It's inevitable, Sony will take the 2018 crown for sure

Lex: "Now, let me get this straight, Sony is still on fire until now and that’s certainly be the case next year."

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StarWarsFreak346d ago

Best press conference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Microsoft, bow down to Sony you Microny!

yellowgerbil346d ago

that was terrible. No sound for first 10 minutes. Then Shawn flubbing lines and forgetting to announce things, especially when he started to leave the stage and then remembered "hell I got to announce Monster Hunter". They clearly were trying to fix the perceived issue with announcing things too early, and so they didn't show anything. Well I guess that's not entirely true they did show off a FF fishing game... I guess that is why Square needs to push back FF7 and KH3 to 2020...

_-EDMIX-_345d ago

I feel sorry for whoever got that stream because when I was watching on Twitch I never lost any sound within the first 10 minutes.

yellowgerbil345d ago

I was on IGNs site on Youtube. Every comment in the side box was about the lack of sound so I wasn't the only one. It was the wrong channel or source or whatever and instead of the trailers sound what was being broadcast was the audience sound, you could sort of hear the trailer but super muffled and was like diegetic sound in movies when there is a radio in the background.
I was very disappointed but I guess with Ubisoft selling me on Nintendo I can SWITCH my fanboy alliegience to them. I kid. I still love sony and understand why they chose this route, but it definitely wasn't impressive, especially the VR segment which was terrible (how was that side scroller platformer EVEN VR, there seemed no point to a vr screen).
Ubisoft was the only conference that really impressed me, as said I am now gunna get a Switch because of the Mario Rabbid game along with Zelda. Zelda wasn't enough for me and no nintendo IPs appeal to me, until now. Loved Xcom and this looked even better.

_-EDMIX-_345d ago

@yello-man that really sucks that's why I never use YouTube streaming service.

I definitely liked Ubisoft press announcement even though I only really see me buying Assassin's Creed and Beyond Good & Evil 2 I definitely think they did a good job presenting Blockbuster properties.

Oh yes and I'm definitely buying that Mario strategy-rpg this is why I always urge this company to make new intellectual property because there's a lot of us who don't really care for Zelda and Mario over and over and over again.

They already have me sold on that game easily but this is why many people on this site keep hearing me urge this company to make more new intellectual property.

I think clearly this is very Nintendo and Ubisoft looks like they did a great job with the gameplay mechanics but I believe that this is the step Nintendo should be going towards with different characters in different demographics because you and I could look at this and fully understand how cool it is and that it's using a lot of valkyria Chronicles XCOM Disgaea type gameplay but most people will simply overlooked this as another Mario game.

So I think they did a great job with making a new type of game play type for their consumers but I still feel that maybe they should have just had it as a completely new intellectual property to at least not have people believe that it's just another Mario game because that is the first impression many people might have at glance.

I like what this game is doing but I also wish they should have went full force and let it be its own thing as opposed to throwing the Mario friends in there because I believe lots of consumers might Overlook it.

In regards to Sony's press event I think they did a good job with showing Shadow of the Colossus remake and also showing a couple new intellectual properties for VR but of course I wish we got to see Sucker Punch new IP but I would say the vast majority of what Sony showed at their press event I'm going to buy.

Sony announced three new intellectual properties.

The inpatient
Bravo Team
Hidden Agenda

So I'm not sure about that Bravo Team game but I definitely want to play the inpatient as it basically looks like until dawn and I also want to check out hidden agenda Maybe lol

I think you and I are sort of in the same boat where we kind of have a limited number of Nintendo properties that we care for anymore.

I love the Mario RPG series and I actually want Ubisoft to take over that series if this game goes well and I also like Animal Crossing but that's kind of it I don't know if I care for that many of their properties anymore.

The new Mario strategy RPG has me sold though

EatCrow344d ago

Happened to me too. But I was aware others didnt experience the same thing.

It really frustrated me to be honest.

KionicWarlord222346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

I wouldnt even get super hyped yet. We know Sonys Playbook thanks to 2 E3`s now.

God Of War will release and maybe Shadow of Colossus. But no way in hell Days Gone and Spiderman coming in 2018 especially considering no release and we know Sony does not release major games in the fall.

Sony has made so many patterns over the years there next moves are obvious.

