Black Market Little Big Planet Keys Surface on Ebay

We know you're tired of waiting for our Little Big Planet beta key giveaway, but spending upwards of $60 on eBay probably isn't the brightest alternative. Still, that's exactly what many gamers are resorting to. We've even heard horror stories of people being suckered into paying shipping and handling for the email-delivered beta keys -- perhaps victims of the King of Town's controversial email tax from Strong Bad Episode 2

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fishd3704d ago

This is crazy,lbp will be HUGE

lodossrage3704d ago

That's all I can say.

I still can't believe the gigantic scope of this game. You know, I remember when this game was first announced how much I constantly doubted this game. I remember my cousin kept telling me this game was going to be special and me saying "nah, it's not for me". I need to call him and admit how wrong I was.

Man was I SERIOUSLY wrong. I want this game so bad I even started drawing up my boards and ideas on paper as I anxiously await the day this game comes out

Dino3704d ago

people are retarded!

dericb113704d ago

This is where Sony should bid and win. Get them to say there PSN ID and ban them for selling a free product.

I Make Stuff Up3704d ago

It's how the market works. If there is a demand for something, someone will create the supply. I don't see anything wrong with that...if the buyers are dumb enough to pay for it, so be it. It's their loss and no skin off your, my or Sony's nose.

macalatus3704d ago

The retail's freakin' 3 weeks away people!! Save that $60 bucks for the entire retail game rather than spending it on a beta purely for "gaming social status"!