Destiny 2 To Run At 30 FPS On Xbox One X

Destiny 2 is set to be a major centerpiece for Activision this fall. However, it seems Bungie won’t be taking advantage of what is currently considered ‘the most powerful console on the market’, the Xbox One X.

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ShadyDevil188d ago

Welp, guess I am buying it on PS4.

New-Breed188d ago

Same here. It may be coming out over a month later on PC, but at least that'll give me time to ensure that Bungie held up to their promises as the console reviews appear. Also, that ultra wide/4k support.

slappy508188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

Same I'd rather play it 1080p 60fps and with a mouse, keyboard

MegamanXXX188d ago

How is the Destiny userbase on PC?

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XanderZane188d ago

It's 30fps on PC too? If not, then there's no reason it should be 30fps on XBox One X.

Critic4l_Strik3188d ago (Edited 188d ago )


Destiny 1 didnt release on PC

Gaming_Cousin188d ago

Xander... Ummm pcs are much more powerful than XoneX

blitz0623188d ago

Definitely the parity clause, exactly the same as Gears 4 being 30fps.

Wait a minute...

Arnon188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

Like I said, there will be compromises. No console can run a game on high settings/4K/60 FPS unless the game itself uses little resources (2.5D platformers for instance).

Having a lower resolution so as to grant higher performance settings and 60 FPS is probably better than a 4K resolution that has the detail of its image compromised due to bottlenecking. Yes, it will be a higher resolution, but the level of detail will be low. It's a bad example since we're talking 3D here, but imagine playing a 2D game in 4K. The game is still 2D and the amount of detail displayed in the game will only go so far even if the resolution of the screen is UHD.

Plus, any display can be a "retina display" (which is what makes 4K resolutions so nice) depending upon the distance that the screen is being viewed from. A retina display (coined by Apple) means that, at a certain viewing distance from the screen the pixels of said screen become indistinguishable to the human eye. So it can very well be the case that running this game at 1080p will benefit you more than running it at 4K.

I see little reason in sacrificing the quality of the game itself just to fill a 4K display.

UltraNova188d ago

So Sony has a parity clause for Crackdown 3 as its 30fps too...?

Funny how things work...

There is no forced parity get a grip, people playing the game on the OG consoles and upgraded ones have to be in a level playing field, this is fact, this whats fair, nothing more nothing less no matter what bitter agendas some of you have.

thekhurg188d ago


Or they're keeping 30fps because having a small portion of Xbox/PS4 owners playing at 60fps and the rest at 30fps would create a balance problem in crucible.

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Sevir188d ago

THE game runs At 30fps because XBO and XBO S run at 30!!!! Not rocket science... has zero to do with Sony and parity!

Most powerful platform is still only tied and strung along by the tether of that weak XBO 1.3 tflops.

freshslicepizza188d ago

I dont think there is any parity clause and now Microsoft has shown they too just like Sony are not interested in dividing its userbase. However if Bungie has proven they are not interested in pushing hardware because i believe Destiny was 1080p on both the PS4 and XB1, so chances are the Xbox One X wont be any better than the PS4 Pro.

But al least they are not sacrificing the PC version and allowing it to be played at 60fps, which will make a world of difference.

Aenea188d ago Show
freshslicepizza188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

"You changed your tune huh?"

No, I figured out long ago Activision is all about making money and will do shady tactics like sign exclusive DLC deals. Bungie on the other hand are showing their limitations as a developer because even Activisons bread and butter IP Call of Duty hits 60fps. Thankfully the PC still exists.

But don't worry, Sony will be grinning ear to ear as they push Bungie to make sure it runs in native 4K while they can't even get their own in house studios to do that for AAA games. Now that's magic!

jaycptza188d ago

PC will be the best way to play it. Destiy is clearly CPU heavy hence teh One X and 4 Pro not being able to hit 60fps

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Aenea187d ago


Yes, you changed your tune:
"moldybread23d ago
Well if Sony is trying to create parity then that is pretty damn scummy if you ask me. I also find it oddly ironic that they were able to offer native 4K as though Sony is doing everything in its power not to appear inferior to Scorpio. So if they take this to the next level ands bribe Bungie not to offer 60fps on Scorpio then I would like every media site from all sides of the globe to talk about it."

threefootwang187d ago

Lots of misunderstanding here, Xbox One X was never catered as a 4K 60 FPS box.

