Microsoft won E3 2017 due to their clear message and ability to get gamers talking

After all the E3 2017 press briefings are over, many outlets and gamers like to argue about who won E3. Well, let’s examine some basic factors when it comes to “winning E3”. Who had the best games? Who had new reveals? Who had new hardware?

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GamingIVfun549d ago

CRAZY.......not good crazy.

Destiny1080549d ago

I thought it was going to say but I was wrong

Mr Pumblechook549d ago

I don't think a Microsoft focused website is the most neutral media platform to judge that Microsoft won E3!

Babadook7549d ago

IMO Sony > Microsoft > Nintendo. Exclusives count the most in my books and everything I was impressed with at MS was multiplat.

nix549d ago

they are right about the clear message - the message that xbox has no new great exclusive games coming out.

549d ago
FamilyGuy549d ago

MS Power is basically an Xbox site so it might as well say

No Way549d ago

Babadook - Exclusives matter why? Some of the best games I've played have been multiplat - or 3rd party. Look at Anthem, it looks great. Battlefront 2, looks great. Sure, it's nice having the games like God of War, Horizon, Uncharted. But, I just enjoy great games. Doesn't matter where I play them at. Although, to be honest. It's pretty cool to have a PS4 for those great games - it'll be cool to have a xbox x to play the awesome 3rd party games, as well.

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549d ago
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GamingIVfun549d ago (Edited 549d ago )

I think I have bunch of xbox fanboys following my comments and downvoting them.

XanderZane549d ago

I didn't think Microsoft or Sony won the E3. Both had some pretty lackluster conferences that left many gamers scratching their heads.

UbiSoft - B
Nintendo - B -
Microsoft - C +
Sony - C +
Bethesda - C -
EA - D +

ziggurcat549d ago

I think Bethesda's was worse than EA's.

babadivad549d ago

They were all pretty lack luster IMHO.

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ArchangelMike549d ago

Coming from a shill Microsoft website, what else where you going to say? You have to say Microsoft won, because that's what pays your bills. If I want truth, or facts, I'll look elsewhere.

FYI Microsoft didn't win anything at E3 this year.

TheCommentator549d ago

No, clearly it was PSVR who won E3... /sarcasm

TheCommentator549d ago

I did, Nyxus, hence the "/sarcasm".

Let me guess, you think Sony won E3 by showing a bunch of PSVR shovelware and a handful of known exclusives? Maybe it was the Shadow of the Colossus cash grab because Sony wants you to pay for BC by buying their games over again? Yeah, great show.

MS showed off as many exclusives this year as Sony did, plus another 1 1/2 dozen timed exclusives that will carry the system until next E3. Oh yeah, and they showed that their promise of True 4K gaming on 1X is a reality, with over 100 4K titles already confirmed.

Nyxus549d ago

@ TheCommentator: For me Sony had the best show because they showed the most games that interested me. It really is that simple. I don't care about VR btw.

freshslicepizza549d ago

It's the same thing every year, Sony fans will never admit Microsoft will ever win and vice versa. I think Ubisoft won

Inzo549d ago

You know you suck at sarcasm if you have to say "/sarcasm" at the end of your post.

DivoJones549d ago

Can't wait for Sony's presentation next year, can hear all about God of War, Spider Man, Death Stranding, Detroit, Shadow of the Colossus! (feel free to copy/paste this post for the next 2-3 years)

Chevalier549d ago (Edited 549d ago )

Hey I will have customers come in to specifically buy PS4s to play God Of War, Spiderman, Detroit, Uncharted Lost Legacy and Horizon Zero Dawn + expansion though. Whereas other than the yearly Forza no one is going to come to me to buy the Xbox One S or X for the crap that MS showed.

Also if indie games and no new AAA games is what floats your boat, but, 'Exclusive Console Launches' are 'Exclusives' too. Lol.

