Sony defends decision to block PS4 cross-play with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Sony has defended its decision to block cross-play between PS4 and Xbox One after coming under fire from gamers this week.

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Doge345d ago

Did Jim Ryan seriously just pull a Nintendo?

-Alpha345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

He did, except even Nintendo is on board with cross play. When the most controlling company allows cross play for their users, you can't use the excuse that you're concerned for the kids....On a console that already allows PC cross play and has Live on PlayStation, where kids can watch all kinds of uncensored stuff on their PS4s.

It really sucks that we're this close to unifying player pools, and Sony is the one stopping it from finally happening. We can only hope they are pressured by the fans to change their mind. It really hurts their image when everyone else is playing together and they won't play ball.

naruga345d ago Show
Septic345d ago


"its just another PR stunt from Xbox side just to flank even more PS huge audience"

What the actual f......are you serious?

@ziggurcat there you go bro. Proof right from the horses mouth.

"Unfortunately it's a commercial discussion between ourselves and other stakeholders"

There it is. That is NOT for the players and needs to be addressed.


gangsta_red345d ago


Lmao! Dont ever change!

ABizzel1345d ago (Edited 345d ago )


99% might now care but there is still that 1% that does and I'm one of them.

I generally buy all consoles, but there are friends of mine who only play on Xbox and if I could still play 3rd party games with them on my PS or PC then that would be one less reason for me to spend another $400 on a console I'd barely use.

I can see the very minor downside where there is concern about it not mattering which box you play on, but that's where exclusives, hardware, price, and content come into play.

Also this is just one game. Let it happen.

freshslicepizza345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

"Exposing what in many cases are children to external influences we have no ability to manage or look after, it's something we have to think about very carefully."

That's just rich. It's OK with the PC but not with Nintendo gamers or Xbox? I love the bandpeddling too when they quickly mentioned Nintendo in the next question. Nintendo of all companies is on board but Sony is now worried about its gamers being exposed to other communities?

Just more excuses and now we have supporters here trying to speak on behalf of everyone nobody cares about cross play.

XabiDaChosenOne345d ago

Is charging console players for online multiplayer access yet PC players playing for free "for the players"? Seems we are real selective of when to pull out the torches.

XanderZane345d ago

Sounds like damage control to me. Pretty much what Ryan was doing. Making boneheaded excuses. Pretty sure there are millions of PS4 gamers who would love to cross play with PC, Switch and XBox gamers with these game. I'm sure more games will be added.

MegamanXXX345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

I think it's because of the security hack back in the day. Sony can provide this if they really wanted too though. I suggest everyone keeps bugging them

TheCommentator345d ago

I hate to say, "I told you guys it was Sony who was to blame."

Actually, I feel pretty good about it because most people seem to think Sony does nothing wrong.

r2oB345d ago

Personally I would welcome cross platform play, but I do understand the logic for Sony not actively pursuing it. Every company struggles with what's best for the consumers and the company, and there is not a single company that is completely customer focused. There are always some aspects that will be considered anti consumer. There is a balance. In my opinion Sony has done a good job in being customer focused where it counts primarily, and that's providing the best place to play games due to a lot of great third, second, and first party games. But as Jim Ryan stated, shareholders have to be considered. This is probably the same reason why Phil Spencer can't just spend mountains of money investing in first party studios to release new IPs. This is where Xbox doesn't seem to be too consumer focused. Sure they have made strides in policy to be consumer focused, but not withe the exclusive AAA games and new IPs. They also need to find their balance. But it's interesting to see a lot of the known Xbox fans (don't want to call them fanboys) ridicule Sony for this and push for Sony gamers to be vocal; but they themselves don't seem to be too vocal with Microsoft providing their gamers with new AAA games and new IPSs. They seem to be content with backwards compatibility and nice policies.

But yeah, I think Sony should consider it on a game by game basis, and allow games like rocket league to be cross play. How many people are buying a PS4 for rocket league these days, I reckon not many.

tinynuggins345d ago

Isn't Sony basically nerfing their version of minecraft now? Only platforms that use the "Better Together Update" will receive in game servers and super duper 4k texture pack in addition to crossplay.

yeahokwhatever345d ago

Going cross play for this title for this specific instance doesn't help Sony in any way. When there is a pile of risk behind one door, nothing behind the other door, and the room you're in is nice, why accept opening a door? Why not just stay in the nice room you're in?

ziggurcat345d ago

@septic: finally some proof. whatever trepidations they have they need to get over.

Death345d ago


No need to bring up the PS+ paywall, this is about cross play and keeping those dangerous Nintendo fans away from vulnerable PlayStation gamers. Lord knows what would have happened if you guys would have been allowed to choose to have EA Access or not. Someone has to keep you guys on the straight and narrow.

