E3 2017: Fuzion Frenzy Officially announced for Xbox One backwards compatibility

During the Xbox Daily show on the E3 2017 floor, Major Nelson announced that the couch co-op party game Fuzion Frenzy is now available in the backwards compatible program!

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CocoaBrother163d ago

This makes me very happy. I have my old copy of Fuzion Frenzy but my original Xbox controllers broke. Now my brother and I will soon play this game again. Definitely a fun title

prnceofpwnge163d ago

Totally agree. I only have 2 original Xbox controllers. Going to be great to play on Xbox One with my 3 kids!

Bigpappy163d ago

Great memories and will still be fun

TheColbertinator163d ago

Wackiest set of minigames on Xbox. Couch party games were of a time when gaming was about sharing the experience.

Mario Party,Crash Bash,Fuzion Frenzy,You dont know Jack and Halo CE split screen.

prnceofpwnge163d ago

I still have a working OG XBOX and this is one of the few disc based titles I still have. Going to be fun to fire up with the kids!

Paytaa163d ago

Sounds good. Gonna jump back into 2001 for a bit when this drops

mark_parch163d ago

me and my mates used to have hours of fun with this. classic party game

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