port isn't getting some RE7 engine or anything like that.

So this sounds like the company has a direction and they've been ignoring Nintendo platforms since 2013, even on games that can work on Wii U and Switch. Maybe they want to go more family friend on Nintendo systems, I don't know, but for a fact even on your own post, it states they are not making RE games on Switch, but they haven't on Wii U so it sounds like a company wide thing.

Neonridr341d ago

lol.. saying MH languished on the 3DS is absolutely ridiculous. The games sold millions on that handheld.

wonderfulmonkeyman341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Agreed, and claiming that it's getting new life just from looking prettier is pretty shallow.
This article is really doing its best to try and pretend that avoiding Nintendo is the best thing for MH at some points.XD
I wouldn't be surprised if Double Cross on Switch competes quite easily on sales charts with World, on a 1-to-1 platform basis.

_-EDMIX-_341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

I agree with Neo that MH on 3DS sold millions. It did well for Capcom.

I don't agree with your view that its not " getting new life"

Clearly this is a game Capcom felt they could only do on high end consoles and not portable. Something about this game clearly they needed the power to actually make it work. I mean, even you can agree that games on the Wii U to Switch were done because Switch was more powerful and more concepts can exist on Switch that couldn't on Wii U right?

So why is that hard to get on PS4, XONE and PC?

" Nintendo is the best thing for MH at some points" Clearly not the points when it comes to hardware. They have something they are trying to do with MH that seems like it can only be done with PS4, PC and XONE atm.

I don't know about XX competing with World. XX is confirmed to be not coming to the west, so its clear Capcom might be shifting the series to home consoles and not portables. The fact that even coming to the west is out of the question seems like maybe Capcom is moving on this series to high end.

Even Resident Evil was confirmed to no longer be coming to Nintendo platforms so...

zerocarnage341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

I'd say that where great games like MH are developed no platform should be left out,everyone should get the chance to play them and exusive deals shouldn't be allowed.

rjason12340d ago

The highest selling home console MH game was MH tri on Wii with about 2.2 mil sales, while the 2nd highest selling home console one was MH tri ultimate on Wii U with about 700,000. Now I'm not saying World will fail or anything, I just don't think it's main audience (Japan) is gonna buy it, and while the fans in America are rabid, MH American fans are a small bunch, so I don't see this breaking records or anything, I personally think this is gonna blow up in their faces, cause they're basically telling their main fan base (handheld fans, and Japanese fans) that they don't matter, as they try and capture the thus-far elusive western fan base, tell ya the truth, I prob never would have been a MH fan if the series didn't move to Nintendo.

GordonKnight340d ago

The game has finally gotten popular enough in North America to make Capcom comfortable to dump A huge budget at this game with 4K graphics. hopefully the gameplay doesn't suffer from this change in the formula when creating monster Hunter 5.

timotim341d ago

Happy its coming to X. This should be good.

zerocarnage341d ago

I agree I and my son have wanted a monster hunter on Xbox since 360. I believe a game that good such as mh should be put into as many hands as possible but capcom are alot like Sega when it comes to decisions, they screw up and there are alot of Japan developers who behave like this with the excellent t franchises they have.

MH needs to be multiplatform not only to survive but to reach as many fans who own all the consoles as possible. There's a vote up on Xbox forums and there's some interest in the game for Xbox. we can only hope and pray that capcom make a choice and bring it us all.

_-EDMIX-_340d ago


With DS going from 150 million to DS at 65 million, it shows something is happening and less and less people are buying Nintendo portables.

Now is the time for them to bring this else where as they don't know how much less Switch will sell to 3DS, so they are right to go on a larger install base. I don't see what good it would do them to NOT make it on more systems that can get the more money and have a more advanced game. They need to do this now so they can build a install base of fans that isn't dwindling or risky.

From 150 million to 65 million to 5 million isn't a solid gameplan for Capcom. They are right to make Resident Evil on only on core systems and now MH only on core systems.

Switch will have to deal with getting the side games.

zerocarnage341d ago

I also believe that for so many years for alot of jrpg developers, that development for all consoles has been so time consuming and development has taken up many resources that's it's been very difficult to develop for all the consoles. Now though in the last couple of years developing games has improved alot, easier, faster, being more efficient. I do hope this announcement sticks and that it's a turn around, because alot of the Japanese development teams are so small that they can get one platform out but getting all platforms takes big teams. Not only that you look at games like phantasy Star or dynasty warriors for sega and koei and you can see hardly many graphical changes through the series with only minor enhancements to features, I'd say Japanese developers, many have fallen behind the times and not tried or didn't have the resources to bring those games/franchises into the future with updated graphics and gameplay.

Yes while exclusive deals have been struck, I do actually think for Japanese developers this wasn't a choice that many wanted to make but a decision they had to take.

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