Nintendo Quietly Had the Most Exciting Presentation of E3 2017

Metroid Prime 4? A Pokemon Switch RPG? Nintendo spoiled us at E3 2017.

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Servbot41345d ago

Metroid Prime 4 developed without Retro, but by the guy behind garbage games like Federation Force, Sticker Star, and Chibi-Robo Ziplash. And they didn't even have a title for Pokemon, much less a screenshot for either game. The only exciting things they announced don't have any (good) information behind them. I expect to see them at at least two more E3s before they finally release.

Venox2008344d ago

Well..I am happy there is Metroid on 3ds coming out soon .. Mario & rabbids game looked cool..xenoblade.. I think Ninty and Sony both were good at this e3 ..hopefully Mrtroid Prime 4 will be good

Servbot41344d ago

3DS Metroid made by the same crap developers as Castlevania: Lords of Shadow... and it artistically looks like junk instead of being actually 2D sprites.

_-EDMIX-_344d ago

@Ven- You happy a Metroid is coming or are you happy it could be good? Think about it, what does it matter that its Metroid if it could be bad?

I mean....I was hype for a Metroid 2 remake...until this

MercuryStream is a no no, basically I don't know if I'm going to buy this as this developer has legit made so many bad games.

@Serv- just looked it up, so it seems Mercury is doing this. smh.

Hopefully with it being a remake it still has a lot of the same concept

4Sh0w344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

I just watched it, I was raised on Mario and Metroid, still like Metroid Prime but honestly I haven't had any interest in 90% of Nintendo games for a long time, fun is fun so I don't look down on those who love what Nintendo offers but for me no way in hell Nintendo had the best E3, sort of reminds me why "preference" plays a big part in how you judge these things.

Venox2008344d ago

I have really enjoyed 2D Castlevania mirror of fate from same devs..i will have to wait and see will this game be good or not and I dont want to presume now about new 2D metroid it still can be they made first Lords of shadow which was really good

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_-EDMIX-_344d ago

"Metroid Prime 4 developed without Retro"

dear god no!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not saying you are wrong, but did anyone confirm this? Link?

X-Alchemist344d ago

Yeah do you have a source on this?

_-EDMIX-_344d ago

@Razz- thanks!

That sucks. The producer is on board though so who knows. I'm a bit worried as if its not by the original team, I just think its less likely to be any good.

I'd say games have a track record of just being trash once the original team is gone.

Dead Rising
Paper Mario Color Splash
Star Fox Zero


I'll wait to see some footage before I get excited.

ps360owner09344d ago


Tanabe was also the producer of Metroid Prime 1-3 and the scenario writer for Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and A Link to the Past. The man has played a major part in more great games than bad/average games but great job you did there cherry picking his worse games or games that have no barring in how he would approach Metroid Prime.

Is it a guarantee that Metroid Prime 4 will be good with a new team behind it no absolutely not. But remember people hated on retro until they made Metroid Prime. The fact that the new team will have input from some of the key members of the Metroid Prime team is enough to have hope that the game will still be solid even if it doesn't live up to some of the other Prime games.

_-EDMIX-_344d ago

Sure no buddy. No one can "guarantee" that.

but look at Star Fox Zero.

A game being done by another team, I'd argue is more likely to be bad then MOST changes to a game.

Mass Effect Andromeda.....different team, clearly different quality.

I've just seen too many games turn to crap the second a different team comes along.

Look at DmC reboot. Not a bad game, but the feel of it just wasn't near what the original team was able to do with the series.

I don't know how many key members they have board, but I'll wait to see more before caring about this.

This isn't a 100% slam dunk.

This is just worrisome that its not Retro. Its not enough to make me not buy it, but its enough to not get it day 1 and wait to see footage, reviews etc.

Played way too many bad games by different teams to seriously believe a new team is suddenly going to have the same feel.

Razzer344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Dude....the guy has worked on a ton of stuff, good and bad. He has been producing game all the way back to the original Metroid Prime.

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bunt-custardly345d ago

Sony Fan - "Sony had the best E3 presentation"
Microsoft Fan - "No, Xbox had the best showing".
Nintendo Fan - " Nintendo wins just because".

Servbot41345d ago

Xbox was shockingly decent. Easily their best showing in years. Not as good as Sony with Monster Hunter World (not sure why Microsoft didn't try to show that when its multiplatform) but it actually kept me interested in keeping my dusty-ass Xbox One S instead of trading it in for a Switch.

Lighter9345d ago

Because Minecraft 4k? 😏

darthv72344d ago

Capcom let Sony show it because they are still trying to cover for the lack of Deep down.

Servbot41344d ago

No, because of games like Code Vein, Ashen, Metro Exodus, Ori and the Will of the Wisps and Super Lucky's Tale.

Blastoise344d ago


Actually Sony has exclusive content with the new Monster Hunter. Plus it's probably proving that Sony and Capcom are on good terms now. There were rumours of fall outs with some of the later psp games.

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OmnislashVer36344d ago

@Servbot most of those aren't even exclusives...

goatking344d ago

They don't have to be though.

cartoonx1344d ago

that's how the future on xbox is going to be. people has to get use to it. microsoft biggest intrest seems to be software this time since they supporting both windows and xbox store this time.

TekoIie344d ago

Does a game have to be exclusive to look good?

EmperorDalek344d ago

So? Shouldn't we judge the briefings based on the quality of the shows? CoD: WWII was a decent part of the Sony conference... doesn't matter that it isn't exclusive.

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MunchMiller00345d ago

If you have the mental capacity of a cup of mud, I'm sure you were impressed by Nintendo's presentation.

2pacalypsenow344d ago

Nintendo could announce Nothing but Mario games, and their fans would still loose their minds about it.

EddieNX 344d ago

Yh but Nintendo won. If my mental capacity is a cup of human shit, they still won. Switch is the dark horse and its on a charge

Petebloodyonion344d ago

Nintendo had the most to lose in this presentation, glad that they showed game coming this year, plus new games like Metroid Prime4 and some 3rd parties games.
For the moment, the Switch seems to be heading for a great future.

_-EDMIX-_344d ago


They really had their backs against the wall and needed this more then I think Sony or MS. They can afford to save some announcements, they are market leader, they own some of the most market share, Nintendo doesn't (isn't even in the console market anymore) and really needed to show that they are the portable to buy!

luckytrouble344d ago

The Switch seems to be very much a Nintendo console. What did they announce and talk about? Mario, Yoshi, Metroid, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, and Kirby, along with a bit about XCX2. Not to mention they committed the mortal sin of announcing games they literally had nothing to show for, not even a shiny cinematic trailer. So far it is looking like a standard Nintendo lineup. Third parties were strangely quiet considering so much is supposedly in the works for the Switch. Overall, the Switch seems to currently be on the same path as the Gamecube, maybe the N64 if third parties are kind enough to not totally give up at the earliest opportunity.

_-EDMIX-_344d ago

That is what I'm seeing too.


Cy344d ago

They showed a logo and verbally announced the Pokemon game. Neither has a release date. Neither has so much as a screenshot. I dunno what your definition of exciting is, but it doesn't match mine.

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