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PS4 Based On Existing Cell Processor?

Via GameCyte: "Japanese tech news site PC Watch is reporting that as a cost-saving measure, Sony "has begun seriously considering" basing the upcoming PlayStation 4 on the same Cell processor that currently powers the PS3.

Though citing no sources in particular, PC Watch claims that Sony is currently soliciting developer reactions to the idea. They speculate that while Sony would like to distance themselves from the Cell in the long run, at present they might do well to make use of their existing investment and expand the technical capabilities of the PS3 only moderately - a la the hardware transition from GameCube to Wii - in order to constrain further expenditure." (Industry, PS3)
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fishd  +   2523d ago

"a la the hardware transition from GameCube to Wii "

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Hububla  +   2523d ago
I wouldnt be worried...
its not like they arent going to make a significant improvement wasnt their an article the other day or week about how sony already has a duel cell chip?? i mean if they use the cell but just put 2 duel cell chips or something that is still a significant improvement... i mean just think of what could be done on the current chip if there was say 2 gigs of ram in the PS3 the difference would be insane! so even if they just use one duel cell chip and up the ram to at lest 2.5-4 gigs then i would be very happy
Lord Anubis  +   2523d ago
Cell 2 is pretty much using similar technology. This would allow for things to move nicely in development lowering the cost of game productions.

Also perhaps they could refined cell since they were originally planning to have 512 XDR clocked at the same cycle the CPU runs. Which they did but had to cut it in half and use it for video and exe

""So, PS4 So, CPU and the core figure to reach 32? 現在のCell BEは、90nm版の基本レイアウトを維持したままシュリンクし ているため、ダイの縮小の度合いが小さい。 Cell BE is the current, 90nm version while maintaining the basic layout shrink due to a smaller degree of reduction of the die. 90nm版の235平方mmに対して、65nm版は175平方m m、45nm版は115平方mmだ。 For the 90nm version of the 235-square-mm, 65nm version is 175 square mm, 45nm version is 115 sq mm. しかし、PS4チップで再度設計をし直せば45nmでかなりの数 のCPUコアを搭載できる可能性がある(東芝はSPUコアの面積 を 大きく減らしている)。 However, PS4 to fix the chip to re-design a significant number of 45nm CPU cores may be (Toshiba's core area of the SPU is greatly reduced). 元々のSCEの“イケイケ”プランの通りなら、45~32nmで 24コアや32コアといったCell BEに発展する可能性はあった。 SCE's original "IKEIKE" As you plan, 45 ~ 32nm and 24 core and 32-core Cell BE was likely to develop. ムーアの法則の通りなら、32コアに達する。 If Moore's Law as the core to reach 32. しかし今のSCEは、おそらくそうしないだろう。 However, SCE now, it probably will not.""

"SCE's original "IKEIKE" As you plan, 45 ~ 32nm and 24 core and 32-core Cell BE was likely to develop."

that's somewhat what IBM describes as CELL 2 and one of its variants.
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ConanOBrien  +   2523d ago
The Ultimate Kinky PoRn Machine
thank Sony for keeping us dreaming!... ummm creaming i should say.

*dances like a leprechaun*
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aiphanes  +   2523d ago
Think about this....
The 256megs of XDR memory is tight in the current PS3...but just think if the PS4 had 1 Gig of XDR for each of its dual Cell processors! Graphics would run wickedly fast.

Then there is XDR2 RAM (the PS4 will probably have this memory)

"Central processing unit
Main article: Cell (microprocessor)
The PS3 uses the Cell microprocessor, which is made up of one 3.2 GHz PowerPC-based "Power Processing Element" (PPE) and six accessible Synergistic Processing Elements (SPEs). A seventh runs in a special mode and is dedicated to aspects of the OS and security, and an eighth is disabled to improve production yields. The floating point performance of the whole system (CPU + GPU) is reported to be 2 TFLOPS.[1] PlayStation 3's Cell CPU achieves 204 GFLOPS single precision float and 15 GFLOPS double precision. The PS3 has 256 MB of Rambus XDR DRAM, clocked at CPU die speed. As of firmware update 2.01, 32 MB of the XDR memory is reserved by the PS3's XrossMediaBar user interface.[citation needed]

Graphics processing unit
Main article: RSX 'Reality Synthesizer'
The graphics processing unit, according to Nvidia, is based on the NVIDIA G70 (previously known as NV47) architecture. The GPU makes use of 256 MB GDDR3 RAM clocked at 650 MHz with an effective transmission rate of 1.4 GHz and up to 224 MB of the 3.2 GHz XDR main memory via the CPU (480 MB max).

