Fallout 4 VR – What a Difference a Year Makes (VRFocus)

Bethesda brought Fallout 4 VR back to E3 a year after its announcement, and boy has it changed…

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Derceto367d ago

Yes. Truly amazing. Instead of moving the camera with your mouse, you move it with your head. It's a whole new game. May as well call i Fallout 6. It's so amazing, you can skip 5 and nobody will even notice.

Psychotica367d ago

This is the type of thing VR needs more of, no more $2.99 tech demo's. I want full major games in VR!

smolinsk367d ago

What? this it what the article is about,that fallout is coming to PSVR, it got announced on e3

dauntingcookie367d ago

Nah it's coming to Vive. Was announced at Bethesda's conference but didn't mention it was coming to PSVR. Skyrim is coming to PSVR though. Eventually Fallout will too.

SillyBastid367d ago

why do I want to strain my neck just to move a camera?

instantstupor367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

It isn't really any more of a strain than moving your head in real life. There is something about VR that can be really engaging. The 3D/Depth of the world you are looking at, mixed with positional audio through headphones, and it can completely remove you from the real world - if even for a moment - and make for a completely different experience.

That being said, I own PSVR and mostly play it in bursts. It doesn't ruin traditional gaming, nor do I feel like this will be the dominant form of gaming (at least for a good while). I do find it is a nice supplementary platform, and once PC VR comes down in price, I'll grab a headset for that too at some point. Give it a try if you haven't - get the right game, and it might hook you.