XabiDaChosenOne345d ago

@Death Nice deflection but I don't remember ps4 exclusives being available on PC with free multiplayer. Try again bruh.

Death345d ago


So you are saying offering exclusives on PC and letting them play online for free is bad and not for the players? I'll be honest, I've been buying all my games digitally that are Play Anywhere and really enjoying the fact I can play them on my Xbox One or PC with higher fidelity and free online. I'm stuggling to see the negative in this. I get two copies for one price and my save files are shared with both. My achievements show up in the same place too. How is this anti-gamer again?

GtR35olution345d ago

Last gen Microsoft didn't want to do it when they were doing well. PlayStation is dominating like they normally do and now people are upset that Sony doesn't want to help others to take potential customers away from them

Death345d ago


How will allowing PlayStation gamers play a game they bought for their PS4 with other players going to take away from potential customers? If anything, restricting people from doing something has more potential to lose customers. Minecraft is a pretty big franchise. Knowing the worst version is on PS4 isn't going to increase sales. Are you afraid If PS4 customers are exposed to other console or PC owners they might realize there are viable alternatives to PlayStation?

345d ago

Sony are the necessary evil in the industry I truly can't believe how people can't see this!

Sony don't wanna give their user base anything for nothing and that's sad!

To me since 2013 to present x1 has become the best place to play it's become what Sony thinks they're but are miles from it!

UltraNova345d ago

Personally i dont care for cross play, not in the slightest. None of my hardcore rocket league friends cares either(2 of them are against it actually).

As for Minecraft well I couldn't care less.

That said I think Sony is not responding to this in the right way. They should do an extensive survey see which ps4 players care and who dont and act accordingly. Blindly saying no and talki about their shareholder feelings is just insulting just come out and say No we as a company have looked into this and we see no benefit for both players and the Company​ in allowing cross play- I would respect that.

Rhythmattic344d ago

Why would I want cross play?
I don't get it. Is it that important?
After all, PS only is good for SP games, Right XB FB's?

UnHoly_One344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

It's always hard to read intent from just text, but that guy sounds like a giant jerk in those answers.

Ugh, Sony is really just the worst company out there. :(

MS should just pull Minecraft from Sony devices.

Yetter344d ago

@naruga why don't we settle this on the Rocket League field?? Oh yeah, we can't cause Sony won't let you

Angeljuice344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

It will be funny when soft, innocent Nintendo fans clash with foul mouthed brotards on Xbox.

A few years ago it was the other way around, Sony were up for cross-play but Microsoft wasn't playing ball (PS3 era).

Does it matter what machine your faceless opposition is playing on? It's only an advantage when there aren't enough online players on one system.

Bad PR for Sony though.

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frostypants344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Whoever is dominating at any given moment will always oppose cross play. And it's stupid.

Earlier this gen MS was interestingly the company opposed to it. Funny how losing market share changed their tune, and funny how gaining it changed Sony's. And by funny I mean irritating.

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Christopher345d ago

The immediate turn around on that by mentioning Nintendo, the people who censor more online stuff than anyone else, is going to allow it was priceless.

You walked right into that one Jim and you should stay there and think about your choices in life.

ziggurcat345d ago

Yeah I have no idea where he got the idea that children would be predated upon through cross play. There's the same chance of that happening on their own network.

The 10th Rider345d ago


Lol, that's a good point that there's pretty much the same chance on their network. I can imagine the clickbait headline for this article: "Sony thinks online Xbox, PC, and Switch players are pedophiles."

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rainslacker345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Im not sure what I Nintendo is, but he basically said that Sony isn't against it, and are open to the possibility, but the actual discussion is one between those who would manage the cross play....which would be the console makers, and I assume the pubs/devs who use it.

It's essentially a no-comment answer.

While for a while I thought there were talks going on in the background between MS and Sony, the fact that MS recently brought it to the front burner again makes me believe that no such discussions are going on. MS wouldn't do something like that if they were working on a solution with Sony, because it is kind of a crappy thing to do when partnering with someone to put them on the bad side of things.


While I said I wouldn't discuss this with you again, and I hope you consider what I said above as a critical analysis of what Ryan said, I do want to address the quote you give. This was one of the things that I said would be an issue in getting it working in the first place. Maybe not a direct example, but such things would obviously be something all the console makers would have to consider. It would be next to impossible to have effective moderation of another console makers network, and I think that issue would have to be resolved. With PC and PS cross play, the moderation was on a game by game level, but that is kind of hard to implement when it becomes a system wide feature.