To date, the PS3 has had several component revisions which serve to reduce power consumption. This is turn results in production savings, lower heat production, lower cooling requirements and quieter running. Since launch, the Cell has had it's process shrunk from 90nm to 65nm, as has the RSX GPU. Further improvements are planned, with IBM/Toshiba annoucing plans to commence fullscale 45nm Cell production in 2009[3], which will result in a further 40% reduction in power consumption over the 65nm Cell."
Lord Anubis  +   2523d ago
From the article:

"If, SCE PS4 is to develop a completely new architecture, and all must start from zero again. そうなると、ソフトウェア開発コストはさらに膨れあがってしまう だろう。 So nervous software development costs will also blister. それよりは、アーキテクチャを継承することで、ソフトウェア資産 とスキルの活用を図る方が得策とSCEが考えた可能性は高い。 Rather, it inherits the architecture, software assets and skills better to try to take advantage of the SCE and a high possibility that thought. PS3ではソフトウェア開発を必死に進めた結果、ようやくある程 度まで整ったところで、SCEとしては、その積み重ねを捨てたくは ないだろう。 PS3 had to struggle in the software development, it finally appointed to a certain extent, SCE as the捨TETAKU to be stacked.

GEMUBENDA the learning curve (proficiency) from the point, it is desirable to continue to Architecture. 今世代機は、ソフトウェアデベロッパ側のラーニングカーブの上昇 が緩やかで、特にPS3プラットフォームは難易度が高いと言われて いる。 Current generation aircraft, SOFUTOUEADEBEROPPA gradual rise in the learning curve, particularly for PS3 platform is said to have a high degree of difficulty. PS3でのタイトル開発はようやく拍車がかかってきたところだ。 PS3 titles in development to spur finally came. しかし、PS4でPS3からの継承性を持たせるなら、PS4では ラーニングカーブを上げやすい。 However, PS4 inherited from the PS3 to give you, PS4 up in the easy learning curve. もっとも、ゲームデベロッパ側には、Cell BEアーキテクチャ自体を変えないと、一定以上にラーニングカー ブを上げられないという声もある。 However, the side GEMUDEBEROPPA, Cell BE architecture, and change itself, can not be certain that raised more than a learning curve.

もっとも、原理的には、ソフトウェア側の変化とともに、現在の 問題はある程度軽減される可能性もある。 However, in principle, along with changes in the software side, to a certain extent, the current problem could be reduced. Cell BEの元々の発想は、オブジェクト指向化するソフトウェアに合わ せて、1オブジェクトに1 CPUコアを割り当てることができるアーキテクチャを目指すとい うものだった。 Cell BE was originally the idea of an object-oriented software, according to one object to allocate 1 CPU core architecture that aims was to be. 粒度の大きなタスク単位ではなく、粒度の小さなソフトウェアオブ ジェクトを各CPUコアに割り当てることを前提としていた。 Grain size of the unit rather than a big task, the grain size of a small software objects can be assigned to each CPU core to the premise. 粒度を小さくすれば、Cell BEのSPUのメモリサイズにもフィットしやすいし、原理的には CPUコア数が増えれば、ソフトウェア側の粒度も小さくしやすくな る。 If a small particle size, Cell BE memory size of the SPU also easy to fit, and in principle to increase the number of CPU cores, software and the smaller particle size also make it easier.
AAACE5  +   2523d ago
Actually...it might happen!

When Sony made the CELL processor. They had big plans for it! Cell was planned to be incorporated into cellphones, PC's, DVD players and alot of other things around the home. It was said to have all the cell processors in your home work off of eachother to process information. And Sony wanted the CELL to be a processor used for a long time!

