Switched Opinions: How Nintendo Won Me Back

Nintendo failed me years ago and I turned my back on them. Find out why after the release of the Switch I came running back with open arms.

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PhoenixUp159d ago

NS is still missing out on various multiplat games.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Doesn't matter. People buy Nintendo system for the exclusives not multiplats.

PhoenixUp159d ago

Sure as hell mattered when N64, GCN, and Wii U missed out on various multiplats

FancyMudkip158d ago

N64 and GCN did had better third party support than the Wii U ever had, but not as good as the PS1 and PS2, that we know.

chris235159d ago

nice that there are kids out there who are that easily impressed. i still don't see how nintendo's main problems have disappeared over night. they are still that greedy out of touch company. these kids who are now tilting are in for a rude awakening. nintendo likes to screw with fan's expectations. are you all convinced that you will be getting the games you wish for? or will nintendo pull another starfox wii u stunt? i am not trusting them one bit anymore.

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_-EDMIX-_159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

My biggest problem with this article is that it's already by person that admits they enjoy Nintendo's properties in the first place I mean that's no different than me talking about how I used to like the Sims and then suddenly I played a little bit of the Sims 4 and please don't let Electronic Arts games pass you by...

One of my biggest problems with the community in general is that a lot of them are not honest about what's wrong with this company and only seem to let slip which wrong with some of their games when a sequel openly admits to correcting it.

There were people on this site that literally tried to defend Star Fox Zero and it might be one of the worst games to ever release from Nintendo. Yet if Nintendo said they're getting the 100% exact Starfox team back in there making it exactly like Star Fox 64 I'm pretty damn positive these people would not be disagreeing with that move

I'm not saying bash this company but I'm saying the honest about it short comings.

There are people that literally do not want to bring up this companies shortcomings even if it's the praise a decision that fixes a problem.

Most of the people who even praised this company either are oblivious to its issues but don't want to admit what's wrong yet will agree with you when a change has been revealed. ..🤔

One of the things that I like Nintendo to do is what I'm seeing from Splatoon 2 granted it looks exactly like the first game but that's actually what I like about what they're doing

it's not Splatoon yarn Edition or Splatoon party game or Splatoon Kart Racer or anything like that it is simply more of the game you got previously.

You're seeing this with Xenoblade 2 and you're even seeing this with the new Kirby game that is finally for god sakes a damn game where he just runs right and you fight enemies I never asked for any of that yarn crap and I never asked for a Kart game.

This is a conservative Nintendo that I could stand behind and I believe the significant loss of market share has actually really put the company in a bind and forces them to really make the tough calls and stop making these stupid risky ventures.

Who knows how many people permanently stopped even caring about this company when they released stuff like Star Fox Dinosaur Planet , or Kirby air ride while also not releasing a 2D Kirby game etc

I like what Nintendo was doing with their games but they actually need to be very consistent at being a bit more conservative on their releases because at this rate I don't really believe they can afford to keep releasing these random joke games or party games or Outsourcing to questionable developers and franchises into genres no one's asking for

The Wii U selling 14 million I believe is a wake-up call that they clearly cannot afford to keep doing stupid things like that. That would be like Ubisoft just stopped making Assassin's Creed and just randomly turning it into a racing game. Seriously I urge you guys to go look up the sales of some of these top franchises that they essentially kept ruining by altering them to the point where they stopped coming.

What they've done with Kirby Splatoon and Xenoblade has me more confident in purchasing the switch cuz I could at least have faith that the company is not out doing this stupid Shenanigans like before. I'm sorry but nobody is asking for a Kirby first person shooter, while also ignoring the 2D Kirby series.

I like Nintendo because of their games but the second they start turning their games into crap no one's asking for clearly they're going to see people not return evident by the Wii U's low sales

DanteVFenris666159d ago

Don't you dare talk about Kirby airride like that.

One of my favourite games of all time. It's a cult classic many adore it.

Supernintendo85159d ago

If anyone actually read the article whos doubting the E3 showings, you will see that this article was talking about the struggle with nintendo and finding the convenience and joy having played the switch. Please just read it and stop commenting on their E3 presence on THIS particular article.