It was catered directly as a native 4K box, nothing more. FPS optional.

Don't believe me? Go back and read up on everything Phil Spencer said regarding Scorpio/One X.

This is being blown way out of proportion.

joab777187d ago

It is gorgeous and buttery smooth. But I bet many, many people but it on console first just to play it, and then grab it on PC too.

joab777187d ago

@Arnon I agree. At least give us the choice b/C Id most likely play PvE at 4k and PvP at 1080/60. I don't see why this isn't an option. Oh well!

darthv72187d ago

PS4 and Pro will be 30fps as well. If the issue is the least common denominator (the base xb1 and ps4) then the same rule applies to the beefier systems of XBOX and PS4 Pro. They too are bound by the lesser units.

PC will be the place to play for uncapped frame rate, resolution and variable settings.

morganfell187d ago

"It's 30fps on PC too? If not, then there's no reason it should be 30fps on XBox One X."

Wrong. You are buying into the marketing that says the X1X is equivalent to high end PCs. It isn't.

fiveby9187d ago

I'd really like to play it on pc but think I'll end up on PS4 as that's where most of my friends will be playing. Perhaps I will also get for pc.

DigitalRaptor187d ago

You're really not a person of conviction are you?

You know what you said, and Aenea proved it. You went all fanboy conspiracy on us, and tried to yet again suggest Sony was the villain, as if it was ever going to be the case. Now you're conveniently walking away from owning up to your confirmed and widely verified agenda. Here's another burden for you:

"If Scorpio doesn't have any real advantage performance wise it has Sony wanting parity all over it!"

trumpwonstopcrying187d ago

so sad that this is the hottest story of the article about fps...

freshslicepizza187d ago

Fast forward to 9:40, Gamespot thinks there is some sort of parity clause going on

UltraNova187d ago

Moldy what did Gamespot think about the revealed parity clause MS forced 3r party fevs to adhere to back in the 360/ps3 days?

Get a grip man things have changed this gen devs will optimise to the strength of each console in single player and keep a level playing field on multiplayer since they now have to cater to lowest denominator mainly the xb1 and ps4.

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XStation4pio_Pro188d ago ShowReplies(19)
Ceaser9857361188d ago

let me be the first one to say

One minute silence for those who mocked PS4 PRO and said its gonna be 60fps on Xbox scorpio... :D

188d ago
Ceaser9857361188d ago


Relax... The one minute silence is used everywhere.. you dont have to relate everything to this ... I thought being matured enough you would understand that...

Snakeyes646187d ago

Its down to Bungie not hardware....gonna be getting Destiny 2 on pc i guess, gg Bungie, lazy or what

Knockknock187d ago

One minutes silence for those mocking 30FPS on Xbox one X when playing the inferior ps4 pro version.

fiveby9187d ago

I suspect the reduced frame rate for both Pro and X1X are related to the CPU's not the GPU's in both consoles. Not sure, but is my guess.

Azmatik187d ago

lol and the comments on here defending it are pathetic. This is really bad for Microsoft and Bungie too IMO because Bungie is giving Xbox X a bad name already plus if Bungie doesn't start making 60fps games people are going to get mad, this isn't 2010 anymore. 60fps is the new standard and games are much more enjoyable at 60fps to watch or play and don't give HUGE advantages just slight. People are defending Bungie and the Xbox X stating unfair gameplay advantages and blabla. So PC is uncapped FPS and someone playing 30fps on a PC vs a 60fps player or 100fps player all of a sudden doesn't matter? You don't hear PC players bitching about FPS advantages. This is unacceptable and almost makes me want to boycott Bungie straight up.

IceKoldKilla187d ago

I laughed at those people. Who the hell thought they would allow players such a huge advantage over Xbox One players? It's like they never had common sense. On a multiplayer game, I mean come on! Think people!

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Saranya188d ago

XxX for me(i mean Xbox One X)

Cryptcuzz188d ago

Getting it on the PS4 as well. Why not? Exclusive strikes, crucible levels, gears, weapons and exotics.