With the cost of creating this type of technology, I can see sony possibly sticking with the cell for a while! They did say the cell was incredibly powerful, so I see no reason to advanve beyond it yet. For the Ps4, all they would have to do is redesign it and put in a better graphics card, more RAM, and a faster Blu-ray drive! Good thing is... that would keep the cost of the Ps4 down and reasonable for most consumers to hop aboard!

@Pirate Thom... There is no need for 4 Cell processors. The Cell has 8 cores that haven't been peaked yet! Even if they do, having a cell in a ps3 with more ram and a better graphics card with do wonders. The only thing that will come out of having 4 Cells is even higher cost for a Ps4!

I believe MS might try to come up with a processor similar to cell so they don't have to deal with that for a while as well!
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SixTwoTwo  +   2523d ago
It would be stupid of Sony to ditch the Cell. By the time PS4 rolls around all of the major developers will have had years of experience on working with Cell architecture. All they have to do is add more PPU's/SPE's and give them some more horsepower.
DeadlyFire  +   2523d ago
PS4 will use the second generation of the Cell chip coming in 2010 with 32 SPEs and 2-4 PPEs as well as a chip speed of 4+ Ghz. XDR Memory can also reach 4 Ghz. Might be a little hot though and XDR 2 might be better choice for PS4. PS4 will not be released until 2011. I expect to see bigger hard drives and at least a doubling of RAM from 512 to 1 GB as well.

Only real thing to worry about is the cost of the PS4 and what disc technology will it have in it. That determines the price pretty much.

Other surprises on the way I am sure. Its to early for PS4 talk. PS4 won't launch til 2011 anyway why don't you people take a break for a year or two and come back to talk about PS4.
orakga  +   2523d ago
Awww... haha..
"a la the hardware transition from GameCube to Wii "

Yeah that's "kinda" funny, but not fair, since the jump from GC to Wii was really minimal.

A better comparison would be XBox >> X360. Same basic architecture, but with suped-up specs. I back it, although it really means that the PS4 will only last 4 years. (but with the benefit of having tons more software much sooner, so it's a fair tradeoff)

And @ 622: "It would be stupid of Sony to ditch the Cell. By the time PS4 rolls around all of the major developers will have had years of experience on working with Cell architecture. All they have to do is add more PPU's/SPE's and give them some more horsepower."

Yeah, that's basically what Anubis' Japanese wall of text says. (although it looks like he just ran the text through a translating machine) Again, if they stick with the Cell, we'll get the games sooner.
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The Makr  +   2523d ago
If this is true...
I would just stick with PS3. It will be much cheaper, games much cheaper, bigger libarary. Why upgrade to PS 3.5?

Dumb move Sony! Keep the innovation coming.
Ju  +   2523d ago
They'll ditch the PS3. Simple.
orakga  +   2522d ago
I don't think you guys realize that sticking with the same CPU architecture does not imply that the system specs will actually remain the same as well.

All your PCs have retained the same architecture since the early 1990s, and that same architecture is shared by both the XBoxes as well. Hell, even APPLE uses some of that architecture! But that doesn't limit the upgrading potential, does it?

Oh well... I keep forgetting that OS/Architecture is Comp. Sci territory.
PirateThom  +   2523d ago
I'd say it would be smart to use Cell since a. they part own the technology anyway, b. Devs will be used to the Cell from day 1.

They should go with concept ideas from the PS3 though and have 4 Cell Processors, no GPU and 512 XDDRAM for each of the processors.
griff  +   2523d ago
but as ps3 fan what fear me is this:
"In a long technical analysis following the report, PC Watch voices the opinion that the PS4’s performance would not increase significantly from that of the PS3 if this is true"

i hope sony will not go to the same direction with nintendo (hardware performance wise)...
ruibing  +   2523d ago
It makes sense for them because it will make the PS4 backwards compatible with the PS3. They just need to add more PPUs to the processor and include branch predictors in the hardware.
Jake the Muss  +   2523d ago
Quite true, PirateThom. Sony and IBM already offer somewhat of what you described already (although quite different too) in terms of the IBM/Sony Cell Blade.

