Nintendo Save E3 From Mediocrity

Nintendo save E3 from being a bore this year. Who would of thought that the held the surprises needed that so many other conferences lacked. Poli Games host Joseph, talks about what made the conference something really special. Will this be the thing the help Nintendo build up the hype for the Switch. Or are the announcements of a new Pokemon and Metroid Prime 4 game too far out to get excited for?

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PhoenixUp344d ago

I find that hard to believe since most of the games shown off at E3 aren't coming to Nintendo platforms

scarface0121343d ago

The best ones are tho and they aint coming to any other platform.

PhoenixUp343d ago

That's dependant on you liking those Nintendo franchises. The other publishers' titles collectively reach a broader demographic and genres

scarface0121343d ago

Same could be said Vice versa, what 3rd party game is more well known than Mario and can stand the same test of time.

superchiller343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Nope. If anything, Nintendo's brief E3 presentation just showed how few games are coming to the Switch, with almost no 3rd party developers supporting it. Showing a logo for a game, without any actual details, does not equate to "saving E3 from mediocrity", it really shows how barren the Switch library is going to be in the long run. Once the usual diehard Nintendo fans have bought the Switch, sales are going to tank hard. Just a matter of time.

Moonman342d ago

When a "few" games includes Metroid Prime 4, I'll happy take quality over a bunch of stale mediocrity.

superchiller342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

And yet all you've seen about MP4 is a logo. Stockholm Syndrome is real with you guys, very sad. Always making excuses for every bad decision or product from Nintendo.

Weren't you a huge defender of the Wii U? How'd that turn out?

sk8ofmnd343d ago

Lol they sure did with kirby, rabbids, and all those AAA third partys they showed...