Anyhow, like I said, despite my prior assumptions, it does appear that there actually might not be anything happening behind the scenes.

if Sony has concerns, and they have no impetus to resolve them on their own, if the other companies want cross play, they'll have to bring a solution to resolve those concerns, just as much as Sony would be responsible for doing it as well. It has to be a team effort.

maniacmayhem344d ago

There's nothing going behind the scenes. All your critical analysis means nothing because Jim Ryan has made it clear.

Sony does not want their user base to play games on any other console. Plain and simple.

If you want to play Minecraft with PS4 gamers, Sony wants you to buy a PS4.

All your excuses and all your spin and the truth is right there in front of you as usual.

GamingIVfun345d ago

The real reason Sony doesn't want to do this particular form of cross play, in my opinion, is that you have to connect through Xbox Live in order to participate. Microsoft will use it to say they are the most used online service, probably the whole reason Microsoft are doing this, also buying the developers of Minecraft was part of this plan all along. This whole thing is to benefit Microsoft, they probably new that Sony would not go along with it to begin with. It's all kinda of shady to me. If these two games, Minecraft, and Rocket League, had there own servers not connected or affiliated with Microsoft Xbox Live a direct competitor to PSN, then I am sure that they would have easily agreed to cross play. Microsoft, Phil Spencer are not really the nice guys heres, this is purely a business move, a manipulative one as usual.

Also we will have to see what kind of weird way Nintendo will allow cross play.

Kiwi66345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

So how is having a game playable across all platforms with players from each side manipulative , think your reaching just a bit by trying to put the blame on ms and nintendo for wanting to do something good for gamers

GamingIVfun345d ago

i think you don't know how to read or something.

Kiwi66345d ago

So the reason ms brought minecraft was so they could as you put it "say they are the most used online service" yeah sure thats what they thought when the opportunity came up to purchase it /s

Kiwi66344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

I can read just fine as its easy to see that your shifting the blame upon ms, hence why most of your comment is all about suggesting they had an alterior motive to trick sony into having to use ms servers since before buying minecraft, isn't that the gist of your conspiracy

GamingIVfun344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Fools would think that Sony is somehow anti gamer and not having good reason for not participating When they have had more cross platform multiplayer games with PC than Nintendo or Xbox.

yeahright2344d ago

Maybe, doubtful but maybe, but I think it's more about money. You want to play with your friends and family that have PS4's? Buy a PS4.

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Erik7357345d ago

" Exposing what in many cases are children to external influences we have no ability to manage or look after, it's something we have to think about very carefully."

What a bs excuse

mark_parch345d ago

when are the hardcore ps4 fanboys going to start calling sony out for this shit. no ea access, no crossplay, charging us to play our old games. for the players my ass. i'm going to be gutted if i can't use my ps4 digital library on ps5

Master of Unlocking344d ago

I'm absolutely certain we'll get to play our PS4 games on the PS5. Like, 100% certain.
As for this however it's difficult to reason the decision to not allow it, yes, esp. since they've been doing it with PC for a while on some games. But apparently the door is still open, so we'll see.
And, what is EA Access?

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344d ago
jrshankill344d ago

The comments from Jim Ryan are an absolute joke. And you guys call Spencer a PR mouthpiece??

"it's a commercial discussion between ourselves and other stakeholders, and I'm not going to get into the detail of that on this particular instance." - This is the most suit and tie horsecrap I've ever heard.

"We have a contract with the people who go online with us, that we look after them and they are within the PlayStation curated universe. Exposing what in many cases are children to external influences we have no ability to manage or look after, it's something we have to think about very carefully." - This makes no sense. Are they saying they have moderators sitting in on every Minecraft game to make sure children are protected??? Sure sound like it. And let's not act like PSN is the safe haven of online gaming.. let's not forget the monstrous credit card hack.

Kleptic344d ago

Yeah overall this whole thing is stupid.

MS/Nintendo are all 'so open' now...Wonder what MS's approach would've been back in 07 when Modern Warfare released? Sony opened the gate for PC generated UGC on Unreal Tournament 3 that same year, and said multiple times the idea of cross multiplayer between different platforms was a great idea, further pushing consoles into the PC space. MS wanted nothing to do with it, closed UGC in that same game for their platform. Sony later started meddling with Steam options w/ valve directly, which never ammounted to much, but was tried at least...

Now what? The PS4 ran away with the generation, Xbox is struggling pretty heavily...and here it is. Sony shutting the door on what they once promoted...

The lesson is these companies...are companies...when they're ahead, they keep looking at shareholders...when they're behind, they worry about consumers (in order to gain shareholders)'s as simple as that. This gen is Sony doing great, MS fumbling, Nintendo kind of in the mix at least, but too many unknowns...and Sony doing what the top performer does every generation...trying to lock down options to maintain market share...