Just look at this E3 we have no information for Wild Sheep studio game "Wild", Media Molecules Dreams,Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Death stranding , Shenmue 3 etc.

Hell were is Sucker punch? Do they exist?

How anyone expects those games to all release in 2018 is nuts.

psychometer346d ago

You can check the video
It says 2018. So yeah, Spider Man is coming in 2018. Insomniac Games never misses their said release year.

KionicWarlord222346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

I dont care if Shawn Layden came out with a tattoo on his chest that said 2018 i dont believe it.

"Insomniac Games never misses their said release year.'

Yeah about that.

iDadio345d ago

Does downplaying anything Sony truly make you feel better about your fave brand?

KionicWarlord222345d ago

It's not downplaying I didn't even say the games I listed were bad

I'm just not gullible when we have tons of games from the past not even with release dates.

Anyone can see just look at Horizon and were it released.

Look at the year before with uncharted.

No games hit the fall ever that are major titles.

SynKakarrot345d ago

same goes for xbox...right????

_-EDMIX-_345d ago

How do you know if it's games won't get more attention at other trade shows like Tokyo game show ,gamescom ,PlayStation experience? I mean consider the last of us 2 was actually announced at PlayStation experience.

Also you desperately trying to downplay the release of these games it's not really that relevant for god sakes at least this company actually has games that are actually coming to them Microsoft's entire press event was basically filled with multi platform games with almost nothing to my understanding exclusively coming to Xbox to ever justify such a purchase.

But hey keep worrying about "when" everyone else is going to be playing all these wonderful exclusives 😂😂😂

Where's your list of Microsoft games that we should be waiting for? OHHHH yea

Short list

KionicWarlord222345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

More attention? Of course does that mean those games will release because we saw them?

We need to just pay attention to what has trended.

So far the only game that has a closer to release date to 2018 is God of War that looks great and it's release is "Early 2018".

That's why i said that's likely to come before that other stuff.

Razzer345d ago

Kionic is just talking shit as usual.

Dragonscale345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

@kionic. Delayed games are better than no games. Lol. "How anyone expects those to all release in 2018 is nuts", after the gangbusters that came out on PS4 at the start of this year you may be surprised. Really its you who hopes those titles don't release next year or its you will go nuts.

EatCrow344d ago

Well its expected. People honestly expect tons of new ips everywhere but production of an ip takes at least 2 years.
So there is no way to keep it going and showing fleshed out new ip or sequels without showing them too early.

Next e3 im pretty sure MS will bring halo and gears as normal.

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ClayRules2012346d ago

After that EPIC Spider-Man demo, I wouldn't doubt it.

The Spider-Man demo was jaw dropping. People can say what they want about the "QTE" moments all they want, but there's no denying how absolutely beautiful the game looks, world, lighting, Spider-Man's character model, and water model that reacts when he slides back on his feet before he fights ( second encounter I think ) the animations stole the show for me. They all looked so so fluid, beautiful, film like, and just awesome.

God of War looks utterly brilliant. Could be SSM's best work to date. I love the approach to gameplay & story.

2018 is looking very promising for PS4/PS4 Pro owners.

Razzer345d ago

2017 is already stacked. 2018 looks like it will be even better. I really didn't think Sony could top this year. Seems they will do just that

ClayRules2012345d ago

Yeah, I think 2017 has been a great year so far. I'd be over joyed if Detroit was going to possibly come out this year.

_-EDMIX-_345d ago

Next year is wild for PS4.

Yakuza 6
God Of War
Spider Man
SoTC Remake

That is just of what we know of. They have room to announce more giants. Hoping for Detroit but no release window so 2018 sounds unlikely.

PSX will show more of what they have in store for 2018.

2017 is just JAM PACKED! Haven't opened Gravity Rush 2, Nier, KH Collection lol (I'm the worst)

Still playing Horizon, Persona 5 and randomly played Persona 4, but almost done with it.

With FFXII Remaster coming, Yakuza remake, Ni No Kuni II etc, this year is just insane right now.

I'm trying to keep up with all the games, but I'm in the middle of starting a second business and its taking up soooooo much time. I'm hoping I have all the legal stuff done by the next 2 months so I can freely have at least some times to finish some games.

This spring was just MURDER with release after release after release. Japan not playing this gen!

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