I don't know much about this piece of technology although I'm sure some of N4G's gurus can explain it better, but essentially we are looking at two Cell Broadband Engines stuck together with 2 GB of memory (in rough terms):


Heres another interesting article on an improved IBM X64 and Cell Blade Server.


Again, one of the tech gurus around here might be able to explain this technology better, but simply put there could be some serious horsepower that could be shoe-horned in there. I'm more interested in this part: "A base QS22 blade with 8 GB of memory and two Cell chips costs $9,995"

... not to sure about forking over $9,995 for a PS4. The missus might have something to say in that.
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AAACE5  +   2523d ago
Be careful what you wish for!

The only thing that comes whit alot of technology is alot of money needed to buy it! Last gen, we bought new consoles for $299. This gen, they were $400-$600! That's a big jump in my opinion. We are paying $60 for games, as opposed to $40-$50.

People aren't paying attention, but these collectors editions that cost $70 - $150 are test to see just how much we gamers are willing to spend! Keep in mind that Ps3 games were originally supposed to cost $70 - $100, if the games were to be very lengthy with superior graphics as well, because the studio would have to make up for all the work that went into it!

Prime example... Heavenly Sword! It had great graphics but was short in length. Now if the game costed $70-$100, it would have been considerably longer. Same goes for Gears 1. If it had have costed more for the games, Epic would have found a way to compress more data on the DVD, or just make it a 2 disc.

Good news is, when this tech gets older, and developers are more comfortable using it... we get those high quality games for a lower price, because it doesn't cost them as much as when the tech was new!
QuackPot  +   2523d ago
No brainer
C'mon Sony. This is the obvious way to go instead of forking out mega bucks on developing new technology.

Sony has already invested millions on the cell processor & BR. If they ever want to recoup their investment they just have to (K)eep (I)t (S)imple (S)ony....KISS

A Ps4 with just an improved CELL & GPU and significantly more RAM(2+ Gbs) would perform a lot better than the current Ps3 and would only be a little more expensive - NO MAJOR R&D costs.

And if Sony just added one extra Cell processor then the Ps4 would be a monster machine, fully backward compatible, familiar to developers and relatively cheap as - NO MAJOR R&D costs.

Again, this is the obvious way to go. Sony will recoup their investment in the technology and be able to sell a powerful machine at a very competitive price....not at the ridiculously expensive Next Gen pricing.

Do it!
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DJ  +   2523d ago
Branch predictors are unnecessary as they require Out-of-Order architecture, which Cell does not utilize. To add on that much hardware would boost the power requirements, and it doesn’t make sense to do this since the Cell BE already has branch hinting built in. Same function, no extra hardware.
avacadosnorkel  +   2523d ago
I don't want to buy another system for 8 more years.
aiphanes  +   2523d ago
They will use a 45nm or better cell...but it will have a fully 8 way core...
And they will use a dual cell design..one cell will do graphics, and the other cell will do everthing else. So in effect it will be a dual 8 core cell architecture.

They will up the memory to 4 GBs and a 500 GB harddrive will be standard along with 6 X bluray drive.

And they will price it at $299.

And the PS3 will be $149.
aiphanes  +   2523d ago
Well i was a little bit overboard...but....
We are talking like 5 years in the future...The Cell chip has to be at 45nm by then...and memory prices will be much cheaper. Hard drive prices will be dirt cheap by then also according to microsoft, everbody will be using Digital Distribution so they will need big hard drives. I went with the 4 gb of ram but that might be too big. They will keep bluray in it too...but it will be a much faster bluray drive. The PS4 has to be a faster better machine than the PS3...because sony has always made the next playstation bigger better and faster. Just because the wii went the cheap, not much different from the gamecube route, does not mean sony will follow.

Dual cell processors
A big cheap harddrive (320 GB 2.5 inch SATAs are $100 now. 5 years from now they will be less than $30 each)
2 to 4 GBs of memory (1-2 GB per cell, and both cell can use all 2-4 GB)

5 years from now is what i am talking about...they can still do all of this and charge around $300 for the console....the PS3 will still be around just like the PS2.