I called the Xbox One X would run this game in 30 FPS as well. One didn't even have to think about whether the hardware can or cannot. The Xbox One X is just an iterative console meant to play Xbox One existing games and future games.

It'll share the same players as the OG Xbox One.
How would trials of Osiris or serious crucible players feel about playing against players with double the FPS compared to them? Common sense.

@moldy or anyone else. You want to say again, oh MS is doing that with Forza players on their console and PC players? Tell that to a developer that isn't owned by them. One that would have to deal with the players backlash if it isn't implemented properly.

Let's also throw away any parity talks or pointing fingers at Sony. Only parity clausr Xbox One X has in an online multiplayer game like this is it's younger brother; the Xbox One.

Gh05t188d ago

" ...players feel about playing against players with double the FPS compared to them? Common sense."

PC gamers do this all the time. not really that big of a deal.

Cryptcuzz187d ago


There are things that are the way it is on PC, because it's an open platform compared to how consoles are.

Consoles are meant to be plug & play. No difference in speed of RAM, CPU, GPU, HDD, whether one is single or dual GPU set-up, etc.

PC is more like the wild west. Low FPS or high FPS together, it's not a problem. It's more like survival of the fittest. Since it's an open platform, you can spend all you want on whatever hardware and get whatever advantage you may want. Nobody will argue that in an online multiplayer lobby, those running at 30 FPS,. Will simply yet destroyed by those running at 60 FPS.

What works on consoles and PC aren't as simple as bringing the same idea over to the other.

Case in point, try to have an online multiplayer game on consoles many are performing at 30 FPS and then there are others in the same lobby at 60 FPS.

Likewise, try to bring over the multiplayer subscription found on consoles over to the PC and see what happens. They'll be backlash and they'll be out for blood.

So @Gh05t.
PC gamers are PC gamers. There's a certain expectation when playing on the PC and one who plays on the PC knows it's a don't-give-a-damn-about-yo u attitude. Wild west, like I said. So also remember that PC gaming, with easy access to background programs and such, you'll get more cheaters, aim-bots, hacks, mods, etc. Etc. Etc.

Pick your poison. Just understand it isn't that simple-minded as you think.

Parasyte188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

It will run at 30fps on PS4 as well. Bungie has said it will be 30fps on all consoles.

super_cuddles188d ago

Switch is where it's at dawg

iplay1up2188d ago

Why? It is only 30FPS on PS4 pro too. The PC version I read just now can do up to 144FPS, This article is misleading. BOTH Console versions PS4PRO/XB1X =30 FPS.

Malacath188d ago


Is it 60fps on ps4?

It's nothing to do with the power of the xbox one x anyway. It's because of cross play.

Apparently you need all players to have the same frame rate in multiplayer. Otherwise there will be lag.

There would need dedicated xbox one x lobbies to allow 60fps.

It's games that allow 60fps by standard like the COD games where the extra graphic power will matter

iplay1up2188d ago

No, that is why I posted a link that shows, the PS4PRO/XB1X BOTH run at 60 FPS...PC is up to 144FPS

XStation4pio_Pro188d ago

i just read that destiny 2 is the first paid for parity release. sony paid to have bungee run it at parity on both systems. how the tables have turned.

Aenea187d ago

I just read that MS ;put XBox division up for sale...

See, I can spout nonsense too, back it up with evidence, then we can talk.

As if the X1X is so much more powerful, CPU wise, than the Pro that it can do double the calculations per second! It's hilarious!

demonicale188d ago

Welp, guess i'm not buying it at all then :)

joab777187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

Exactly. So am I. My opinion, and many will disagree, is that this is part of Sony's deal. They have worked closely with them and paid a lot of money. There's no way they were gonna allow the PS4 to be the 3rd best option. If PC is 4k/60 and released the same day, and X1X is the same, what would be the point of exclusivity for those choosing?

We can argue whether it's possible to run mp at 1080/60, as I personally believe that it is, but I also believe that the PS4 is gonna get parity with the X1, and a head start against the PC. This is my opinion! But it makes business sense!

Knockknock187d ago

It will also be 30fps on ps4 with a lower resolution so why?

187d ago
Clunkyd187d ago

So much for unleashing the "beast."

ChrisW187d ago

It's going to be 30fps on all consoles.

Damn... It's hilarious how you console fanboys love trying to be cute!!!

