Sony's E3 Show Underwhelmed, But PS4 Retains An Edge Over Xbox One X

Sony is usually the master of ceremonies when it comes to E3, having created some truly memorable moments in the past few years, whether it was their Xbox One roasting of 2013 or their Shenmue 3/FFVII/Last Guardian tri-reveal in 2015. This year, however, things were a bit…off.

The problem is that even if Sony’s show was relatively subdued this year, what they do have on deck is still more than Microsoft can claim.

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Blastoise552d ago

I was anything but underwhelmed after seeing that God of war gameplay. Great conference in my opinion, don't really get the hate. They replaced all the BS PR about "revolutionising the genre" with flames and stage props. I thought it was fun and fast paced.

xHeavYx552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

I wouldn't call it underwhelming, but compared to past conferences it was a little meh.

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TheCommentator552d ago

Shin, to use your quote, I guess you Sony guys will love anything that Sony pulls out of their ass, even if it's talking about why you guys don't have BC then revealing Shadow of the Colossus.

Captain_Tom552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

It's not that Sony didn't have a great conference, they did! The problem is it definitely didn't live up to their last ~8 conferences.

Ever since 2008, MS' conferences haven't amounted to HALF of their Sony counterparts.

Big_Game_Hunters552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

True looks like the die hard are the only ones that disagree from what Ive seen.

ArchangelMike552d ago

Of the BIG3 Sony definitely had the best conference.

thatguyhayat552d ago

Its ok we still have TGS and PSX to wait for

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stuna1552d ago

Underwhelming because they didn't show new hardware !? Because looking at things from a clearer perspective, what did Microsoft actually have over Sony to begin with? Hardware!! Looking at the Software aspects of E3 there simply was no comparison! Sony delivered in Spades.

Microsoft = Multiplatform ip's with 1 or 2 exclusives spinkled in.


Sony = 6 or 7 1st party exclusives, exclusives VR exclusives, and 3rd party multiplatform ip's spinkled in.

Software_Lover552d ago

No one is saying that Microsoft has the edge over Sony, just that they were pretty even with the slight edge going to Sony.

spicelicka552d ago

"PS4 Retains An Edge Over Xbox One X"

It says so in the title so I'm not sure why you're making comparisons to MS only. Sony's performance was underwhelming based on the hype they created not in comparison to MS.

- God of war 4 looked amazing but was already shown last year. With an early 2018 release date this was the winner.
- Days gone looked really good but again was shown last year and not release date in sight.
- Spiderman already revealed last year, looked really good but no release window.
- Detroit: Become human, looks different from last year. May appeal to some people but wasn't that impressive.
- Death standing only revealed last year to create hype, missing from E3.
- Last of us 2 only revealed last year to create hype, missing from E3.

If anything, it undermines Sony's E3 of last year, which was hailed as one of the greatest but they revealed things way in advance.

dragongod64552d ago

No one but u wants to see PS5 come out before late 2019 & This new xbox is a joke, 4k is ok you still need to buy a 4K tv, where is the 60 frames a sec. PASS on the Xbone XOX. What a Joke. You make me laughs Xbone.

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