Microsoft is gonna come strong with the next Xbox too...
skagrerrrr  +   2523d ago
dirt cheap?
by the looks of the economy right now... 5 years from now, everything will be more expensive than it already is.
AAACE5  +   2523d ago
If you think Sony will incorporate all that in the Ps4 and it will cost $299... I need some of what you are smoking! I want to float in LALA land as well!

If sony were to incorporate all the components you listed, I say the lowest price we would see is $400.
AlterEgo  +   2523d ago
As much as R&D on Cell technology cost?

You can bet your fukcin ass the PS4 will be built with the Cell inside.
NonApplicable  +   2523d ago
I personally dont mind waiting for system potentail. The PS2 and PS3 were this way. If Sony decides to become more casual, I feel that I dont trust the companny anymore. When they had the market to themselves they may boast that they do whats right for the consumer. Now that they arnt making as much as they like, they forget about us. I see many Hardcore Gamers leaving the brand.
Harri4444  +   2523d ago
good idea the developers well already be used to the cell and they can make the graphics better and the scale larger in other ways. and i mean MS will not be able to do any better.
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AAACE5  +   2523d ago
What would make you think MS would not be able to do any better? Not to sound fanboyish, but seriously... that sounded stupid!

MS' philosophy in gaming is to stay competitive while remaining cost effective, which is why they killed off the xbox 1, because it was losing more money than it was bringing in. They will push to make the next system as powerful or more powerful than what they believe sony will come out with next!

Like this gen. Sony wanted to have the most powerful console, so they waited to see what the competition did first before they finished building their system.

The 360 came out, then sony knew what level they would have to reach and exceed. Then the Wii specs were announced, then they knew they were safe to do what they wanted!
Genki  +   2523d ago
I think they'll do this, but a jump
akin to the Gamecube Wii...I doubt that. That has never been Sony's bag, and with as much as is at stake, they stand to lose a lot by taking such a strategy.

My bet is on the 32 SPU Cell with more local store for the SPE's, among other improvements. I have no clue what to think about the GPU, however.
Death  +   2523d ago
You guys are marketing victims.
The "Cell" is the marketing name used for the IBM designed Power PC technology used in the Playstation 3. The tech has been around for awhile, it was just altered for the PS3's use. The Cell is the result of the PowerPC evolution much like todays PC's are evolved versions of the old x86 CPU.

INehalemEXI  +   2523d ago
This is partly true. Yet the Cell is the most powerful processor ever put in a console. So I would not think of people as victims although they may not know the ancestry of the Cell architecture. It was joint R&D that brought the cell to reality. Sony and Toshiba had a hand in it as well and its completely different then the 360's Xenon which is also of IBM's PowerPC lineage.

They both operate in totaly different ways. The Cells PPE is PowerPC based. Yet the SPE's are not of that architecture.

The Cell processor provides nine independent threads of execution. Vs Xenons six.
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INehalemEXI  +   2523d ago
Seriously , if someone disagrees with these statements I would like to hear what it is your disagreeing to... conversate.

Over 400 engineers from the three companies worked together in Austin, with critical support from eleven of IBM's design centers.


In May 2008, an Opteron- and Cell-BE-based supercomputer, the IBM Roadrunner system, became the world's first and thus far only system to achieve one petaFLOPS. The Cell BE-based Roadrunner system is currently the worlds fastest supercomputer as represented by the Top500 list. The world's three most energy efficient supercomputers, as represented by the Green500 list, are similarly based on the PowerXCell 8i.

The Cell has lived up to its hype time and again.
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Lord Anubis  +   2523d ago
actually the design and concept were old. Never before built because of the lack of technology. It is not the evolution of only the PowerPC but CPUs as they will all have their own satellites (helping processors) to off load work.
INehalemEXI  +   2523d ago
True. The tech to build the Cell was enhanced design tools of the POWER4 processor so the tools had been around, just took some modification. It was Toshiba and Sony's pushing that got it from paper to silicon wafers.

I just got to give credit to where its due. I enjoy when a console maker puts such an investment into there hardware and advances not only the gaming Industry but breaks free of the traditional pc chipset successfully. Aiding in Supercomputer advancement in the same process.

