Why Shadow Of The Colossus Was A Spellbinding Masterpiece

Shadow Of The Colossus will be getting a brand new HD version on PlayStation 4. Here's why the original game was such a genuine classic.

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AspiringProGenji281d ago

I'll remember when I play this remake. I wish Bluepoint would add more of those colossi that Ueda Senpai had to cut from the game before.

shodan74281d ago

That would be amazing, but sadly it seems unlikely. The content is apparently going to be the same:

Lightning Mr Bubbles281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

Come on! Are people stupid? It's a remake! I knew the second I saw it. It was only as obvious as night and day. I can see it's not the PS2 version in higher resolution. Calling it an "HD version" doesn't do it justice either,that's like saying the Final Fantasy 7 remake is an HD version of the original PS1 game. Are you fucking kidding me?

Maybe the difference here isn't quite as stark because FF7 was a PS1 game and Shadow of the Colossus was a PS2 game, so it's not as big of a leap to PS4. But still, it's pretty obvious.

Ristul281d ago

It's a masterpice, simple as that. The music, the environments, the boss battles, the story... it has heart and soul. This game is art.

Elda281d ago

I only played a little of the original because I wasn't captivated though I wanted to be & the clunky controls.I will definitely play this now that it's remade from the ground up.