Nintendo | E3 2017: Day 1

Watch Nintendo's live steam from E3, day 1.

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Kabaneri163d ago

Super Mario Odyssey looks absolutely amazing.

Last_Boss163d ago

That was pretty damn cool. The Rocket League announcement, is incredible by itself.

EddieNX 163d ago

I can play Rocket league with my friends on any console 😍 Unify their 2 divisions into one is the best thing Nintendo has done, Switch is the ultimate Nintendo. Owning a Wiiu and 3DS is stupid compared to just owning a Switch.

Last_Boss163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Nintendo seems like the are the path to phase out the handheld sector. I wonder if Bravely Default will make the leap for the 3rd game. Either way the more games we ALL can enjoy, the faster we can have civil discussions.

NewMonday163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Nintendo is set to win E3 just for Metroid Prime 4

Mario Odyssey looks great
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 this year IN THE WEST it's already dubbed
new 2D classic Metroid for the 3DS (hope it's on the Switch also)

mcstorm163d ago

@newmonday and Pokémon. For me I was hyped for the Xbox conference and I did enjoy it but there were not many I want games but Nintendo wow they really pulled it out the bag. The switch could turn out to be the best console Nintendo have made just from what we will see in its 1st 18 months on the market.

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XanderZane163d ago

Is there conference over already? What did they show?

sd11163d ago

A few new 2018 games ( 1 kirby and 1 yoshi game). Metroid 4 confirmed in development. Pokemon rpg in development, but at least 2 years until release. Xenoblade 2 confirmed for fall. Mario confirmed for October. Then a few others we already know about.

XanderZane163d ago

Ok, that's for the info. I'm going to watch it now. Only thing I had saw was Mario Odyssey, which still looks incredible and Mario+Rabbid Kingdom Battle. Both are must have games to me.

sd11162d ago

Mario + Rabbid Kingdom surprised me. I never once expected a Rabbid game to appeal to me, yet it looks good.

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Themba76163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

when mario odyssey comes out is when ill get a switch

GameBoyColor163d ago

good luck finding one by then lol

J-pi3163d ago

Nintendo won E3 for me.

Nintendo > Ubisoft > Devolver > MS > Sony > Bethesda > EA

mafiahajeri163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

LMAO that scene fits perfectly xD would be hilarious if J-pi3 is actually bald xD

Nivekki163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

What surprises are the competition releasing this year?

Servbot41, I'll repeat my question. What surprises are the competition releasing this year?

If you're a Switch owner you'll get Xenoblade Chronicles 2 this year, when people expected it next year, Fire Emblem Warriors, Super Mario is releasing within the next four months and there's the Mario and Rabbids game which looks great.

Vs games we already knew about which won't be coming anytime soon.

Servbot41163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

What surprises are Nintendo releasing this year?

SolidStateSnake163d ago


Surprises doesn't matter at all because those games will eventually release.

Snez163d ago

I agree that Nintendo arguably won E3, but everything else has been a complete lackluster.

Nintendo > Ubisoft > Sony > Bethesda > Devolver > MS > EA

SolidGear3163d ago

Bethesda > Sony > Nintendo > MS > Ubisoft > Devolver > EA

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TXIDarkAvenger163d ago

Metroid 4 + Pokemon for Switch confirmed.

Well played Nintendo.

masterfox163d ago

lol, that Metroid 4 trailer was amazing!

Servbot41163d ago

Yeah I liked the part where they showed nothing!

J-pi3163d ago

I miss when you guys used to put effort into your comments. Outside of smug fanboyism...

Oh never did.

mamotte163d ago

It was less boring than the Call of Duty one.

The 10th Rider163d ago

It actually was.

As soon as I saw the camera panning through space I was like "OH SHIT! IT CAN'T BE METROID CAN IT?!?!"

Then the four showed up and they took their sweet-ass time revealing Metroid Prime so I was all like "My god . . . It has to be, they can't screw this up."

And then Metroid Prime popped up and the world was a better place.

For such a short teaser they really managed to play with our emotions.

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