Same reason I liked PS1 and PS2 basically for aiding in the adoption of CD and DVD formats for the masses. Blu ray tickles my pickle as well. Technilogical progress I appreciate , and feel good about throwing dollars toward. Especially since the consoles are supported for so long.
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CrippleH  +   2523d ago
Why the hell would you put DDR3 in a console thats about years off from now? The doesn't make sense since there is DDR5.
Blasphemy  +   2523d ago
Do you know how exspensive DDR 5 memory is? LOL Even 3 years from now if Sony is going the Nintendo Gamecube to Wii route as this article is claiming DDR 5 would be too exspensive for their console.
joeynox  +   2523d ago
by the time the ps4 and 720 come out consoles *****MUST****** have minimum 1gig ram/512 gpu ram/a solution for physical media/hdd and better in game lobby systems for games. Both the 360/ps3 cpus are fine.,Both cpus are not being pushed that much, its all goin to be ram/GPU. I see the next ssytems will have some kind dual gpu
Ju  +   2522d ago
I tend to believe they will try to get rid of the GPU. Larrabee is one way. A CELL with (partially) integrated RSX could be another one. A big cost factor is the number of (physical) chips on the board. Reducing those will reduce the cost of the board. CPU + GPU makes the whole circuit board design very complicated (just to route the interconnects between CPU and GPU). This can be completely avoided by putting the GPU on die with the CPU. Larrabee goes one step beyond. The cpu core(s) are good enough to do generl purpose ops, only a texture unit has been added to up the pixel processing performance. A CELL with this approach is possible, IMO. Moving parts of the RSX into the CELL, add more SPUs and fill the remaining RSX functions thru SW running on the now higher number of SPUs. Also, in that case, no video mem is necessary. The main internal interconnect is the EIB, and as long as they don't implement cache logic to SPUs, this will stay as is. Needs to be a bit faster, though, or more efficient (~300GB/s peak right now, theoretical, ~196GB/s reached in benchmarks). Everything could be accessed thru CELL internal memory bus, main memory can be 512MB (and I would be very surprised if they'll add more because of cost reasons) but would have the benefit of being an UMA design.
DevastationEve  +   2522d ago
It's going to be an nVidia GPU, no doubt. I see CUDA/extra GPU tossed in for working with physics (ala the PhysX API)
Ju  +   2522d ago
I don't believe so. Too expensive.
PeterGriffinSays  +   2523d ago
I don't want any "console war" to start till at least 2012. I'm good for now, no joke.
jerethdagryphon  +   2523d ago
2002 sony dev ken said what about a ocnsole cpu thats like cells in an orinism they brought on toshiba hasehd out a rough idea ans went to ibm who help make it work sony filed the original patent for cell be in 2002
tehReaper  +   2523d ago
Way too early to start talking about the PS4. Jeesh.
No FanS Land  +   2523d ago
Yeah damn. The ps3 hasn't even reached 2 years and we would be already talking of its successor? Gimme a break! seriouly, except for certains AAA games, there aren't many that push the power of 360/ps3 to their limits, and devs already have financial problems with those machines.(this explains the multiplatform fashion and Monster hunter3) lauching a new generation in a year would be suicide for companies, harware holders, abd no consumer would buy them. IMO, I say that the next generation must start at least mid 2011-2012.
juuken  +   2523d ago
Yeah, exactly.
The PS3's life cycle just started. -__-
GiantEnemyLobster  +   2523d ago
And I thought the Wii was 2 Gamecubes ducktaped together. Well the PS4 will just be 2 PS3s taped together (which will make it even more crappy, since its the same as 2 pieces of sh*t taped together. I'd rather have 1 piece of sh*t (PS3).) Wait on second thought.. I'd rather have an Xbox 360. :)
Porno Decepticon  +   2523d ago
Boy your gonna be kickin' yourself in the ass when your Xbox 360 inevitably rrods and burns your house down dude.
Stryfeno2  +   2523d ago
I can't wait to see this fiasco...I see Sony going the cheap route. Who could blame them? They lost sooooo much on the PS3.
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Pain  +   2523d ago
Oh Crap...err crab..err Stupid Lobster..
I take u Dont know that your Pile o Sh1t XBOX 2 is nothing more then 2 Xboxs duck-tape together too..

just piss off and kill your self and save What ever God there is the time.