That approach ALWAYS back fires...Happened to all 3 of these companies, some of them more than once...This specific issue isn't the catalyst, but the ridiculous mindset behind it is why everything will flip flop, again, in a matter of years...

therevolution344d ago

But now, Spencer is in charge of Xbox and I truly think he sees games as a service as a more viable strategy. Console wars are short sighted. Yes, perhaps it took big missteps, huge honestly, and a well deserved trouncing from gamers but I think MS has changed strategies for the better. I see why Sony doesn't have to acquiesce, they're the market leader after all, but this company approved stock answer is for the birds. They should speak honestly, it's served them well this gen, and just say no comment and move on. Most PS gamers wouldn't be bothered one iota, they have a great platform for games and a good online infrastructure. Just stay on message!

344d ago
jrshankill344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Hey Jim.. if you are keeping an eye on the kids on PSN, could you tell them to stop shouting that they had sex with my mum? Also stop threatening to kick my ass 1v1 irl ?

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CocoaBrother345d ago

"Unfortunately it's a commercial discussion between ourselves and other stakeholders"

So basically for the stakeholders, not for the players.
Hope they change their mind and allow it.

freshslicepizza345d ago

No, they said they will listen to developers and have always been open to cross play. This interview is fake news.

Kiwi66345d ago

Except this time it isn't really @4theplayers though is it

morganfell345d ago

Its 4theplayers when I do not have to listen to 10 year olds screaming.

Christopher345d ago

It's all just alternative facts.

generic-user-name345d ago

The true exclusives are 4theplayers.

agent4532344d ago

How so when Jim Ryan himself was talking about crossplay hurting stakeholders feelings. Surprisingly, Nintendo the company of their way or the highway is on board with crossplay puts Sony for the players to shame.

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AspiringProGenji345d ago

Sadly, stakeholders do have a lot of influences in every company. Of course those at MS and Nintendo won't have a problem with it, but the one on top is always the tricky one.

They should let small games like Rocket League and Minecraft at least. COD and BF may never happen because these are maintream and that's ok i guess. I'm sure they can give a pass with small games. The community should pressure them if this is what they want

Septic345d ago

"They should let small games like Rocket League and Minecraft at least"

Minecraft is not small lmao. Quite the opposite.

Christopher345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Rocket League I get. It's a competitive MP game where you want the largest audience on your console.

Minecraft? Makes no sense to tell people to stay on PS4 when you just told them to go buy it elsewhere so you can enjoy a non-competitive, very social game with others with all the future updates.

Death345d ago

The fact Sony even allows its fans limited access to Microsofts Minecraft is pretty impressive.

TKCMuzzer345d ago

Did you just say Minecraft was small? There would be no fuss if it was small. If stakeholders are involved it may be more tricky than you and I think. These things are never simple and Sony won't be allowed to disclose the full truth.

BeOpenMinded345d ago

I've surprisingly seen rocket league and minecraft on top ten sales list very frequently. These userbases are very large

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rainslacker345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Stakeholders are those involved in making it happen, not the share holders. Stake holders would be the platform holders, Sony's partners, publishers and developers. This would be obvious, as these kinds of things aren't discussed with the public while things are going on in the background. These things are announced and delivered once the stake holders are all on board, and the details are mostly ironed out. Sometimes we get a vague promise of something to come....but not this time.

Basically, he wasn't saying shareholders. Shareholders =/= Stake Holder. Sony wouldn't discuss stuff like this with the share holder. They don't care. Sony would tell them the monetary reasons for or against offering it. Nothing more. If the share holders thought it was a bad idea, then it may become a discussion with the share holders.

You misinterpreted the quote. The publishers, other console holders, developers, and Sony's partners would obviously be who they have to discuss it with. Otherwise, how would the details be ironed out? In the mean time, it's not typically revealed if it's in the works. however, since MS said something recently about still for it, I think that Sony is either not discussing it with them, or potentially any discussion being had stalled/failed.

Silly gameAr345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Just something else people well make a big deal about, just to forget about it months later.

CaptainObvious878345d ago

As an avid sony fan that been with them since the ps1, this is very very very poor form. I will not defend this at all. This is absolutely pathetic sony.

I've lost so much respect for you today.

TheCommentator344d ago

Of course my statement is inappropriate, Sony fans can't handle the truth that their beloved company is acting stupid... Again. Since Sony isn't For the Players, all you trolls still get played, so I'm fine with the post getting marked.

It just proves how blind all the Sony Ponies are on this site. Sad bunch of people who can't stand the truth. Like Trump supporters...

make.believe 😆😆😆