Be Sure to Thank Sega for the Xbox Game Pass

Many people have speculated over the years that one of the major reasons the Dreamcast wound up causing Sega to leave the console market is because it was too far ahead of its time. It also didn’t help that the PlayStation was a mega success …

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RosweeSon376d ago

Same with Xbox live and Dream arena... I a lot of senses dreamcast/Sega in general were way ahead of their time just execution a lot of the time wasn't great

sinjonezp376d ago

I had this little device back in the early 90's and it was way ahead of its time. The ability to use cable to download and play games directly to the genesis was an incredible idea. So you can say Sega laid the foundation for a lot of ideas used today. Even as far out as the Dreamcast.

darthv72376d ago

Id Say PSNow is more akin to the old Sega Channel than Game Pass is. Game Pass is like GameFly in digital form.

solderman376d ago

Is anyone concerned that if you end up with a big digital library of games on Xbox you will lose them all if you decide to stop paying for access or switch platform. Further more is anyone concerned these kind of pass systems are anti-competitive and keep people locked into a walled garden?

TheCommentator376d ago

Concerned? That's how a subscription works. You pay for access to the Game Pass library so it's a rental, not a library that you build over time.

fathertime4464376d ago

@soldier man, you do realize that everything you just said happens when you switch platforms even with physical copies? It even happens when a next gen concil arrives.....
Me thinks your just spouting off because you don't like xbox

rainslacker376d ago

Not really concerned. That's pretty much how it least with game pass. You buy in knowing this and you won't be disappointed.

For digital in general, you aren't likely to lose your library until they're completely removed from the store for download or the entire service gets shut down. Again, this is understood, and you buy in knowing this....or at least should.

If you mean concern that game pass will somehow supplant what we have now, not really. Maybe become a major way to buy or play games, but I doubt it'll supplant more traditional means in it's current form.

TheCommentator376d ago

Why speculate? Sega was 600 million in debt when the DC launched, because of the Sega CD, 32X, and Saturn failures. In the ~18 months the DC was out, they made 200 million in profits, but had to liquidate their HW division to pay off the rest of the debt they owed.

The other reason is that Sony lied about the power of the PS2 by comparing raw figures for things like polygon counts and showing off the system rendering a head. Which is of course, great if you want to watch a wireframe model or play with a head for a while, but not much else. Why say PS2 can run 66 million raw polys next to the in game performance of 3 million listed for the DC? Smoke and mirrors to get people to stop buying the competitor's machine. Lol, and guess where multiplats looked the best... on DC, not PS2, even though the PS2 was "more powerful" and the PS2 versions came out after their DC counterparts.

Just saying.

XbladeTeddy376d ago

Thanks Sega for the Xbox Game Pass

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