Consumer: OMG your telling me my CAR Engine is based on Henry Ford Original design ????
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karlostomy  +   2523d ago
I can't really blame Sony if this is true
After Ken Kutaragi's vision, the ps3 was born and promptly lost 3.5 billion. In fact it has lost more money than was made on the entire PS2 profits!

The Sony Shareholders will be gnashing their teeth and heads will roll if the ps3 doesn't make a bucketload of money soon, however unlikely that may seem.

Given recent events, such as the unprecedented Wii success and the outstanding underdog performance of the 360, my guess is the Sony honchos are licking their wounds.

They will need to emulate a wii style console, instead of building another technological white elephant, because the economic goal of any corporation (be that Sony, MS, or Nintendo) is to make profit and lots of it!

Unfortunately, Sony hasn't been doing that!

Given this reasoning then, I believe this article could be right on the money.
ChrisGTR1  +   2523d ago
:O .. what if the ps3 has 2 cells... one for graphics, one for processor? ultimate graphics
aiphanes  +   2523d ago
I read somewhere that...
Sony was wanting to do this with the PS3...use two cell processors, one for graphics and one for everything else...but it was just going to make the console too expensive...but the PS4 could go this route...since sony\ibm\toshiba have gotten the cell manufacturing down in price.
ConanOBrien  +   2523d ago
Listen old man... ^^^^
it would be the ultimate fetish player.
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blasterxp  +   2523d ago
Keep the cell just use a powerful new technology videocard
tatsujin  +   2523d ago
CELL is a super computer processor. Hope those who don't know about this, would know now. CELL 2, a much more powerful SCP was already developed and released on Server Blades for major companies and those that require the power of CELL. And guess whats in development? CELL3. I can tell you that CELL or CELL2 will most likely end up on PS4, and Sony will use a tougher graphic video card that will give 128 vertic pipelines and will not go at a very high cost. I'm assuming 450 US dollars tops, 400 minimum including Blu-ray. 600 US dollars was too much, 400ish is the max amount an average person would pay for a new generation console.
IntelligentAj  +   2523d ago
I couldn't find any sources for this so I see as a rumor, though it would make sense if it was an enhanced Cell design.
japwow  +   2523d ago
this article is written based on speculation.
there is almost no evidence.
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Panthers  +   2523d ago
I think the cell has so much untapped power that it would be suffecient if pared with enough RAM. Maybe 2-4 GB
badkolo  +   2523d ago
if they dont use the cell chip then i wont by it out of spite.

i dont want another emotion engine and if the cell goes ye bye so does sony's respect

they pushed the cell claiming its the next big thing in computing, so if thats so then it better be in ps4 or else i wont buy anohter lie form sony again, and when i mean lie i mean ps4.
Bathyj  +   2523d ago
I called this ages ago. And YES, I want a cookie.

PS4 wont need millions in developement. Sony have done a smart thing by doing their homework for at least 2 generations in one go.

PS4 could be nothing more than 5 cell chips, (5 chips working together is alot more powerful than 5 chips working alone, 2 or 3GB of RAM, the latest perpose built GPU and a 10x BR with 200GB disc's. Work done.

Another good thing about this is if they wanted to they could probably go from saying Yes to stock in retail in less than a year depending on the situation.
aiphanes  +   2523d ago
I agree with you...
Your prediction sounds right...