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FalconSabre188d ago

Not overly surprised since they wouldn't want to give those on Xbox One X an advantage over the regular Xbox One.

JonnS188d ago

Not buying that , think it's far more than that . Any way enjoy .

modelgod188d ago

Agreed! I stop supporting Bungie a long time ago and won't miss a beat for I didn't play the original Destiny, and I will not be getting Destiny 2. This is one rare instance in which having an Xbox gives me the an advantage over the PS because giving our lineup of shooters, I can easily ignore destiny. It demands way too many hours for such a bum ass game!!

AspiringProGenji188d ago

It is what it is! Destiny was not 60 fps as Bungie did not push for that. Why would this be any different?

Bruh188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

What? Why the f*ck would Bungie let those who have a One X outclass every other regular player. They won't split the user base like that. However if it runs at the same resolution as the Pro, you know they aren't optimizing the One X as much as they could.

Dark_Knightmare2188d ago

Don't buy it fanboy but that's the truth. Why the f**k would bungie piss off 25 plus million og x1 owners by keeping it at 30 fps for them while running it at 60 for the couple hundred thousand x1x owners at best which would be a huge disadvantage for og x1 owners that would make no business sense

4U2NV188d ago


Sorry but how can you say its a bum ass game when you have self admittedly never played it?

How dumb is that?

Well you missed out on what i think is the best co-op and solo fps out there.

I got destiny release day after a month i sold it as i thought it was shit... 2 years later after the taken king released i got pressured to try it again After months of denial i gave in and boy had it changed it was as i said the best first person shooter out.

188d ago
Seraphim188d ago

@ RichardKissar. It's about parity. Aside from 4k gaming they want the game to run the same no matter which console it is on. Whether that's 30 FPS, 60 FPS or sub 30 FPS. When you have a segregated console cycle we have now it's best to keep games on par with another. Graphics look better but the core mechanic and game itself runs the same. The only way to get a truly better game is to make 1 console & 1 console only during a life span of said generations life...

frostypants187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

Probably more an insistence on running at 4K. People don't appreciate how much horsepower that eats up. Plus MS has painted themselves in a corner where if they use any of the efficiency tricks used to pull 4K on the PS4 Pro, they'll look like hypocrites.

Smokingunz187d ago

Far more than what how? Like it's not powerful as ms claims it to be? U wish sony fan boy

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Guyfamily999188d ago

The X also still has a relatively weak CPU (only 30 percent more powerful than the base system). Chances are that at 1080p, the framerate wouldn't be able to hold a locked 60.

Many PS4 Pro games only see a 50 percent performance boost at 1080p (30fps to 45 fps in FF15, 40fps to 60fps in Infamous). If the CPU is a bottleneck in a game (such as Destiny) then 30 percent more won't be able to double the framerate, even with a huge GPU boost.

itsmebryan188d ago

If the X is weak , then what is the Pro?

instantstupor188d ago

@itsmebryan He isn't implying the X has a weaker CPU than the Pro - we know the former has a bit more punch than the latter. But the issue is if D2 is CPU bound in any way, it might not be powerful enough to push 60 fps steadily. It is still a *relatively* weak CPU (it is a BEAST of an APU, but historically APUs have had weak CPU performance next to their CPU only counterparts). Maybe it gets close to 60 fps, it's sure to be higher than PS4 Pro whatever it is, but if it isn't stable 60 fps everywhere, they can't really ship it; so 30 fps it is.

All speculation though. Until they tell us, we won't know. We'll also get an idea once it launches on PC and we can run utilities to see CPU utilization - games like The Division absolutely eat CPU cycles up!

nicsaysdie188d ago

Thank you for making an intelligent comment.

LastCenturyRob188d ago

The X could probably run this game at 4k/60....Why Bungie kept it 30fps has nothing to do with any is to keep the playing field level with the other xbox versions

Soc5188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

why are consoles getting such weak cpus? why the high price for basically a medium level graphics card and weak ass cpu??
haven't seen many people complain about this, but without cpu power we're not going to get any new advancements in Ai in games which is pretty sad.

Npugz7188d ago

No xboxonex creators already said it could handle s game like destiny 2 with no problems! It's a bungie decision not a hardware issue.