TheCommentator549d ago (Edited 549d ago )

Fair enough Nyxus. I appreciate that your tastes differ from mine and I respect that. For me, 1X blew me away this year. FM7 looks like tons of fun, I finally got to see how great SoD2 is going to be, Sea of Thieves is growing better by the day as it's release approaches, and Crackdown 3 looks like a return to form. I'm stoked by everything MS showed. I was disappointed that they didn't show off anything new though. Still, there's no question that the 1X reveal in conjunction with the exclusive/launch exclusive lineup beat Sony's lackluster focus on VR this year.

Edit: Inzo, you know there would be people who thought I was serious about PSVR stealing the show shis year, because there's way too many stupid readers around here to not identify when sarcasm is being employed.

Edit 2: Chevalier, can you play Metro when I can on my Xbox? I still have plenty of great games that you won't play on your PS4 this year, so MS has plenty of AAA exclusives over the next year to keep my attention.

brich233549d ago

Those VR games looked so trash lol

Stogz549d ago

@DivoJones pretty funny man, seeing as tho every big exclusive MS announced was at last year's show too...

@TheCommentator "Let me guess, you think Sony won E3 by showing a bunch of PSVR shovelware and a handful of known exclusives?" Pretty funny youd say that when MS announced a bunch of indies, which the fanboys gave Sony nothing but sh!t over in the past, and every single exclusive they announced except forza (which every gamer expected) were all known exclusives as well. But yeah, keep your head in the sand.

Chevalier549d ago

Lol. Metro Redux is the best you got seriously? A 3rd party time exclusive is your idea of awesome? While you play that we will have God Of War Spiderman, Days Gone, Shadow of the Colossus, Detroit so missing a single AAA games does not equal that. You know your reaching when all you got is a timed exclusive. We will play Metro at some point, you won't be getting PS4 exclusives at all. Lol. So yeah we got all our exclusives and your 'timed exclusives' too. Your an idiot if you think a timed exclusive matters that much.

TheCommentator548d ago (Edited 548d ago )

It's not the only game, obviously, Chevalier. I already mentioned why I liked MS 1st party IP, and Metro was a lot of fun to me too, sorry you didn't like it. Congrats on Shadow of the Colossus, btw. an old game Sony will make you buy again instead of having BC.

Like I said, I've got plenty of games to play that, as a PS4 owner you guys won't, if not forever then at least at launch. I'm happy with MS' offerings, you go be happy with Sony's if it suits you, But the only ones sticking their heads in the sand are the ones who think Sony had more exclusives shown at E3, timed or otherwise.

CoinOrc548d ago

Shadow of the Colossus is a full remake. I look forward to playing it as I haven't played the original when it was on the PS2. Microsoft really did not impressed me this year. They showed 22 "exclusives", 20 of which were timed exclusive indies. I also hated how they tried to mislead people by saying "exclusive" every time a game was shown when it turned out to be a timed exclusive only. I was interested in seeing more of Crackdown 3 only to have them show a 2 minute trailer that wasn't impressive. Sea of Thieves looked interesting... until Skull and Bones made it look like an indie game. There were a few highlights like Ori and Cuphead, but overall, it was disappointing.

Chevalier548d ago

Yeah no problem at all. I own an Xbox One S as well. The X isn't worth it too me. The indies I got both my S and a much better PC so no problem there. That's kind of the point MS got such a bad selection and you don't need to even own the system to play. No real reason to get one. Whereas PS4 you ACTUALLY need a PS4 to play those exclusives. As for Shadow of the Colossus its a complete remake and yeah its better then all the garbage stuff at the MS conference. For the few things that I do want from the Xbox conference I can get them on PS4 later as they are all Exclusive Launches. Not actual exclusives.