They could come up with a PS4 is less than a year. They will still probably let microsoft or nintendo go first...they will milk the PS3 till they are ready to release the PS4...
INehalemEXI  +   2523d ago
I agree, It will be cell based it will not be as weak an upgrade as GC to Wii. They will take less losses initially on the PS4 due to a streamlined manufacturing process of the cell already being in place. As well as blu ray optical drives. They will let competitors burst first again too. I think the PS4 will have a competitive launch price next go round too.
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REDZEV  +   2523d ago
The future of casual gaming???
So in theory that would make the PS4 really a POS3.5. Interesting.
Xheratuul  +   2523d ago
i need you to kill a worthless droid. EDIt: i betrayed you for killing a random worthless xbot
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MvmntInGrn  +   2523d ago
Makes alot of sense, devs will know the cell and it should be able to keep up with the new MS CPU. As long as Sony nails the GPU and ram they could have an easier time with the ps4, maybe even put more money into the other components.

I think it'll have at least a 320gb HDD and 4GB RAM (if the current console ram trend continues)With a decently quicker BD Drive the ps4 is set.
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CertifiedGamer  +   2523d ago
I don't see that happening
Developers want the newest and best technology if microsoft create a next gen and sony stay current gen to compete with the wii 2 on ps4 then that would make the xbox720 a real next gen system which means MGS5 or 6 will have no other choice but togo 720 because when it comes down to it Hideo Kojima wants the lastest form of tech and sony will be the blame for sony losing mgs5 or 6 depending on which 1 end up next gen.I hope that does not happen because I will switch from sony to microsoft.F the same chip on the ps4 ps3 produces 2 trillion polys I better see the ps4 producing 75 and not 4.
#27 (Edited 2523d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
BIGELLOW  +   2523d ago
This goes...
...without saying. This was just a given from the start. The Cell Processor was specifically designed so that you could easily link additional Cell Processors together and end up with an even more powerful machine. This is basically what large scientific organizations are doing with their own super computers based on the Cell Processor.

Sony never designed the Cell Process to just exist for 10 years in a game console. Sony's plan was to eventually displace Intel... so that the Cell Process would be the future processor for all of computing. Want an even more powerful machine? Just add a few more Cell Processors into the mix.

Eventually, the plan is to have Cell Processors in everything from cell phones to smart refrigerators... from game consoles to laptops... from home security systems to robotic vacuum cleaners. Ultimately, the goal is this... when your laptop needs more processing power, it can draw this additional computing power from the idle devices in your home (which would all be networked together)... in time, homes would become super computers in their own right.

In order to lead everyone to this future, they needed to get people used to the idea of programming for something so complex... to program for something as if it had multiple individual processors (or, in this case, SPEs). When everyone thinks they are only developing for a game console, eventually they will be able to use these skills to develop for the smart devices and appliances of the future.

This was laid out by Sony in the beginning... but once the PS3 came out, all anyone paid attention to was the game console. They ignored Sony's other ambitions. It only makes sense that the PS4, the PS5, etc... would all use the Cell Processor or a derivative of the technology. Each machine would be more powerful than the previous... would have more add-ons (bigger hard drives... solid state drives... more memory... better wireless connectivity... etc...)

For the next phase, and something which will likely be built into the PS4, is the ability for devices to be placed within the vicinity of each other and to automatically detect each other and begin communicating. Sony cell phones of the future will be able to be placed on or near the PS4 to start sharing the photos and videos. Eventually, using the future PSP will allow an instant audio/video connection with a nearby Sony television. Eventually, HDMI will have a wireless counterpart. There will be no need for cables anymore, except for power.

The writing has been on the wall for quite some time.
INehalemEXI  +   2523d ago
Dudes right, I do remember them wanting to put cells even in fridges and Air Conditioning units many years ago this was planned. I remember them talking about being able to do all kinds of things like even adjust your AC via your console. They are always very ambitious.

Not there yet but PSP and PS3's remote play is impressive.
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juuken  +   2523d ago
O_O Wow.
jerethdagryphon  +   2522d ago
that was the plan
but saddly they have sold out of cell and while i feel they will buy back in later if tey plan to distance them selves from it it could be a multibillion dollar error
Eidolon  +   2523d ago
good idea
just upgrade everything else
Irving  +   2523d ago
Well, they can use all the tech in PS3 for PS4, just do the obvious improvements. They don't have to create it from scratch like the PS3. Blu-ray will be mainstream by then, just add 100/200GB support and 8x drive, Cell 2 with 2GB ram and release it for no more than 300$ at launch.
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