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DogJosha549d ago

Hearing them say "Exclusive" every ten seconds in an obnoxious voice was hard to swallow. What makes matters worse is just about none of the games were exclusive, so I had to hear that voice over and over for nothing. Call it petty, but that made their show an instant fail for me. Your show can't be a winner if you make it unbearable to watch...

sk8ofmnd549d ago

Exactly... I dont which was harder to stomache, the word exxxclsive orr that smirk on phillip spencers face

AngelicIceDiamond549d ago

@Dog OMG cry some more so much whining and crying all the time its annoying. Its crazy how ppl are widely negative about MS on here on the daily basis. MS didn't win imo if MS thrown in at least 1 or 2 AAA exclusives it would of taken their show to to new heights. MS conference was passable obviously not the best at all but passable.

blackblades549d ago

That wasn't even a clear message, when you saying it's an exclusive but really isn't one.

trooper_549d ago

Nah, let them pretend they have exclusives. It'll lessen the blow, lol.

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Parasyte549d ago (Edited 549d ago )

@Inzo You kind of have to have "/sarcasm" at the end of a text post, genius. It is kinda hard to discern sarcasm over text.

Inzo549d ago


That was hilarious 😂

XStation4pio_Pro549d ago

thats definitely your opinion. i was at e3. the one x had a lot of buzz. sony's show was last years sony show. show a bunch of great looking games that you'll get to play 2 years from now on inferior hardware. sorry. i dig god of war but i also dig all of my other games running their best. the definitive multiplatform performance crown will no longer belong to sony.

iDadio549d ago

Let's face it you was not at e3, like being in school again wth kids telling blatant lies

Scatpants549d ago

The difference is going to be marginal, but if all you care about is multiplats I guess that's the way to go. It's not a good enough incentive for me to buy a brand new console though.

XanderZane548d ago

Sony didn't win anything at E3 this year either. There were easily better conferences then Sony & Microsoft's.

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slate91549d ago

I don't think any company can "win" these conferences. You're going to like what you're going to like. I think both Sony and MS were reserved in a good way. On topic, I think MS delivered what they needed to: the games. I can't wait to play PUBg on console and Black Desert Online.

Makish549d ago

yup , liked more microsoft than sony, only games i like from sony was the zombie game and spiderman, just saw detroits gameplay and it seems to play like watchdogs with funny running animation

SmielmaN549d ago

Detroit might be more comparable to Heavy Rain than watchdogs.

KionicWarlord222549d ago

Great conference as always. Microsoft have lead the charge in console prowess and has very high leading support for there Xbox one X system. Launch exclusive such as Crackdown 3 and Forza 7 in 4K as well as updates to 30 titles such as Gears of War 4, Killer instinct , Forza Horizon 3, Halo wars 2 and Minecraft being patched in native 4K brings a surge of positive outlook for Xbox gamers.

Sea of thieves and State of decay 2 looked great and will be killer titles for early 2018.

Phill-Spencer549d ago

State of decay looked like an indie game, sea of thieves could be fun but it also screams low budget

KionicWarlord222549d ago (Edited 549d ago )

It looked great on the mixer app in 4K.

Not gonna argue hear about that.

If you weren't on it it was a completely different experience.

brich233549d ago

State of decay doesn't scream AAA or 60$, but 40$ seems more reasonable. Its more of an arcade game and Its going to be a fun game to play with my friends.

rainslacker547d ago

SoT was looking OK. Not into the MP stuff, but did like how it looked compared to last year. Could have done without the childish narration, but other than that, it was OK.

Inzo549d ago

You're clutching at straws bud.

Sevir549d ago

This really sounded like a poorly written Microsoft press release statement! Lol try harder bro

choujij549d ago

You lost me at "Great conference as always."

Makish549d ago

doesnt matter what games you like to sony fans , everything that MS does is wrong to them , they need validation for there ps4 purchase

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jmetalhead77812549d ago (Edited 549d ago )

I don't know how you say who "won" E3. It's like idiots grading the NFL draft. We'll know in a couple of years how well these shows went. I for one hope all to succeed whether it's a system I game on, or not. I hope all gamers enjoy their games and systems.

I thought MS's show was great and I'm looking forward to a ton of games coming up... It's funny, after a couple of days of the hater dust starting to settle. You're starting to see the positive responses to MS's show and positive feedback from the game demos. So much to be excited about!!